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What is DHT Hair Loss and How To Treat It?

This article is about DHT hair loss and ways to treat it. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT hair loss is an androgen, a male sex hormone, which is produced in the body by an enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase. This is a highly vigorous form of testosterone, which is primarily formed in the adrenal glands, prostate, hair follicles, and testes. DHT is accountable for various manly aspects and characteristics like hair growth, libido, and even violent behavior. The amount of DHT formed by the body depends mostly on genetic factors.

Variations in the hormonal balance of the body are a primary cause of hair loss in both men and women. Changes in the metabolism of androgen and increased levels of DHT  causes hair fall. It also causes male pattern baldness, known as Androgenic Alopecia. Thinning of the crown, receding hairline, patchy hair loss, hair loss, etc are some noticeable signs of male pattern baldness.

Androgenic Alopecia is distinguished by an increased sensitivity of the hair follicles to DHT. This sensitivity of the hair follicles to hormones is mainly connected with genetic factors. Thus, it is an inherited problem. It causes the hair follicles to contract and decrease in size. It further leads to irregular hair production, shortened the life span of the hair locks and balding. Read this related article Lemon Juice for Hair Loss on our website.

What Is DHT Hair Loss?

Dermal papilla or papilla of the hair is an essential part of the hair follicle that is vital for the healthy hair growth. The papilla is rooted in the scalp. It directly depicts the vital nutrients important for hair follicle development, from the blood capillaries. Dermal papilla cells are also accountable for the reproduction of hair follicles. These papilla cells instigate the formation of new hair follicles by isolating and splitting themselves into newer cells. Thus, proper performance of the dermal papilla is liable for the growth and protection of healthy, nourished, strong and shiny strands.

However, the papilla consists of huge amounts of androgen receptors. These receptors bind with DHT and hinder the efficient absorption of vital nutrients required for follicle growth. It also negatively impacts the life cycle of the follicles. The life cycle of a hair follicle is composed of a resting phase and a growing phase. Miniaturization is the progressive reduction of the hair follicles and occurs as an outcome of DHT. It prevents hair streaks elongation and causes failure of the hair follicles.

What Is DHT Hair Loss And How To Treat It

Ways To Treat DHT Hair Loss:

1.) Eat Foods To Treat DHT Hair Loss

Improper nutrition is often the reason for hair loss. Poor diet leads to micronutrient (Vitamins and Minerals) and macronutrient (protein, fats, carbohydrates) deficiencies. Which makes your body unhealthy and cause hair fall.  To keep your body healthy and hydrated eat yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin A and beta cerotene. Vitamin A promotes hair growth and hair cells.

  • Eat omega-3 rich foods like fishes, walnuts, flaxseeds.
  • Eat yogurt and vitamin-B5 foods that help increase blood flow to your scalp, thus promotes hair growth.
  • Make a salad with spinach that is full of with vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron-folate. This vitamin and minerals help maintain healthy hair and scalp.
  • Make sure you get enough of protein by eating lean meat, protein-rich vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. Hair is made up of a protein molecule called keratin and thus, a good dietary routine is needed to promote good hair growth.
  • Eat foods that are rich in vitamin B7. It helps promote hair growth  and reduce hair fall. Foods to include eggs, milk products, fortified cereals and chicken.
  • Eat zinc-rich foods, such as lobsters, oysters, and fortified cereals. Zinc deficiency can also be the reason for hair loss, which is why you should make sure you are including enough of this mineral in your daily diet.

2.) Drink Lots of Water To Treat DHT Hair Loss

If your body is not hydrated, it affects your skin and hair cells, that leads to improper growth and flourish. To keep your hair growing and healthy, drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

  • Make sure you drink at least 7-8 cups of water a day and more while exercising or in hot weather.
  • Caffeinated drinks are dehydrating and thus, drinking these can cause water imbalance. Try to avoid it and stick to unsweetened teas and juices. Control your caffeine consumption to 1-2 drinks a day.

3.) Eliminate Stress To Treat DHT Hair Loss

Stress is also one of the main reasons for hair loss. Although androgenic alopecia is not something related to stress. In order to keep your hair healthy, avoid things that activate stress in your life. There are types of stress-related hair loss conditions known. Telogen effluvium, Trichotillomania, Alopecia areata could be the cause of your hair loss. So, avoid taking any kind of stress and relax. Walk, talk and eat healthy to keep yourself stress-free.

4.) Try Onion Juice To Treat DHT Hair Loss

Onion juice helps promote hair development in people who suffer from alopecia areata. Take out some onion juice by grating one onion and then strain the juice. Apply this onion juice to your scalp twice a day for 30 min, then wash off with lukewarm water. Try this solution for at least 6 weeks to see if this natural treatment will help control your hair fall.

5.) Physical Check Up To Treat DHT Hair Loss

Some health illness and other diseases can also be the cause of hair loss that is not connected to male pattern baldness. If you are experiencing hair fall, visit your doctor, who can check the cause of hair loss and could diagnose any underlying conditions. Hormonal imbalances and changes, Scalp infections could be the main reasons behind hair loss.

6.) Ginkgo Biloba To Treat DHT Hair Loss

It is known to be a powerful herbal remedy for hair loss with healing properties that help to boost blood circulation to the scalp. It is believed that the extra amount of blood that is passed to the scalp can bring more nutrients to the hair follicles, hence encouraging hair regrowth.

7.) Green Tea to Get Rid of DHT Hair Loss

Green tea consists of catechins that stop the transformation of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase and testosterone into DHT. Doctors believe that catechins can be efficient in, slow down and treating pattern baldness. In addition, green tea is full of antioxidants that help stimulate the hair follicles.

8.) Stinging Nettle to Cure DHT Hair Loss

Stinging nettle has the ability to increase blood circulation in the scalp, stop male pattern baldness, and even encourage your hair roots. Stinging Nettle has been popular to hinder hair loss by blocking the exchange of testosterone to DHT. Take the products including stinging nettle to help improve the hair growth.

9.) Pumpkin Seed Oil to Prevent DHT Hair Loss

This is another beneficial remedy to get rid of DHT hair loss naturally. Pumpkin seeds are really high in zinc, which is essential for great hair. But the oil is also used as a natural DHT inhibitor. A study had been conducted that patients who had taken pumpkin seed sterols 3-4 days before prostate surgery. Just like the rats, their prostate tissue limited notably less DHT than the control group. For those who are looking for a natural solution, this method is very encouraging to cure DHT hair loss.

10.) Emu Oil to Treat DHT Hair Loss

Research has been conducted that emu oil consists of a high level of linolenic acid, which further acts as an efficient anti-androgen. Linolenic acid is a strong 5 alpha reductase inhibitor and may be helpful in the treatment of disorders related to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone. Linolenic Acid has been recommended to be of use in the disorders such as acne andro-genetic, prostatic hyper plasma, alopecia, and hirsutism.


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