How to Get Rid of White Tongue?

In this article, we will discuss the remedies to get rid of white tongue. The tongue is an important structure in the oral cavity and it is the strongest muscular organ in our body involved in critical functions of taste, chewing, speaking and swallowing. The color of the healthy tongue is usually pink with small nodules. Your tongue may have a white coating due to the action of bacteria, debris, and dead cells. White tongue is a common problem that can lead to symptoms like a bitter taste or bad breath in the mouth. Improper oral hygiene and sugary foods or  eating highly acidic can also contribute to a white tongue. There are several other causes also that lead to a white tongue like liver congestion, lupus, candida, jaundice, oral thrush, and leukoplakia. The problem can even be due to side effects of antibiotics and medications.

Remedies to Get Rid of White Tongue:

1.) Turmeric to Treat White Tongue Naturally

How to Get Rid of White Tongue?

The best natural remedy to treat white coated tongue is the use of turmeric. Mix ½ teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of water for a healthy tongue. Applying honey on the red lesion area of the tongue also helps in treating it to some extent. Everyone knows that turmeric has brilliant anti-bacterial properties that prevent the bacterial growth on the surface of the tongue. You can also scrub the white part of the tongue with a paste of turmeric powder and lemon juice, rinse off the mouth with warm water after that. Repeat the remedy regularly to get rid of the white tongue for a few days.

2.) Hydrogen Peroxide for Treatment of White Tongue at Home

Hydrogen peroxide is brilliant to treat yellow teeth and the same remedy can help you to restore the natural color of the tongue. Hydrogen peroxide has a great antibacterial property which helps in preventing bacterial growth on the tongue surface which causes the white tongue problem. Brushing the tongue surface with the 3% hydrogen peroxide can be used to treat white tongue. To make the solution add one part of hydrogen peroxide in two parts of water. You should check the quantity of anything before using for your white tongue as it is always recommended to not use an excess of anything, they can be harmful to the teeth and tongue.

3.) Salt to Treat White Tongue Naturally

Put some salt on the tongue and then scrub gently with a brush for 1-2 minutes and then just rinse off the mouth with warm water. Do this twice a day and repeat the remedy daily to get rid of white tongue fast and naturally. You can also gargle mouth with a salt solution, make sure that water is warm, split out water after gargling, do this several times a day. It’s not only beneficial for the tongue but also, cure throat problems. Salt has antiseptic property will helps in killing the bacteria that may cause bad breath and white tongue.

4.) Avoid Dehydration for Treatment of White Tongue at Home

Hydration is very important for proper body functioning, we have come across many health issues that are caused due to dehydration in the body. But, we have never thought that white tongue could be the reason of less fluid intake. This is true dehydration and dry mouth may be the reason of white tongue. Stay hydrated to keep white tongue do not bother you in present and future. To know that you are hydrated or not, check the color of your urine. Clear urine signifies that you are fully hydrated. The amount of fluid you need also depend upon the temperature and humidity in the environment.

5.) Azadirachta Indica to Treat White Tongue Naturally

Azadirachta Indica leaves are very useful to treat white tongue. It has got many herbal properties that can be useful to treat white tongue problem. The best feature of margosa leaves that make it so useful is its antiseptic properties which fight with dental issues such as cavities and bad breath. Boil one tablespoon of dried margosa leaves in a cup of water till it reduced to half of its amount. Allow it to cool down and then gargle with the solution, rinse your mouth with warm after that. Do this two times regularly to get rid of white tongue. Instead of using regular toothbrush start using neem twigs to get all the properties to work right away. Simply chewing the margosa branches is also useful to prevent dental issues and remove yellow stain marks from the teeth.

6.) Clean Tongue to Get Rid of White Tongue

Clean your tongue when you brush. Use a tongue cleaner or you can also use a toothbrush for cleaning the tongue. To remove the coating of bacteria deposited on the tongue, sprinkle some salt and then rub the tongue with soft bristles of the brush. You can find many good tongue scrapers available in stores near you, but be gentle with the use of tongue cleaners as the forceful rubbing on the tongue can cause harm to the bumps on the tongue.

7.) Baking Soda for Treatment of White Tongue at Home

Make a paste by adding baking soda and lemon together. Brush the tongue with this paste using a toothbrush, then rinse mouth with water. Baking soda is a brilliant remedy to treat white tongue by applying the paste and teeth to eliminate the white layer on the tongue and it also helps in eradicating bad breath issues. Baking soda is best for teeth whitening, but it should be used carefully.

8.) Yogurt to Treat White Tongue Naturally

A white tongue is caused due to the growth of candida fungus on the tongue. Yogurt prevents the growth of the Candida fungus as it is a natural probiotic. Apply yogurt on the tongue before going to bed to get rid of harmful bacteria that cause the white tongue. The good bacteria contain by yogurt helps in reducing the bad bacteria and fungi in the mouth effectively.

9.) Aloe Vera to Get Rid of White Tongue

Aloe Vera contains an anti-inflammatory agent that can be helpful to treat oral issues. Rinse your mouth with one teaspoon of aloe Vera juice and then consume one teaspoon of aloe Vera juice after that. Repeat the remedy every day for two weeks depending upon the need.

10.) Avoid Sugar for Treatment of White Tongue at Home

Sugary substance helps harmful bacteria to grow faster such that it should be avoided. Limit your sugar consumption to get rid of white tongue. It will not confine its benefits to treating a white tongue. It will be helpful with other problems as well.

11.) Probiotics to Get Rid of White Tongue

Probiotics are a good remedy to get rid of a white tongue caused by the growth of candida fungus.  Probiotics contain B. lactis cultures and L. acidophilus, which aid in controlling the growth of bacteria and fungi in the mouth. Add a little water to the powder of one probiotic capsule. Now, brush your teeth as usual but use this solution as a mouthwash, swallowing, and swishing. After that, drink a glass of water. Repeat the remedy once daily for a week.

12.) Vegetable Glycerin to Treat White Tongue

Vegetable glycerin is yet another  very popular tested home treatment for a white-coated tongue. It is especially effective if the problem is due to dry mouth. It will also help you to get rid of bad breath. You can easily get vegetable glycerin in health food stores. Put a small amount of vegetable glycerin on your tongue. Then, lightly brush your tongue with a toothbrush. After that, rinse your mouth with warm water. Repeat this two times daily until your tongue returns to its natural color.

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