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How to Stop Hair Loss?

This article is about ways to stop hair loss. Getting thick and denser hair is what every girl wants. But maintaining thick and long hair is a big deal. Hair loss is the problem that has become quite common now-a-days. There are a number of reasons like increasing pollution, using chemical shampoos, etc that make hair weak and cause hair fall. The problem is more common among men. But, it is a big problem for women as well. Everyone wants his hair to be shiny, thick and healthy. To fulfill that wish, you need to stop hair loss first. In this article, we present to you some of the best remedies that can be used effectively to get rid of problem of hair loss naturally at home. These are the simple remedies that you can use at home and prevent hair loss naturally. Read the article to know more about hair loss and ways to stop hair.

Causes of Hair Loss:

  1. Pollution – Pollution is one of the most common reasons behind the problem of hair loss. The increased pollution affects hair directly and causes hair loss.
  2. Aging – Aging is the obvious reason for hair loss. As you grow old, you tend to lose hair.
  3. Nutritional Deficiency – If you are lacking some important nutrients in your diet then also your face the problem of hair loss.
  4. Scalp Infection – Healthy hair require healthy scalp. When scalp is not healthy, hair loss is natural. Scalp infection is thus one of the most common reasons behind hair fall.
  5. Chemical Products – Using hair products that are enriched with chemicals also cause hair loss.
  6. Styling – Excessive use of straightener, drier and curler also causes hair loss. Coloring also stimulates hair fall.
  7. Medical Conditions – There are a number of medical condition that cause hair loss.

how to stop hair loss

Methods to Stop Hair Loss:

Here are some of the best methods that can be used easily at home. Well, it is normal to lose 500 – 100 strands a day. Still, you need to be care full as you cannot count your strands. Use the following given natural remedies and keep hair loss problem at bay. Ways to stop hair loss are:

1.) Comb Your Hair Properly to Stop Hair Loss

It is very important to comb your to stop hair loss. It is always suggested to use combs with wide tooth. When your hair gets tangled, they need special care from you. Always avoid the comb with small teeth. Wider the teeth easier it gets to detangle your hair. It will protect your hair from falling while you comb your hair. This way you will also protect your hair from further damage.

2.) Massage Your Scalp to Stop Hair Loss

Massaging your scalp is very important to stop hair fall. Your hair can be strong only when the roots of your hair are strong enough to hold them tightly. Massaging the scalp improves blood circulation and makes your hair roots stronger. You can use any of the oil – almond oil, olive oil, castor oil or coconut oil. Benefit of using castor is that it cure hair fungus as well. You have to use your fingertips in order to massage your hair properly. Massage your hair using any of the hair oil mentioned above and leave it overnight. Next morning, wash your hair with normal shampoo. Do this twice a week and prevent hair loss.

3.) Onion Juice to Stop Hair Loss

Onion juice is one of the best remedies used to get rid of hair loss. Onion juice not only helps prevent hair loss, but it also treat scalp infection and stimulates hair growth. Thus it is very useful to apply onion juice in order to stop hair loss. What you have to do is:

  • Extract some juice from onion and apply it directly on your scalp.
  • Leave it for half an hour and then wash off with your regular shampoo.
  • Repeat it twice a week for best results.


  • Extract some onion juice in a bowl.
  • Take a fleshy Aloe Vera leaf and extract the gel from it.
  • Now mix the onion juice with Aloe Vera gel and apply it one the scalp.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash off.

Onion juice not only prevent hair loss, but also stimulates hair growth. To know further about the topic, you can read the article onion juice for hair growth.

4.) Aloe Vera to Stop Hair Loss

Aloe Vera gel has the enzymes that help stimulate hair growth. It is really very helpful at treating the problem of hair loss. It also maintains the pH level of the scalp and makes hair healthier. Also, it helps get rid of smelly hair. It is also great at treating other hair related problems like itchy scalp and dandruff. What you have to do is:

  • Take one Aloe Vera leaf and extract the gel from it.
  • Apply the gel on your hair and leave for a few hours.
  • Now wash your hair nicely with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat the remedy thrice a week and your will get healthier and stronger hair.

5.) Beetroot to Stop Hair Loss

Beet root is widely known to get pink lips. It is another effective remedy used to get rid of the problem of hair loss. It is rich in different elements like protein, carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin B and C. Consume beetroot or beetroot juice daily and your hair will become healthier. What else you can do is:

  • Boil some beetroot in water.
  • Grind them well to make a paste.
  • Now apply the paste on your scalp and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Now wash your hair with normal water.
  • Repeat this remedy at alternative days and you will be able to get rid of hair loss problem.

6.) Coconut Milk to Stop Hair Loss

Coconut milk is rich in different properties like protein and essential fatty acids. These elements help at prevent hair loss problem well. The good part about the remedy is that you can prepare it easily at home. What you have to do is:

  • Grate some fresh coconut.
  • Now boil these grates coconut in a pan of water.
  • Allow it steep for 5 minutes on stove.
  • Now, strain the solution and allow to cool.
  • Apply it on your scalp and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Wash it off with your regular shampoo.

7.) Fenugreek to Stop Hair Loss

Fenugreek is one of the most amazing remedies used to get rid of hair loss. Fenugreek seeds are rich in antecedents that stimulate the process of hair growth. Also, they are rich in proteins and nicotinic. Here is the way to use it:

  • Soak some fenugreek seeds overnight.
  • Next morning, grind them to a fine paste.
  • Now, apply the paste on your scalp and leave for 40 minutes.
  • Rinse in the morning with normal water.
  • Do it daily for best results.

8.) Licorice Root to Stop Hair Loss

Licorice Root can also prove to be a fantastic remedy to get rid of the problem of hair loss. Using it is simple. What you have to do is:

  • Take a cup of milk and add a tablespoon of grounded licorice root to it.
  • Also add ¼ tsp of saffron to it.
  • Mix it well and apply it on the bald patches.
  • Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning.
  • Do it twice a week for best results.

9.) Drink Water to Stop Hair Loss

If your roots are dry and week then they are more prone to damage. It is very important to keep them moisturized. To keep your roots moisturized, keep drinking water. Drink as much water as you can in order to avoid the problem of hair loss. Drink 3 liters of water a day and you will be able to prevent hair loss easily. It also helps with the growth of hair. Drinking water helps you get glowing skin and is important for weight loss as well.

10.) Flaxseeds to Stop Hair Loss

Flaxseeds are also very effective at treating hair related problems. It is well-recognized for making hair stronger and healthier. What you can do is eat one table-spoon of grounded flaxseeds with a glass of water. Consume it in the morning and make sure that the seeds are freshly grounded. You can also use flaxseed oil for the purpose.


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