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Foods High in Vitamin K (Vitamin K Rich Foods)

This article is about foods high in Vitamin K. Vitamin K is known for its capacity to work with blood clotting. It is a fat soluble vitamin which is essential for strong bones and preventing heart problems. Vitamin K is a very under-rated vitamin and thus, it is also known as “forgotten vitamin”. Vitamin K has three different types and that helpful in treating three different kinds of diseases. It is often used as a dietary supplement. Deficiency of vitamin K can lead to uncontrolled bleeding. Deficiency of Vitamin K is more common in infants than in men. To treat infants, one injection of vitamin k is sufficient. That was a gist about vitamin K. In this article, we are going to discuss the other aspects of vitamin K and the food high in vitamin K.

Types of Vitamin K:

There are basically three types of vitamin K:

  • Vitamin K, also known as phylloquinone, directly works on the blood clotting problem and treats it well.
  • Vitamin K2, also known as menaquinone, simply effects the liver.
  • Vitamin K3 is the third kind of vitamin K that is also known as minadione.

Benefits of Vitamin K:

We discussed about the kids of vitamin K. Now its time to discuss the benefits of vitamin K. Here are the benefits of Vitamin K:

  1. Prevents Cancer – According to the study published in the International journal of Oncology, 2003, Vitamin K2 is really efficient at slowing down the growth of cancer cells. Also, it has been found efficient at treating leukemia.
  2. Improves Insulin Sensitivity – Vitamin K is also known for improving insulin sensitivity. Also, the consumption of K2 reduces the chances of the development of type 2 diabetes by 20 per cent.

Causes of Vitamin K Deficiency:

Here are the reasons of vitamin K deficiency. However, deficiency of vitamin K is a rare scenario, but at times, you can generate the risk of it:

  • If there is some absorption problem with your digestive system or you are suffering with some disease related to it, then you are at higher risk of developing vitamin K deficiency.
  • If you are in the habit of drinking alcohol regularly and heavily, then there are increased chances of you suffering with this deficiency.
  • There are some drugs that also work as impediments in the way of vitamin absorption.
  • If one is severely malnourished.

Foods high in vitamin k

Foods High in Vitamin K:

After learning about the aspects of Vitamin K, now its time to learn about the food that are rich in vitamin K. Well, vitamin K supplements are also available in the market. You can consume them also. But, as it is fat soluble vitamin, it should be consumed with some fat for proper digestion. An adult requires to consume around 45 mcg to 185 mcg a day. Here are some of the foods that are rich in Vitamin K.

1.)  Herbs High in Vitamin K

Herbs are quite rich in Vitamin K. Dried basil is also a very rich source of vitamin k. You can use it whatever way. It depends on you that how would you like to consume that. You can also prepare tea with fresh basil leaves. You can also consume it directly. It is the easiest way to consume it. Other herbs that are rich in Vitamin K are fresh parsley, dried coriander, dried thyme.

2.) Salad Vegetables High in Vitamin K

Salad vegetables are also rich in Vitamin K. You can increase the consumption of salad vegetables in order to fight off the deficiency of Vitamin K. What you have to do is increase the consumption of salad vegetables like celery, arugula, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, garden cress, etc. Just increase the consumption of these salads and you get rid of vitamin K deficiency.

3.) Leafy Vegetables High in Vitamin K

You might have always been told to have green and leafy vegetables to be healthy. In order to get Vitamin K, you have to go for leafy vegetables. You can have vegetables like frozen spinach, frozen kale, spinach, collards, mustard greens, broccoli Raab etc. just increase these foods in your diet and you get rid of Vitamin K deficiency.

4.) Hot Spices High in Vitamin K

Hot spices are a very rich source of Vitamin K. What you have to do is add hot slices in your food. You can also go for chili powder. Just add them in your food and you overcome the deficiency of Vitamin K. You can have cayenne pepper, paprika and curry powder.

5.) Pickles High in Vitamin K

You have to increase your liking for pickles in order to increase the consumption of Vitamin K. Just add pickle to your diet in order to increase the amount of Vitamin K in your body. What you have to do is go for pickles. You can go for any pickle like sour pickle, dill pickle or sweet pickle. Do not increase the quantity by a tablespoon. One tablespoon is enough.

6.) Soybeans High in Vitamin K

Soybeans are also among the richest sources of Vitamin K. Just increase the consumption of soybeans and you get rid of Vitamin K deficiency. Roasted soybeans are the best to be used.  Raw soybeans are also good.

7.) Vegetable Oils High in Vitamin K

Vegetable oils are also quite rich in Vitamin K. Olive oil is the best among all. Cook your food in olive oil and it will provide you further health benefits as well. You can also go for other vegetable oils like canola oil, soybean oil and sesame oil.

8.) Dried Fruits High in Vitamin K

There are some dried fruits that are quite rich in Vitamin K. If you love the fruits, then it is hard for you to suffer with Vitamin K deficiency. The fruits that are rich in Vitamin K and you should increase in your diet are blueberries, pears, peaches, currants and figs. It is better to for blueberries as the are richest among all. It contains 109% or Vitamin K in it.

9.) Brassica Vegetables High in Vitamin K

Brassica vegetables are highly rich in Vitamin K. You can go for cooked Brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, frozen broccoli, Chinese broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, pak choi and Savoy cabbage. It is better to go for broccoli as it is the best source of Vitamin K, it contains around 276% of Vitamin K.

10.) Some Other Vegetables High in Vitamin K

Other vegetables that are rich in Vitamin K are frozen Asparagus, leeks, fennel and okra. You can go for everything cooked but make sure that you chose raw fennel seeds for the purpose. What you have to do is increase their consumption than usual.

Who should Avoid Vitamin K?

  • A pregnant woman should avoid the consumption of vitamin K2 supplements that are higher the RDA, 65 mcg.
  • On should not consume vitamin K if he is prone to blood clotting or had a stroke or cardiac arrest.

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