How to Get Taller Post?

This article is about ways to get taller post. Many people think that the human growth stops after the age of 18 years. The girls basically stop growing 1-2 years after mensuration and they reach full height till the age of 14-15 years. While the boys may grow taller until 18 years. But, it is not the universal truth. You may increase a little bit of your height after this age as well. Don’t think that you have stopped growing and you can’t grow further. Nothing is impossible and you may grow a little more if you want to. This article will provide you various natural ways that will help you to get a taller post.

How to Get Taller Post

When We Stop Growing Taller?

Our body is genetically programmed and after the completion of puberty, we stop growing taller. Our growth becomes slower or even stop at the age of 16 years in girls and 18 years in boys. Our genes and diet play a major role in the human growth.

What do Factors determine our Height?

Well,  genetics and environment play an important role in the growing height. They play a major role in the determination of your height. The Just simple thumb rule is followed that determine the human height. This rule is defined as (Genetic+Hormones+Nutrition) Stress.

Ways to Get Taller Post:

1.) Maintain an Ideal Body Weight to Get Taller Post

Obesity adds several health-related problems and provides the worst effect on your health. Therefore, it is really very important to maintain an ideal body weight. If you have excessive weight, then you look shorter. Even excessive body weight exerts a lot of pressure on the joints and bones that make you look shorter and dumpy. So, try to maintain an ideal body weight of your body. To check regarding your weight, try Body Mass Index (BMI) method and know in which category you fall.

2.) Do Sprint Exercises to Get Taller Post

Start doing the sprinting exercises that will stretch your body and helps to increase your height. Sprinting helps in producing the growth hormones in the body. These hormones help a lot in growing taller. So, start running on a regular basis. Also, start doing skipping to stretch your body. It is the best way to get taller post.

3.) Avoid Bad Habits to Get Taller Post

The bad habits like smoking and drinking suppress your growth hormone. Therefore, it is really very important to avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking. If you want to get a taller post, then it is really very important to avoid the things that have ill effects on your health and stops your growth. So, avoid such things and grow faster.

4.) Start Exercising and Performing Yoga

Exercises help in reducing various health risks and problems. There are certain stretching exercises that help in stimulating the growth hormone in your body by letting you grow faster. Also, perform yoga to feel the inner peace of mind. It not only reduces stress but also helps you to grow faster. There are certain asanas and pranayamas in yoga that help in increasing your height effectively. Yoga also provides a good posture and alignment to your body.

5.) Take Proper Rest and Adequate Sleep to Get Taller Post

It is very important to provide proper rest to your body. A proper and adequate sleep plays a major role in the growth and development of an individual. If you are suffering from insomnia or you are loaded with work pressure and stopped taking the adequate sleep, then remember it is the high time to focus on your sleeping routine. You must take at least 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis. If you sleep properly only then you may perform better and stay active. Also, sleep deprivation may also result in fatigue and disruptions that in turn reduces the secretion of the growth hormones. So, sleep properly to stay healthy and fit.

6.) Maintain a Balanced Diet to Get Taller Post

Our body needs the proper amount of nutrition to grow. The major cause of shorter height is the inadequate nutrition intake. So, it is really very important to follow and maintain a balanced diet. If you are really willing to get taller post, then it is really very important to consume proper nutrition. Start consuming foods that are rich in minerals like magnesium, zinc and calcium. All these nutrients keep your bones strong and also improves the blood circulation in the body. So eat the foods like broccoli, grapes, bananas, carrot pumpkins and legumes. You must also include vitamin A rich foods in your diet like carrots, beetroots, chicken, papaya, peach, milk, tomatoes, apricots and peas. Also, don’t forget to eat protein-rich foods as they are essential for the body growth. So, consume protein-rich foods like chicken, egg, seafood, beef and beans.

7.) Take Frequent Smaller Meals to Get Taller Post

Eat only when you feel like eating don’t do overeating. So, whenever hunger strikes you just eat. Instead of taking big meals, just eat frequently. It is the best way to maintain your health. Also, keep your eyes on whatever you eat. Human growth depends a lot on the food they eat.

8.) Maintain a Good Posture to Get Taller Post

Good posture provides right alignment to your body. If you maintain a right body posture, then it provides several health benefits. So, always try to keep your body straight and in a relaxing position to avoid postural deformities. It is a great way to look taller.

9.) Keep Yourself Hydrated to Get Taller Post

It is really very important to drink plenty of water if you want to get taller post. Drinking water helps in flushing out all the harmful toxins from your body. It also improves the process of digestion. So, drink an adequate amount of water in a day to get taller post.

10.) Do Healthy Breakfast to Get Taller Post

Breakfast is the necessary meal of the day. Hence, never try to skip your breakfast at any cost as it may lead to various health-related issues. If you really want to get a taller post, then it is really important to focus on the food you eat in the breakfast. At the starting of the day, your body needs a lot of energy to perform whole day. So, it is really important to nourish it with the right kind of meal. Always try to consume the foods high in nutrients like zinc, magnesium and calcium to increase your height. Add such foods in the first meal of your day to get taller post. Also, eat well in the morning and stay active for the rest of your day.


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