10 Benefits of Eating Guava During Pregnancy

This article is about the benefits of eating guava during pregnancy. Don’t you think that it feels really fortunate when you know that a new life is growing inside you? With motherhood comes a new responsibility in your life. And, during the time of pregnancy you need to remain sincere regarding what you eat because your diet affects your foetus. So, it is really important to eat right kind of food, so that you don’t face any kind of problem during the time of pregnancy. Guava fruit provides various health benefits to your health. It is rich in various nutrients, and it must be eaten at the time of pregnancy. So, read this article to know more benefits of eating guava during pregnancy.

10 Benefits of Eating Guava During Pregnancy

10 Benefits of Eating Guava During Pregnancy:

1.) Increases Immunity 

Guava helps in maintaining the immune system of your body. It also increases metabolism and immunity of the body. This fruit is rich in vitamin C nutrient, which plays a major role in giving strength to the immunity system. Also, a good immunity system provides a healthy life, as it prevents the body from various diseases. So, eat guava during pregnancy if you want to increase the immunity of your body.

2.) Controls Blood Pressure 

Pregnant women are susceptible to build more risk of getting high blood pressure. So, eating guava during pregnancy must be the first priority of pregnant woman if they want to keep in control the blood pressure of their body. This is one of the best health benefits guava provides to the health of a pregnant woman.

3.) Prevent Constipation 

Constipation brings a lot of abdominal discomforts that may cause pain and a huge problem during the time of pregnancy. Hence, it is really important to stay away from such condition during the time of pregnancy. And, the only way out is to eat a guava, as it is high in fibers and helps in preventing constipation.So, prevent constipation by eating guava during pregnancy.

4.) Maintaining the Blood Sugar Level

Gestational diabetes is a very common problem during pregnancy. It gets developed during the 24th week of pregnancy. It is caused due to certain changes in the blood sugar levels of the body of a pregnant woman. Hence, it is really important to eat guava during pregnancy to control blood sugar level of the body. If you want to prevent gestational diabetes during pregnancy, then eating guava is highly recommended for you.

5.) Building Nervous System of Baby

It is really important to maintain the health of the foetus during pregnancy. Guava contains folic acid that is really important for building the nervous system of the baby. There are certain cases in the medical history when the nervous system of the baby doesn’t work properly or he/she is suffering from any type of mental illness. So, if you really want your baby to be born healthy then it is highly recommended for you to eat guava during pregnancy to maintain the mental health of the foetus.

6.) Improves Digestive System 

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman suffers from certain digestive issues like heartburn, constipation, and nausea. Hence, it is really important to prevent such conditions by eating guava during pregnancy as it helps in maintaining a digestive system of your body. It helps in relieving gastric reflux that in turn helps in preventing gastric problems during pregnancy.

7.) Lowers Risk of Cancer 

Though, development of cancer during pregnancy is quite uncommon, as it occurs only in 1 out of 1000 pregnant women. But, prevention must be taken before cure. So, eat guava during pregnancy, if you want to avoid the condition of cancer. It contains antioxidants that help a lot in preventing cancer. Also, guava is rich in vitamin C and lycopene that is very useful in removing harmful toxins from the body.

8.) Improve Eye Sight 

Guava is rich in vitamin A nutrient that helps in preventing blindness and improving the eyesight of the fetus. This one fruit can bring the huge difference in the health of the foetus as well as the health of the pregnant woman.

9.) Kills Germs and Combat Infection

Guava also contains vitamin C, E and iso-flavanoids, carotenoids, polyphenols that help in killing germs and combating infection. So, one should eat guava during pregnancy if one wants to combat action of germs causing infection. It keeps the mother away from getting various diseases. It reduces chances of getting ill and also helps in keeping the pregnant women healthy during pregnancy.

10.) Keeping Muscles Relaxed 

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman gains more weight due to the development of foetus inside their body. So, to feel light, and eat guava during pregnancy as it contains magnesium mineral. This mineral helps a lot in making a pregnant woman feel light.

Some Other Benefits of Guava:

Eating guava during pregnancy provides various other health benefits to a pregnant woman. They are as follows:

  • It improves bowel movements in the body that in turn helps in various digestive problems.
  • It prevents health problems like a toothache, bleeding gums due to the presence of vitamin C nutrient in it.
  • This fruit helps in increasing haemoglobin in the body of a pregnant woman that in turn prevents the development of health issues like anemia.

Some Precautions:

Here are a few preventive measures are given below that should be kept in mind if you are eating guava during pregnancy:

  • Don’t eat guava in excess. It should be consumed in a limit. Eaten more than the limit, it may cause various health problems. It may cause diarrhea as it is high in fiber. Diarrhea may cause irritation, uneasiness and may also hampers relaxation period of a pregnant woman. It may even make a pregnant woman weak. So, consume it in a limit to avoid such conditions.
  • If a pregnant woman is suffering from dental problems then she should eat unripe guava and must eat only half-ripe guava in a day.
  • Also, eat guava after peeling it off.

So, eat guava during pregnancy to maintain your health as well as the health of the foetus. Be wise and make the right choice of the foods you add to your diet. Pregnancy is the most crucial time in the life of a woman. So, deal with it patiently and eat healthy to stay healthy.

Few Other Health Benefits of Guava:

  • It is a good fruit for your digestive system. It is very beneficial in treating the digestive disorders like diarrhea, stomach ache, constipation, and acidity.
  • The vitamin C nutrient present inside the guava helps in increasing the immunity of your body. It also helps our body to fight different infections.
  • It is good for our dental health. It can fight from various tooth problems like toothaches, tooth decay, and gum bleeding.
  • It can treat constipation as the seeds of guava contain laxative properties.
  • It can kill harmful germs from your gut like bacteria due to the presence of astringent properties inside it.
  • It acts as a disinfectant in the digestive system, as it is a rich source of vitamin C, potassium and carotenoids.

List of Fruits a Pregnant Woman Must Avoid:

Here is the list of the fruits that one should avoid eating during pregnancy:

1.) Longan

This fruit is sweet, delicious and scented. Many people love to eat this fruit, but a pregnant woman must avoid eating it. As eating lot of logan will make your body hotter, which can make the development of foetus disordered. It may lead to belly ache and bleeding. It may also cause constipation. So, it is really important to avoid it at any cost.

2.) Peach

Peach is rich in iron. It also contains nutrients like zinc, sugar, pectin, and protein. But, a pregnant woman may have a risk of bleeding by eating peach as it has hot properties. The hair of peach may affect throat, and a pregnant woman may get allergy in the throat. So, this fruit must be avoided during the time of pregnancy.

3.) Plum

This fruit also has hot feature, so a pregnant woman must eat it in a limit. A pregnant woman should also avoid eating fruits like custard apple and star apple.


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