How to Get Rid of Flies Fast?

In this article, we will tell you how to get rid of flies fast. In today’s world, people can’t wait to get results. They need quick results. Flies are carriers of harmful bacteria’s and viruses, which they transmit from one location to another. If you want to know more about flies read this article.

how to get rid of flies fast

Diseases Spread by Flies:

Methods to Get Rid of Flies Fast:

1.) Flypaper Strips to Get Rid of Flies Fast

These are easily available in the market. But, you can make Flypaper Strips at home also. The paper used in this is coated with a chemical that is poisonous . The home made are not poisonous they contain corn starch and sugar. Cut a piece of paper 3 inch wide. Punch a hole at one end and tie with a thread. Apply the mixture of sugar and cornstarch on paper. Hang the paper on different places in your home where flies are mostly seen. Flies will get attracted to syrup and stuck to it.

2.) Switch On Fan to Get Rid of Flies Fast

This method is the easiest of all remedies to get rid of flies fast. Just switch on the fan and flies will be blown in seconds. This method is not sufficient because after sometime flies will come back again when the fan is switched off. This method can be used easily by anyone whether it is a kid or an adult.

3.) Clove Oil Lotion to Get Rid of Flies Fast

Clove plays a major role in getting rid of flies fast. Its aroma is a successful repellent of flies and other insects. You can buy skin lotion from the market, having clove oil as a major ingredient. Applying clove oil directly on the skin causes blazing feeling and itching. So you can crush the clove and mix it with olive oil for applying it directly.

4.) Cayenne Pepper Powder to Get Rid of Flies Fast

Pepper has been in use for centuries as an insect repellent and as a medicinal product. Where there is pepper powder the flies will not be there. The odour released by pepper is not liked by flies and they keep a distance from it. You have to mix pepper powder with water to a solution. Spray the mixture in your house and near windows so that flies don’t enter into your home.

5.) Fly Glue Traps  to Get Rid of Flies Fast

This sticky trap is a successful remedy to get rid of flies fast. Since, flies attract towards honey, cornstarch. We have used this to kill them. Cut a piece of yellow paper spread the mixture of honey and cornstarch. Place these paper strips at different locations where flies are mostly seen. Flies will get attracted to the yellow colour and get stuck into a paste.

6.) Electric Fly Killer to Get Rid of Flies Fast

The ultraviolet rays attract flies and other insects also. This weakness is our strength to kill them. The electric fly killer consists of rod, which produce a high voltage current. These are easily available in the electronic shops. They should be placed or installed at a location which is closed to entrance of your house. It is an electronic substance, make sure kids don’t come close to it. Always install it on some height to attract flies.

7.) Close your House Entries to Get Rid of Flies Fast

Prevention is better than cure. This is also applicable with flies. If you don’t allow them to enter your house, then there is no need to get rid of them. But this is impossible kind of stuff, but almost possible. Cover all your entries and close all your doors and windows. In this manner you can stop more than 75 percent of flies to enter your house. You can install net on the doors and window frames to stop the entrance of flies and other insects.

8.) Don’t Throw Garbage Keep Surrounding Clean

Keep your surroundings clean. Flies are attracted towards heaps of garbage, open drains, stagnated water. Cleanliness is the best method to be away of diseases and flies. Keep garbage containers and bags closed tightly. If you have dogs in your home and if they litter in your garden, try to stop them from doing this. These garbage bins and stagnated water are the biggest source of flies and other insects to breed. Clean them at regular intervals.

9.) Hair Spray to Get Rid of Flies Fast

Yes, you are right to read this. Hair spray can also be used to get rid of flies fast, the reason for this is hair spray contains chemicals which are sticky in nature. When they are sprayed on the flies the wings get attached to each other due to sticky substance and they can’t make an escape. The chemicals in hair spray are highly inflammable take necessary precautions before using them like not closed to open flame.

10.) Insecticides to Get Rid of Flies

These are chemicals which are poisonous and highly inflammable. Take necessary precautions before using them. They are easily available in the market and have long lasting effect. They can also kill the eggs and larvae of the flies, so that they do not grow up. Just spray the insecticide on the flies and areas where they generally roam and they will be killed in seconds.

 11.) Boric Acid to Get Rid of Flies

This method, which is to be used with proper precautions. Keep your face covered with a mask and wear gloves. Boric acid is highly poisonous and it is not the best way to get rid of flies but if you are fed up with them then this is also an option. Put boric acid on places where flies sit mostly. Don’t put near to food items as it is highly poisonous.

12.) Home made Flies Repellent

Insecticides kill the flies instantly, but they can be dangerous for children. Insecticides contain harmful chemicals. Insecticides or fly repellents can be made at home easily using natural herbs oil. There are different herbs available in the market easily these are lavender, basil, mint or camphor. Take any of the one you like crush the herb, take the extract mix it with water. Pour the mixture into spray bottle your home made repellent is ready.

13.) Apple Vinegar

Flies like the smell of fermented fruits. Vinegar is made from fermentation of fruits and grains. But, apple vinegar is not liked by flies they can’t accept its smell. Heating of apple vinegar release a bad odour. Take a glass jar, pour some hot vinegar, seal the lid and made some hole in the lid. The smell released by the vinegar keeps away the flies.

14.) Wine Traps

This is not accepted by wine lovers as there is some wastage of wine in this. But, to get rid of flies fast, you have to take some bold decision. Flies like the smell which is fermented, wine is a good example of fermentation. Take a soap solution and wine in a glass and place them where the flies are seen regularly. Flies are attracted to the smell of wine, but they will not be able to escape from the solution.

15.) Lemon Grass Sprays

Its refreshing aroma will make your home refreshing whole day. Flies don’t like its aroma. The Lemon grass spray is easily available in the market. The other method to use it is crush few lemon grass and mix it with hot  water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle, now spray all along your house and enter points. The flies will remain out of your house.


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