How to Get Rid of Thigh Cramp Naturally?

This article is about ways to get rid of thigh cramp naturally. Thigh cramps can be very painful, even though they do not come under severe illness. They generally occur due to the abrupt and painful instinctive contractions of the leg muscles. It usually happens in the calf muscle, which is below and behind the knee. Thigh cramp is also sometimes known as the night leg cramps. They generally last for a few minutes, but can leave you out of breath. Sometimes, the pain can be so rigorous that the person wakes up in the middle of the night. Sometimes the pain takes about 24 hours to go.

The condition is quite a common one. It is particularly common among people who take part in sports. In fact, muscle cramps, trouble 79 percent of athletes, 39 percent of marathon runners and 60 percent of cyclists at some time or another. Strong, sharp pain is the most common symptom. It can also be accompanied by soreness, swelling and inflammation. You can also read, how to remove muscle knots? on our website.

Remedies to Get Rid of Thigh Cramp Naturally:

1.) Drink Water to Treat Thigh Cramp Fast

Drinking water may seem like such a normal thing. But staying hydrated is very important for a healthy body. There is a close connection between muscle cramps and dehydration. So, you need to make sure that you have enough water in your body to prevent that from happening. One should drink at least 2 liters of water every day. In case you exercise it becomes important to drink more water. It is necessary to drink water before and after your workout sessions. Drinking water keeps the electrolyte balance in the body, which is another main reason for leg cramps.

2.) Eat Potassium-Rich Food to Get Rid of Thigh Cramp

Potassium deficiency can lead to leg and thigh cramps. If you do not have sufficient potassium in your body, then you need to include more sources of potassium in your diet. You can also go for fruits rich in potassium. Potassium-rich fruits include bananas, oranges, grapes, nectarines, apricots, dates, or raisins, etc. Meat like lamb, pork, saltwater fish, etc. is rich in potassium. Vegetables like broccoli or cabbage are also rich sources of potassium.

how to get rid of thigh cramp Naturally

3.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Rid of Thigh Cramp Naturally

Being high in potassium, unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar helps treat muscle cramps. Low potassium is one of the most common reasons of frequent muscle cramps. Moreover, there are many nutrients in apple cider vinegar that help manage the balance in the body and stop dehydration. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink this solution 1-2 times daily to avoid muscle cramps.

4.) Rosemary to Get Rid of Thigh Cramp Fast

It has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid calm inflamed muscle tissue and decrease pain and tenderness. It also has a warming effect that promotes recreation. It can even speed up the healing time because rosemary easily penetrates the skin. Take a cup of boiling water and a teaspoon of rosemary leaves to it. Cover the bowl and let it steep for 30 minutes. Soak a cloth in this lukewarm solution and gently put it on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. When the pain gets better, follow it with a cold compact.

5.) Exercise to Prevent Thigh Cramp

If you stick with an exercise program, make sure it is appropriate for you. As your coach or gym trainer and learn a proper stretching schedule. Make sure you warm up and stretch before you start exercising. Do not work out for an extra period or exceed yourself. And, never jump into a new exercise habit and go beyond it. Sudden bursts of movement and over exercises can cause thigh cramp later.

6.) Yellow Mustard to Get Rid of Thigh Cramp Fast

It sounds mad, but you should try a teaspoon of yellow mustard to cure thigh cramp. It is an economical way to get relieve from thigh cramp and leg cramps. You need to quickly consume a teaspoon of cheap yellow mustard to treat achy leg. This is yet another thigh cramp cure with no scientific base, but it really works in real life.

7.) Massage to Treat Thigh Cramp Naturally

You can also massage the exaggerated muscle to help ease the tenderness and stiffness. Massage the cramped muscle with long stroke until it becomes calm. After the massage, cover the area with a warm towel. For added benefits, use a massage oil formed by mixing wintergreen oil with vegetable oil. Wintergreen includes methyl salicylate, which reduces pain and encourages blood flow.

8.) Clove Oil to Treat Thigh Cramp

Clove oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help decrease muscle cramp swelling and inflammation. Plus, the pain killing property of clove oil will help ease pain. To use this remedy, take some clove oil and warm it. Now, rub this oil on the affected area. Gently massage the affected area like a leg or thigh cramps, massage the area for 5-10 mins. Slowly and gradually it will encourage the blood flow to the affected area. Repeat this method, if required. This is one of the beneficial remedies to get rid of the cramps fast.

9.) Use Heat to Relax Your Muscles to Cure Thigh Cramp

Heat also helps relieve the muscle pain in leg or thigh. It can be an extremely efficient way to relax the muscle tightening and ease pain. It may also help you calm down, which will reduce tight muscles. From warm baths to heating pads there are many types of heat treatments to help get rid of thigh cramp fast and naturally. To try this remedy, either take a warm bath or shower will help you relax and reduce the pain in the muscle cramp. The heat from the water will also help encourage blood flow to the plunge area. Using Epsom salt in a warm water may also help alleviate cramps. Or fill a bottle with hot water or get a heating pad and keep it on the affected area. This is one of the best treatments to get rid of thigh cramp fast.

10.) Watch Your Diet to Get Rid of Thigh Cramp Fast

The studies have shown that due to low levels of nutrients such as calcium and potassium may encourage muscle cramps. Be sure to consume enough of these nutrients in your diet, which may reduce the frequency of muscle cramps. For this purpose, eat oranges and bananas, rich in potassium. Eat almonds, brown rice and avocados loaded with magnesium. Take calcium from milk, yogurt and other dairy products, as well as in green leafy vegetables such as spinach. Muscle cramps can also be a sign of lack of minerals. You can take a multi-mineral add-on to fulfill the body requirements, but after consulting your doctor about the dose.

Additional Tips:

  • Get plenty of rest before and after exercise to help your muscles get well and avoid cramping.
  • Stretch, walk or do some light exercise before going to bed.
  • Drink a glass of warm milk daily before going to bed.
  • To avoid muscle cramping throughout the winter, keep your muscles hot with enough clothing.
  • Make sure to include foods high in vitamins A and E as well as magnesium to prevent muscle cramps.
  • If you get muscle cramps at night, wear skinny socks to bed to encourage smooth blood flow. You can also place a pillow under your legs.
  • If you suffer from constant muscle cramps, you can take a mineral and multi-vitamin supplement. Speak to your doctor about calcium, potassium or magnesium supplements decrease and prevent muscle cramps.

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