How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites?

Whenever we go to bed we feel like saying these words – good night, switch off the light and sleep tight. If you lay on a bed, that infested with bed bugs, you will definitely have a worse night. These bugs can wait to suck your blood. Itchy, abrasive, and irritating, that is how you describe bed bug bites. These bites are characterized by rashes and irritation, and with linear patterns on the skin. Suffering from these bites can be really irritating and disturbing. Thus, bed bugs are becoming a very common and stressful problem. If you are suffering from such bites, your doctor might prescribe many lotions and creams that contain chemicals that are not always good for your skin. Even these medicines can cause skin allergies. Aside from these medications, you can also consider applying other home remedies to get rid of bed bug bites. Bed bugs bites typically heal within a week to ten  days. So these are the basic symptoms of bed bug bites.


  • Redness
  • Mild burning
  • Localized and minor swelling or pain
  • Itching

how to get rid of bed bug bites

Preventing Bed Bugs:

To work properly in the morning, one requires a proper asleep. Hence, the last thing you want is not to awaken from bed bug bites. Preventing bed bugs is the best solution to get rid of this problem. This can be solve by Vacuuming the carpets weekly, avoiding second-hand furniture, bedding or discarded mattresses. Inspecting rooms thoroughly for signs of bed bugs before staying in hotels.

If you suspect the sign of bed bugs at home, you need to call a professional pest control company to handle it immediately in order to relief yourself. It is best to enlist the service of professionals in order to make sure that the eggs, larvae and adult bed bugs have been treated completely.

Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites:

1.) Wash Bites with Mild Soap to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites

Wash the affected area with mild soap and water. Take a bar of soap and water to wet surface of your hands. Work the soap in your hands into a thick, soapy lather. Rub the lather over the affected area and leave it for a few seconds. Repeat until the entire area is covered. Allow the soap lather to dry over the bitten areas and then rinse it off. You should experience immediate relief from itching. Washing the bites with soapy water will also help alleviate itchiness and prevent a skin infection.

2.) Rub Ice on Bug Bites to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites

To ease the pain and itching of the bed bug bite, you can rinse it with cool water or you can also rub ice on it. you will also reduce the possibility of skin inflammation. If your skin already looks swollen and red, then apply ice to cool the bite area and let the ice melt on it to reduce the pain. Press the ice cubes on the bitten area for a few minutes throughout the day. This will reduce swelling.

3.) Baking Soda to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites

You can make the paste by mixing baking soda and water. Baking soda is a form of mineral that has been used as an anti-itching medicine for a long time. What you need to do is mix one teaspoon of water for every three teaspoon of baking soda. Apply it on the bite and let it dry and then wash it off.

4.) Lemon Juice to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites

Being a natural astringent, lemon juice helps reduce the rashes caused by bed bug bites and keeps itching at bay. Plus, its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help reduce redness and swelling as well as prevent infection. Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice. Dab it on the bed bug bites. Let it air dry, then rinse the affected area. Do this a few times a day to get rid of the swell.

5.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites

Apple cider vinegar is another effective remedy for bed bug bites as it helps reduce itching and burning, thanks to its acetic acid content with has anti-inflammatory properties. If you do not have apple cider vinegar, you can also use white vinegar. Allow it to dry, then rinse your skin.

6.) Coconut Oil to Cure Bed Bug Bites

Apply coconut oil on the affected area. This will help to heal the swelling. Coconut oil helps moisturize the skin and its anti-inflammatory qualities help to cure these bites. whenever you suffer from bed bug bites just take coconut oil in a bowl and with the help of cotton balls apply it on your skin and leave it. you can do this home remedy before going to bed and then take the bath next morning with warm water.

7.) Banana Peel to Cure Bed Bug Bites

Rub the inside of a banana peel on a bed bug bites to take the itch out by reducing the inflammation and irritation. Leave that peel on the bites for some time. it has the cooling effect that will help to lessen the pain and swelling.

8.) Aloe-Vera Gel to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites

This is a plant that is used as medication from rashes to sunburn.  you can use it to treat bed bug bites. You can plant aloe vera in your own garden, or you can buy one from a store. If you use aloe from a store, you need to apply  Aloe-Vera gel  onto the bite after washing the area.

9.) Toothpaste to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites

Toothpaste is another effective remedy for bed bug bites. It contains cooling menthol that helps reduce the itching and burning sensations. Make sure you use white colored toothpaste, not a gel type, for this purpose. apply a little white toothpaste on the affected area. Leave it on for ten minutes, then rinse it off. Repeat as needed.

10.) Rub Tea Bags to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites

Moist tea bags can also help combat the itching and swelling caused by bed bug and other insect bites. They contain tannins with astringent and mild anesthetic properties. Cool a moist, used tea bag in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Place it on the affected area for about 15 minutes. Repeat as needed.


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