How to Get Rid of Baby Hiccups?

Does your baby have the hiccups? Are you frustrated after each time you feed your infant son or daughter? In this article, we will talk about the ways to get rid of baby hiccups. Babies regularly have hiccups after drinking or eating. At times Hiccup bothers the infant, however, as long as the baby is happy, smiling, can eat, and drink well there is nothing to stress over. No need to take stress if your child’s hiccups. Although it is most common in babies under one year of age, hiccups are not an indication of a serious problem.

Hiccups are an unpleasant condition and can influence individuals of all ages, including babies. Hiccups are an ordinary and normal for babies unless hiccup to disturb their daily exercises, for example, sleeping or eating. Babies who have gastroesophageal reflux infection may probably experience hiccups. Read this related article Home remedies for gas pain in toddlers on our website.

Causes of Baby Hiccups:

  • Dropped the level of blood carbon.
  • Eating spicy food.
  • Unnecessary drinking and eating with amounts.
  • Disturbing to the phrenic nerve.
  • Feelings or due to stress.
  • In a person who is experiencing chemotherapy, could influence the event of constant hiccups.
  • Different reasons, there is a foreign element in the ear.

Ways To Get Rid Of Baby Hiccups:

1.) Change the Position to Get Rid of Baby Hiccups

In some cases, infants swallow air while feeding too much, this is the thing that causes hiccups in children. So, change the nourishing position to restrict the amount of air that goes into the baby’s mouth.

2.) Burping to Get Rid of Baby Hiccups

It is essential for the child to burp after feeding. The Burp is helpful to evacuate abundance air or gas in the baby’s stomach. Now and again, burping can likewise help discharge with muscling fits in the diaphragm and can at finally stop hiccups in children.

3.) Back Rub to Prevent Baby Hiccups

Infant hiccups are not hurtful to health. Everything you need to do is to quiet the baby. Rub your baby’s back while soothing so that hiccups diminishes gradually. Rub the back gently until the hiccups are gone.

4.) Eat Regularly to Cure Baby Hiccups

You need to feed in babies before it is too hungry because at that time the stomach contains a great deal of gas. Hiccups can be an indication of stomach issues. If stomach indicates a gastric issue, then they will be joined by vomiting.

5.) Quit Eating When Hiccups Don’t Stop

In case the hiccups do not stop, stop breastfeeding immediately. If you continue to feed the baby it may vomit. This will lead to more difficulty for baby. The good idea is to, stop baby feeding and wait for the hiccups to disappear and then resume feeding baby.

how to get rid of baby hiccups

6.) Slow Down Your Feeding to Treat Baby Hiccups

When a baby takes too much of the milk that too very fast. It causes the stomach bloating, prompting hiccups in the diaphragm. Break your feeding into 2 or 3 portions rather than one big feeding. Due to this baby will take in less milk at one time, which help to nip those hiccups.

7.) Let the Baby Burp to Get Rid of Baby Hiccups

This is another way to slow down the hiccups of your baby. Take a break while feeding your baby, let it burp then start feeding again. Take some pause before feeding baby often while resuming baby from the other breast. If you are feeding the baby with a bottle, take a break when the bottle is half finished. This will help your baby digest some milk and reduces the chances of frequent hiccups.

8.) Make Your Baby Sit Upright Down During Feedings

Swallowing too much of air during feedings, a baby’s stomach gets distended. Sometimes, shifting feeding position also works great. Shift baby upright 30-45 degree position during feedings, so that air doesn’t get a chance to settle in the stomach.

9.) Try a Little Sugar to Prevent Baby Hiccups

This is an old remedy to treat baby hiccups. Put some sugar on your finger by dipping your finger in water to let the sugar stick to it. Let the baby suck the finger for a few minutes, it helps fade the baby hiccups soon.

10.) Distract Your Baby to Cure Baby Hiccups

By distracting your baby, it helps get rid of hiccups. Distract your baby by playing with them or give them a toy to make them happy. You can also make them laugh. Play peek-a-boo, give it a chew toy or give your baby a rattle.

11.) Try Breastfeeding to Treat Baby Hiccups

The newborn hiccups happen frequently when their diaphragm gets disturbed. Feeding breast milk will help the diaphragm soothe and relax that will help get rid of hiccups fast.

12.) Eliminate Dairy Products to Cure Baby Hiccups

Being a mother, you should avoid consuming dairy products if your newborn experience frequent hiccups. If you consume more of dairy products then your baby will hiccup more. If you cannot avoid, just limit the consumption to prevent baby hiccups.

13.) Give Your Baby Something to Eat to Reduce Baby Hiccups

If the baby hiccups happened physically, then try giving him or her something to eat. The act of gulping might help them to control the diaphragm. Give your baby mashed bananas, rice cereal or applesauce. This will help reduce baby hiccups naturally.

14.) Keep the Baby Warm to Get Rid of Baby Hiccups

This is one of the main factors of baby hiccups. So keep your baby warm because the hiccups are generally caused due to a sudden change in temperature that leads the newborn to become cold and start with hiccups soon.

Avoid Doing These Points to Treat Your Baby’s Hiccups:

  • Pressing down on their fontanels.
  • Startling your baby
  • Pulling their tongue
  • Slapping your baby’s back.
  • Pressing down on their eyeballs.


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