How to Fall Asleep? (Fast & Instantly)


In this article, we will discuss different remedies that can help you to fall asleep fast and instantly. If you want to wake up early in the morning then you have to sleep on time at night. Everyone needs proper sleep at least for 8 hours a day. Those who do not get proper sleep at night face problems such as frequent headaches, poor health, anxiety, dark circles, stress, poor mood and laziness, etc. Ignoring sleep disorders can effect your lifestyle, job performances, your relationships and does not let you concentrate on anything during day time. Less sleep affects the quality of life and can also affect your physical and mental health. Improper sleep spoils your daily schedule and causes a symptom of excessive daytime sleepiness. If improper sleep is not cured before handily then it might light to insomnia. It is a chronic disorder of improper sleep. Read more, to find out about fall asleep and remedies to fall asleep.

how to fall asleep

Causes of Sleeping Disorder:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Acute stress disorder
  • Sleeplessness
  • Headaches
  • Caffeine overdose
  • Stress
  • Worries

Remedies to Fall Asleep Fast & Instantly:

1.) Onion to Fall Asleep Fast

Onion as a home remedy for fall asleep works effectively for getting proper sleep at night. Consume raw onion as a salad with the dinner. You can also consume it through extracting the juice of a roasted onion and drink it before sleep.

2.) Castor Oil to Fall Asleep Instantly

Castor oil works as an amazing home remedy to fall asleep. Massaging the soles with castor oil helps you to get proper sleep and it also cures the problem of insomnia.

3.) Banana to Fall Asleep Fast

Banana fruit helps you to get good sleep at night. It helps you to fall asleep. For using this home remedy, you need to take a banana and cut it down into slices and then stuff half tsp of cumin powder in it. Consume it regularly in the evening.

4.) Honey to Fall Asleep Fast

Honey not only works as the finest remedy for weight loss but also works as the finest remedy to treat insomnia and it also helps you to fall asleep. In a glass of lukewarm water add 2 tsp of honey. Mix it well and consume it for better effects. Consume it regularly to sleep better.

5.) Lettuce Seeds to Fall Asleep Fast

Lettuce seeds are known as the most helpful home remedy for treating sleeplessness and insomnia. You need to boil 1 tsp of lettuce seeds in half liter water. Boil it until its quantity is reduced to 1/3rd. Consume this solution 3-4 times a day to fall asleep.

6.) Coriander Juice to Fall Asleep Fast

Consume coriander juice to fall asleep and for treating insomnia. Extract coriander juice, then add a little sugar in it. Consume it for better effects and for improving the condition of insomnia. In addition, add coriander and parsley in your diet for sound sleep.

7.) Lukewarm Water to Fall Asleep Fast

Lukewarm water will help you to get a sound sleep. Take a bath with lukewarm water before going to bed for 15-20 minutes. Then pat yourself dry. The lukewarm water bath will help you to balance your blood circulation and it will also calm your nerves.

8.) Gooseberry and Papaya Juice to Fall Asleep

Gooseberry and Papaya fruit juice is an effective remedy for reducing insomnia and to fall asleep. Extract the juice of gooseberry and papaya fruit. Consume it before going to bed. It will help you to get relief from sleeplessness.

9.) Yogurt to Fall Asleep Fast

Yogurt is one of the common, tastiest and known as the most efficient remedy for insomnia. Curd helps to treat insomnia efficiently. Consume 2-3 cups of curd daily.

10.) Warm Milk to Fall Asleep

Milk also works as a useful home remedy for insomnia and sleeplessness. Warm milk helps to improve insomnia and sleeplessness. For best results, you can add honey and cinnamon powder in a warm glass of milk and drink it before going to sleep. It will help you to get better sleep.

11.) Aniseed to Fall Asleep

Aniseed is known as the finest home remedy to reduce sleeplessness and insomnia. It helps to get proper sleep and helps to improve the sleepless condition. To follow this home remedy you need to heat 1 tsp of aniseed into half liters of water. Heat it for 15 minutes and then strain it. Consume it when it is hot. You can also add honey or milk into this mixture. Consume this mixture at bedtime.

12.) Herbal Oils to Fall Asleep

Herbal oils help in inducing the sound sleep. Massage your scalp before going to bed through hibiscus oil or any other oil. It will relax your mind and this will lead to proper sleep. Do not use this oil in winters.

Some Other Essential Tips to Fall Asleep Fast:

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine before sleep.
  • Try to avoid naps during day time.
  • Try laying meditation.
  • If you take naps during day time then try to avoid long duration naps during day time.
  • Try to reduce your anxiety, stress, worry and depression level because these all lead to sleeplessness. So try to maintain your anxiety, stress, depression and worry through yoga. Do yoga once in a day.
  • Your room must be clean, cool and quiet.
  • Switch off your mobile phones, computer and other electronic screens, media and lights before going to bed.
  • Stick to a regular nap schedule even on weekends.
  • Eliminate irregular noise.
  • Do meditation before sleeping.
  • Get comfortable and lose sleepwear.
  • Adjust the temperature of the room according to your comfort level.


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