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How to Get Rid of a Runny Nose?

Well, in this article we will talk about how to get rid of a runny nose. A runny nose is said to be a condition when your nose starts discharging excess fluids due to congestion in your nasal passage. Sometimes it becomes the worst situation when you are out on a board meeting, sitting in lectures when some eyes frown on you or when you want to sleep you feel uncomfortable and breathless. The only thing you want is to get rid of a runny nose as soon as possible for you. To treat nasal congestion sometimes people go for nasal sprays. They are not only harmful, but there are a lot many side effects of these sprays. They are made up of chemicals and drugs, one can get addicted to it which is very harmful. So it’s better to avoid chemical substances and prefer something natural, less expensive and affordable. There are different natural remedies which are helpful and effective for a runny nose. Read these related articles How to clear a stuffy nose? and Home remedies to get rid of a cough naturally on our website.

get rid of a runny nose

Symptoms of a Runny Nose:

  • Producing postnasal drip.
  • Feeling of excessive fluid in the nasal passage.
  • Throat gets irritating and contains inflammatory substances.
  • Excess releasing of mucus.
  • Hoarseness and sore throat.

Causes to Get Rid of a Runny Nose:

The excess production of mucus that precipitates drip has a lot of possible causes including:

  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Allergies (postnasal drip)
  • Sinus infection
  • Certain medications that include blood pressure medications and  birth control pills.
  • Pregnancy
  • Septum (shift in the wall that separates the two nostrils) or any other anatomical problem.
  • Irritants in the nasal passage.
  • Change in the weather, excess dryness in the air cold temperatures or excess dryness in the air.
  • Certain foods like spicy foods may activate mucus flow.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of a Runny Nose:

1.) Salt Water Rinse to Treat a Runny Nose Fast

It is the most effective remedy to get rid of a runny nose. Saline spray is even more effective than a salt water rinse and it is also recommended by doctors. It helps thinning of mucus and helps to come out easily all the unwanted irritants from the body. Boil some water and mix some amount of salt into it. With the help of suction bulb or dropper you can make your own saline spray.

2.) Take Steam to Get Rid of a Runny Nose

This is one of the traditional remedy to get rid of a runny nose. Steam helps loosen the mucus easily so that you can easily blow off your nose and can get rid of congestion. You can add some tea tree oil instead of salt for additional benefits. Boil some amount of water out some salt, herb or any tea tree oil. Inhale the vapors covering your head with towel do this for 10-15 mins.

3.) Press on the Nostrils to Cure a Runny Nose Naturally

Pressing nostrils also help to get rid of a runny nose. Doing this helps you feel better by removing irritants in the nasal passage. Press both  the corner of your nose using your fingers for 10-15 mins, your nose should close each time you press. Press carefully to avoid hurting your nose. It is said pressure on the points eliminate sinus congestion and headache due to cold and flu.Repeat the same process on the upper side of your nose area close to the eyes. Do this for 10-15 minutes.

4.) Massage Your Ear Lobes to Treat a Runny Nose

It is also very simple and effective method to get rid of a runny nose. Well, when you don’t have anything handy you can try this remedy sitting anywhere or while sitting in office and travelling. It is cost effective. You don’t have to go out to get anything for this remedy. So try massaging your ear lobes.

5.) Try Irrigating Your Nose to Get Rid of a Runny Nose

This is the other method to get rid of a runny nose. Nasal irrigation is beneficial because it allows all the foreign elements and debris removal from your nasal passage. Take some warm water and put some amount of salt in it. Mix well and using any Neti pot or syringe or any other product used for nasal irrigation. Put this mixture in one hole of the nose and let the other hole rinse the debris and mucus inside your throat. Do this process with both the holes.

6.) Blow Your Nose to Cure a Runny Nose  Fast

Yes, blow it out. I know it’s disgusting to blow your nose specially when you are out in the office, surrounded with people, or somewhere you are out for dinner the other person feels filthy then it becomes an embarrassing situation.  But the best way is to blow it out rather than keeping mucus inside and struggle breathing. Blow your nose gently without much hurting your nose and do not clean your nose very often it might cause skin redness and burning. Use  a tissue or soft cloth to wipe it out gently.

7.) Take Hot Shower to Treat a Runny Nose Naturally

Hot shower really works a lot to get rid of a runny nose. It helps warm your body that results in loosening mucus and clear out your airways from unwanted debris. Hot shower works filling up your lungs with steam that helps clear out your nasal and chest congestion. It’s very useful and effective way to get rid of a runny nose.

8.) Drink Hot Tea to Get Rid of a Runny Nose

Any warm liquid except alcohol can relieve you from a runny nose. You can make tea using lemon and some honey because honey and lemon are rich in antioxidant and antibacterial so you can add them for added benefits. It also helps you feel better and help you clear your nostrils from any debris and mucus.

9.) Intake of Fluids to Treat a Runny Nose

Fluids keeps you hydrated and keep you away from bacteria and germs. Drinking water or taking fluids helps you fight against harmful bacteria and other diseases. Always remember, nothing is much better and comfortable than warm water for cough, chest congestion or any chronic disease. Follow some of these fluids to get rid of a runny nose.

  • Drink warm water.
  • Drink tea, herbal tea and beverages.
  • Warm water, mix some amount of salt and lemon.
  • A mixture of honey, lemon and warm water.
  • Soups are also a better option while you can inhale the steam.

10.) Cayenne Pepper to Get Rid of a Runny Nose

Cayenne pepper helps clear nasal congestion as it contains an antihistamine to cure a runny nose. It helps increase nasal discharge and removes all the toxins causing a runny nose. It helps in circulation and keep your body warm. While preparing food add some extra cayenne pepper.

11.) Turmeric to Cure a Runny Nose Fast

Turmeric works as a great solution for many health problems, including a runny nose. The herb consists of strong antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties that make it very helpful in treating a runny nose as well as common cold. To try this method, mix a half tsp of turmeric powder in a cup of warm milk. Drink this mixture before going to bed every night for few days. This remedy helps get rid of a runny nose as well as chest congestion. So try this method at home for best results.

12.) Ginger to Treat a Runny Nose

Ginger has strong antioxidants as well as antitoxic, antiviral and antifungal properties that help provide ease from various symptoms of a runny nose. This is one of the simple method, all you need to do is chew some raw ginger and sprinkle some salt. Repeat this method several times a day to reduce a runny nose quickly. Alternatively, cut some ginger slices and boil in a bowl filled with water for 10 minutes. Let it cool down. Strain the water and add some amount of honey to this tea. Dink this solution for 2-3 times a day to get rid of a runny nose. Repeat this method for a few days to treat this problem as soon as possible.

Other Tips to Get Rid of a Runny Nose Fast:

One thing you should always remember that runny nose and sneezing are the way our body fight against infection and eliminates. All the unwanted foreign elements from our body get eliminated with a runny nose, so never try to suppress it forcibly or else it will get worse and might turn into a serious infection. Common cold or a cough or a runny nose goes away on its own, you just need to keep yourself hydrated by inducing lots of fluids. Take enough rest to recover fast. After using all the above remedies if you still have a problem,  your nose still runs, visit your doctor.

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