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Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment

This article is about coconut oil for hair. You hair play a very important role inc building up your personality, If your hair are shiny, dandruff free and thick, you will feel more confident. People spend many bucks on the hair treatment from different salons and spas. These salons and spas use chemical lotions for hair treatment, which cause further damage. In this article, we will tell you about coconut oil for hair treatment. Coconut oil is one of the most widely-used and effective beauty products. It works marvels for hair whether you’re looking for a daily conditioning treatment or need to revive pollution and damaged strands.

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids like llinolec acid and lauric acid, in addition to Vitamin E. All these ingredients help in preventing hair’s protein, so that it has less breakage occurs and more strength. Coconut oil is purely natural, which means it is free of silicones, drying alcohol and other chemicals that harm your hair than good. The major difference between coconut oil and other hair oil is that, coconut goes through the hair shaft, to restore damaged and truly repair from the source. Read the article below to know the various uses of coconut oil for hair treatment.

Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment:

Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment

1.) Dandruff Treatment with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is in use for centuries to treat dandruff. Dandruff is often caused by the use of harsh chemicals in hair products, fungal infections and dry skin conditions. Coconut oil’s medium-chain fatty acids, includes Capric acid and lauric acid. These acids have strong antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties that removes the fungus and help to kill it. The viruses and bacteria that are present on your scalp are also destroyed by these chemicals. Many chemical lotions and dandruff shampoos can really make dandruff worse, and don’t fix the main cause of the dandruff. If the problem is dry skin or fungal, regular applications of coconut oil will remove the dandruff. Just melt the coconut oil and apply it on your hair, scalp using your fingertips. Cover your head with the cloth or towel and rest it for an overnight to see visible results.

2.) Lice Treatment with Coconut Oil

The best use of coconut oil from centuries is to kill and remove lice. The coconut oil goes into the scalp and hair shaft. It helps to remove lice and keep their eggs away from the hair. Just add some essential oils like tea tree and anise, with coconut oil to remove lice. Research has also shown that combining an anise spray with coconut oil is more effective, than the use of chemical prescription for treating lice. The research has also shown that, the coconut oil based spray was 85% successful and the chemical lotion was only 40% successful, and 30 of the 50 participants reported irritation on the scalp when following the chemical treatment. Apply the coconut oil all over the scalp, gently massage in for a few minutes to get rid of Lice. Comb through the hair with a tooth comb.

3.) Hair Conditioning with Coconut Oil

The hair products of big brands, which you admire are full of scary chemicals. The coconut oil is safe and free from these harmful chemicals. Coconut oil is the only oil, that does not allow protein loss. Avoid all chemical hair products, particularly children, to condition their hair. It is the protein loss in hair that causes the dryness and breakage. The lauric acid has a small molecular weight, and is able to go into the hair shaft, benefitting the hair with minerals, vitamins and the medium-chain fatty acids. Coconut oil also protects hair from getting damaged due brushing and combing, and it is safe to use on children. It can be used as a full time conditioner, or used as a temporary conditioner for a couple of hours.

4.) Hair Growth with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an effective, safe and affordable thing if you have thinning hair. It can actually help grow thicker and longer hair. The essential nutrients, including the carolic acid, lauric acid and vitamin E goes into the hair, scalp improving the health of the hair. The harsh chemicals can lead to scalp irritation and cause hair growth where hair is not required. The health of the hair depends on the internal problems, and coconut oil hair loss remedies will help. Foods high in Omega-3 fats like flax seeds and green tea help support healthy hair growth, from the inside out. To get good hair growth, eat a healthy diet and use coconut oil for hair.

5.) Hair Styling with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is free from the dangerous chemicals and is a popular styling agent. Flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, and hot rollers remove the moisture out of the scalp causing it to prone to tangling and become brittle. Coconut oil shields hair prevent this type of damage, when used in the proper amount . The hair texture and length is saved from this damage. People with curly hair often get frizz in humid climates. Coconut oil helps to clear the frizz, by going into the curls. It can be applied all through the day for touch-ups, just be sure to use it carefully.

6.) Coconut Oil for Hair Coloring

Coconut oil makes an outstanding base for mixing your natural hair coloring. Coconut oil goes into hair faster and deeply than many other natural oils. It helps to make your hair color to keep away from fading and look more vibrant. Pour a few spoons of coconut oil in a bowl and let it come to room temperature. Mix color with coconut oil as you normally do. Once the color is put, shampoo your hair with warm water to remove extra oil and color. Cover your hair with a cap or shower towel to let color rest for overnight.

7.) Coconut Oil for Hair Protection

Coconut oil makes an outstanding natural sunscreen.  Apply coconut oil in the morning, particularly on a day, when you know that your hair will be uncovered in the sun and pollution. Just take some coconut oil in a bowl and let it rest to get it at room temperature. Use your fingertips to apply the coconut oil on your scalp and style as usual.

8.) Coconut Oil for Hair Mask

The hair mask is perfect for moisturizing and repairing damaged hair. All you need is two spoons of virgin coconut oil, and one spoon of raw honey. Just add the extra quantity of these ingredients for long hair. Mix the ingredients well and warm the mixture in a pan. Apply the mask on your hair, and take a towel around your neck to protect your clothes. After applying, cover your hair for half an hour. You can do your daily work, while wearing the mask like reading a magazine or chopping vegetables.

9.) Coconut Oil to Detangle

Those who are facing the problem of hair tangles and want to get rid of it should use coconut oil. Coconut oil improves hair health by going into the hair shaft.  It also covers the hair, and makes it easier to get rid of knots after shower. Apply a small amount through hair, particularly in tangled areas and stripped ends. Using coconut oil for hair regularly will help to prevent tangles and improve the overall health of the hair.

10.) Coconut Oil for Hair Shining

Coconut oil contains lauric acid and vitamin E, which helps to get shiny hair. Just apply some coconut oil on your with fingertips and you will see the magic of it. It will help to level out hair without a oily or greasy finish. Avoid using artificial shiner for the hair as it will cause further damage to the hair.


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