How to Change your Eye Color?

This article will help you to know different ways to change your eye color. Eyes are the most precious part of our body. Our only attention sometimes is on the eyes when you are having a conversation with anyone. That means the focus of any person will be on your eyes. When you have pretty and beautiful eyes with long eye lashes your face itself speaks its charm. Now-a-days, everything is possible for you to achieve. So, to have different eye color is also possible for you. Many of you would like to have different eye colors. All of us are not born with blue or green eyes, which are loved by most of us. Hence, there have been many evolution in the field of science that has made possible for you to choose your own color. This will be discussed elaborately in the points given below. Where else, there are also some natural ways to change your eye color. To know more about the ways to change your eye color, read further to discover the scientific and natural ways. And, it will only need some of time investment in it to get your desired eye color.

Different Ways to Change your Eye Color:

change your eye color

1.) Use Honey to Change your Eye Color

Honey is the most recommended natural remedy or way to change your eye color. Honey will help you to change your eye color naturally. Honey contains the concentrated fructose in it that is good for your health. Thereby, 2 ways can be opt for to use honey as a medicine to change your eye color. You can add honey into your daily diet. The organic honey will be good for your consumption. Also you can few drops of honey in luke warm water. Mix it well to make a solution. Then apply in your eyes. Try to follow this process daily for twice, one in the morning and the other at night.

2.) Consume Spinach to Change your Eye Color

Spinach is one of the best dark leafy green vegetables. It is rich in iron, potassium, magnesium and vitamin A. The consumption is good for both your health and eyes.  It also contains the elements that are good for your eyes such as zeaxanthin and carotenoids lutin. Spinach also carries the alpha-liponic acid that is helpful to reduce stress from your body. Thereby, if you consume 1 bowl of spinach (raw) daily in your diet, it will help your eyes to be brighter.

3.)  Consume Fish (Seafood) to change your Eye Color

The intake of fish is always good for you. And mostly, the seafood works its best for healthy body and mind. When you include the intake of fish daily in your diet, you will definitely benefit with positive changes in your health. Hence, fish will help you to bring certain amount of a change in your eye color. Because it contains all types of vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus that are responsible to bring some amount of changes in eye color.

4.) Have Chamomile Tea to Change your Eye Color

The intake of herbal tea is any way good for your health. It helps your digestive system to be healthy. Besides that the chamomile tea works to reduce the stress from your blood vessels. That change helps to bring a significant amount of change in your eyes by lightening its color. It warms up your body that is reflected in your eyes. This tea is also helpful to heal the inflammations in your mucous membrane.

5.) Consume Olive Oil to Change your Eye Color

The intake of olive oil in your daily diet works wonders. It helps to keep a balance in your cholesterol level, blood pressure and maintains a healthy body. Also, there are some components like lenolenic acid, lenoliec acid and eloic acid that is responsible to lighten the iris color. Thereby try to include the olive oil in your daily diet. You can use it as cooking oil or in your salad dressings and snacks.

The above mentioned ways will help you to change your eye color to a certain extent. It will minor changes in your eye color, but if you keep a track of its intake you will notice the notice in next few weeks. And it will not work to change your eye color permanently.

6.) Use Contact Lens to Change your Eye Color

Nowadays it has become very common to go for contact lens. Every one of you might have opted for it if there has been any change in your vision. Well, contact lens helps you to get rid of the specs. And it has also been available in different shades and color. If you wish to have an eye color that is totally contrast to your original color, then opt for colored lens. It will bring significant change to your eyes.

7.)  Try for Eye Surgery to Change your Eye color

It has already been mentioned that everything is possible because of the new evolutions taking place. So, to go for an eye surgery won’t be a problem. All you will need to invest some amount of money and time for it. In the eye surgery, your iris will undergo some kind of laser treatment to bring a change in the color. This surgery is called “Stroma (Laser) Medical Procedure”.

8.) Go for Eye makeup to Change your Eye Color

You can try out this method to change the eye color instantly. Every girl loves to try out different makeup techniques. Why not try the eye makeup! With a bright eye makeup your eyes will be enhanced to be wider and bigger. Thereby go for vibrant color eye makeups when you are planning to go out for an evening dinner or a party.

9.) You can Edit your Image to Change your Eye Color

There is another way to bring a change in your eye color in your photographs. If you want to have photograph with changed eye color you can go editing it online. Else you can easily do it with the apps or software that is already installed in your phones or laptops. So visit any of the online website that helps you to change the eye color.

10.) Go with your Original Eye Color

Well, when you are blessed with beautiful eyes along with the vision, you can always choose to be original and natural. Here are the best tips to follow to have your perfect original eye color. You can even opt to have your natural eye color. But for that you will need to maintain your daily diet that should include plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and pulses. Along with you will need proper sleep. Keep your dark circles away by saying goodbye to your stress and anxiety. It will not make your eyes look like puffy and tired. So, with this your eyes will always look bright and beautiful.


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