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How to Clear a Stuffy Nose?

A stuffy nose is the result of cold, allergy and flu, it actually makes the nose drips and runs. A person who is suffering with cold, flu or allergy feels annoying and can sound funny because of stuffy nose. This article includes all the best remedies to clear the stuffy nose. Many people misconcepts the reason of a stuffy nose that mucus forms the blockage in the nasal passages. But the proper reason of stuffy or clogged nose is actually the inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses. Try to solve this problem as soon as possible because it turns into chronic one. So before it turns to chronic we have some of effective remedies to clear the stuffy nose. Nasal congestion is a very common problem which are more seen in the children because of weak immune system. This weak immune system fails to fight with allergies and flu and the body catches cold and stuffy nose. Before the remedies to clear the stuffy nose we should understand the causes of nasal congestion and its symptoms clearly:

What Causes Stuffy Nose?

  • After a flu, cold or allergies, the  person get bacteria attack that takes place in the nasal passage. If the white color of the mucus has turned to yellow or green, this changed colour of mucus identifies the bacterial attack.
  • This infection not only causes stuffy nose, but it also increases problem such as pain in the forehead, eyes, nose or in the face.
  • This infection when last longer than 12 weeks, becomes chronic. Here you need a check-up, so go to the doctor and consult him about the medications.

Symptoms of Stuffy Nose

In most of the cases It causes irritation in the nose and eyes, it feels the pain in nose, forehead, eyes or in the entire face area.

Best Ways to Clear a Stuffy Nose:

how to clear stuffy nose?

1.) Eat Spicy Food to Clear a Stuffy Nose

Spicy foods help to clear the stuffy nose, red chilly powder, peppers, and ginger can relieve the stuffy nose quickly. When you stop to feel the spiciness of the food, the congestion will come up at the same level as it was before. But one thing can really help you that is ginger, so keep a small piece of ginger is your mouth and keep sucking it.  

2.) The Honey, Lemon Tea  to Clear a Stuffy Nose

This tea will help to keep your body hydrated and the warm sip will clear the nasal congestion so the honey and lemon tea is the best way to clear the stuffy nose. You can prepare the tea just by following the few simple step

  • Take a hot cup of water.
  • Mix 1 tbsp of honey and squeeze a half lemon in it
  • Mix it well and drink it like a tea.
  • Repeat this 4 times a day or whenever you feel the congestion.

3.) Avoid Dairy Products to Clear a Stuffy Nose

Do not take food item that is rich in dairy, like milk, ice-cream, curd. Dairy products can increase the problem because it causes cold and nasal congestion. It can also lead the problem with chronic one. Avoiding such item with all the remedies will help to clear the stuffy nose faster.

4.) Honey and Ginger to Clear a Stuffy Nose

Honey is the best natural source of anti-bacteria and antiseptic this will help to remove the bacterial infection ginger is the best spice to clear the stuffy nose.

  • Take 1 spoon of honey and mix it with ½ spoon of ginger paste.
  • Mix it well to form a paste.
  • Drink it thrice a day to clear the stuffy nose.

5.) Use Steam Treatment to Clear a Stuffy Nose

Take steam this will remove nasal congestion. This will allow you to take a warm breath in your lungs and this will clear the passage to clear the stuffy nose. You can also add a few drops of mint oil for better and faster results.

  • Take a hot steamy water in a tub or a container with the wide opening mouth.
  • Add a few drops of mint oil in the hot water.
  • Drape a thick cloth like a towel on your head and put your face parallel to the hot water container, so that you breathe in the steam of the hot water.
  • Repeat this for a week.

6.) Vapour Rub to Clear a Stuffy Nose

This is the quickest way to clear the stuffy nose. Vapour rub shows the magical results. Apply it on forehead and nose. It also gives relief in the pain caused by stuffy nose.

7.) Warm Water Shower to Clear a Stuffy Nose

Take a shower under the warmest water you can. A shower under the warm water will give relief to stuffy nose. Let your nose take a warm shower for a few minutes. Also try to inhale the steam of warm water. This helps to take warm breath in your lungs. Once the nasal congestion is cleared you can easily clear the stuffy nose.

8.) Snooze Frequently to Clear a Stuffy Nose

Do not bind yourself to sneeze when you feel like. Snooze whenever you feel it  this will clear the congestion to clear the stuffy nose. It is the best natural and effortless way to clear the stuffy nose

9.) Stay Away from the Dust to Clear a Stuffy Nose

Try to avoid your presence near the dust it can worsen the situation. Dust particle once enters your nasal will mix with the cough and forms a rigid congestion, so try not to inhale in dusty areas. You can use mask to avoid dust particles.

10.) Meet the Doctor to Clear a Stuffy Nose

If you are suffering with this problem more than 12 weeks it is highly recommended to consult your doctor. Because once the mucus gets infected by the bacteria, it becomes the chronic and can harm the lungs in various ways. It can also lead to some serious problem, so take help from a doctor and follow the medication recommended by him properly.

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