How to Fake a Fever?

After writing, how to get rid of a cough?, we are now writing how to fake a fever? There are plenty of reasons to fake a fever. The most common reason is to take leave from school because you have an exam and you did not prepare for it. The other reason is an incomplete homework or maybe you are getting tired of being bullied by your seniors. Whatever the reason is, kids try hard to avoid going to school as they have alternatives like playing video games. There are adults too who tend fake a fever to avoid going to work because of their annoying boss. Irrespective of the age, the most common reason to fake a fever remains the same. People show various symptoms to pretend a sick person. Some just cough a lot and try to fake a sneeze in order to convince their parents. Others will also go through a few elaborated and risky methods of pretending an illness. The tough part about faking sickness is how to make it more realistic so that your boss or the teacher can get convinced. Fever is not a disease but it is a symptom that occurs when the normal body temperature goes over 36.5° and 37.5° range.

How to Fake a Fever

Ways to Fake a Fever:

1.) Pretend to Have Headache to Fake a Fever

One of the primary symptoms of fever is a severe headache. If you convince others that you are suffering from a headache then others will definitely figure out that he or she is going to have a fever. So, one can easily pretend a fake fever by a fake headache.

To fake a headache that looks natural, you should be familiar with the symptoms of headache which include

  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Light headedness 
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Going to sleep early
  • Irritability

While faking a headache, you should also show some signs of pain by squeezing the head using both of your hands while looking down. To make it more realistic, you should also close both the eyes showing some irritation to light.

2.) Trick the Thermometer to Fake a Fever

Most of the parents use a thermometer to check the fever level when you inform them about your sickness. Now, the instrument can easily spoil your planning and will become your foe. It’s up to you how you trick the thermometer, so that it shows the temperature accordingly.

  • The easiest way to do this is to simply hold the thermometer tightly in your hand and using your thumb rub it repeatedly until you get the desired temperature.
  • Put laptop on your stomach to add two or three degrees hike in temperature.
  • Convince your parents to let you go to the bathroom with a thermometer. Keep the instrument under running hot water until you get the desired temperature.
  • Carefully monitor the temperature to keep it human temperature range.
  • If you end up showing high fever to your parents then you might end up in the hospital for no reason.
  • In case the value increases above the desired level then places it under cold water for a while.
  • If you can’t manage to take the thermometer with you then just go alone and drink a lot of very hot water.
  • Make sure you don’t hurt yourself with the hot water.
  • The other way is to keep the thermometer next to a light bulb until its temperature starts rising.

3.) Don’t Overdo to Fake a Fever

You just have to convince your parents that you are a little sick. If you overdo faking a fever then you might end getting some diagnostic tests. The acting should be natural, so that your parents get convinced that your are just a bit ill and things are not sever. Despite all the efforts your parents won’t agree until they witness a high temperature in the thermometer.

  • To trick thermometer refer above paragraph.
  • Overdoing an illness may give unnecessary tension to your parents and this can even lead to a punishment when get caught.
  • The silly mistake people usually do to fake fever is putting a thermometer in the oven.
  • Putting a thermometer in the oven will raise its temperature very high and can also crack it.
  • Never ever try this stupid trick. 
  • It can even burst the over and result in setting the whole house on fire.

4.) Wake Up Early to Fake a Fever

Getting up early in the morning is very important to accomplish your goal of pretending a fake fever. Parents are definitely going to touch your head so you have to get yourself prepared.

  • The first thing you should do is to feel cold because it is one of the common symptoms of having a fever.
  • Put your whole body under a thick blanket to raise body temperature.
  • Drink hot water just before your parents knock the door, hot water increases your body temperature up to two degrees.
  • Take control over the thermometer such that you can easily trick it.

5.) Discuss Your Symptoms Constantly to Fake a Fever

People usually stop showing signs and symptoms once they convinced their parents. If you stop showing the symptoms after few hours then your trick will be caught by your parents. Keep on discussing your symptoms throughout the day to make it more realistic but don’t overdo.

  • The worst thing about pretending is that you actually do not know the extent you have to do this, so keeping the things simple is, of course, the best idea.
  • Your body language will be like that you don’t need to speak that you are sick.

6.) Stay Unfocused to Fake a Fever

You can’t focus easily on the things while suffering from fever. When you are faking a fever you should remember not to indulge in any physical activity and other activities that can strain your head and eyes which includes,

  • Playing video games
  • Watching television
  • Surfing the internet
  • Going out to play
  • Constantly using your cell phone

Indulging into such activities will tend to create a doubt in your parents mind. Try to spend time lying on the bed to pretend that you are actually sick. People often forget that only high temperature does not make a person sick, there are also tons of symptoms associated with that.

You should consider some most common symptoms while faking a fever. Also, you should act like it takes too much effort to move your muscles. Limit your activity and walk slowly, speak in low pitch. This is the time to show up your hidden acting talent.

7.) Shiver to Fake a Fever

Feeling cold is one of the most common signs of fever so, you should do fake shivering at some point. There is no need to tell you, how to act like feeling cold? Just tighten your both arms and vibrate your body.

  • You can also put some ice under your clothes to make your acting more realistic.
  • It is one of the easiest methods to fake a fever without overdoing with the symptoms. 

8.) Loss of Appetite to Fake a Fever

Loss of appetite is a very common symptom if you are suffering from a fever. When you are pretending to have fever, this should be the very first point in your mind. Don’t attack on food, act like you don’t feel like eating your meal until you parents forcefully make you have it. You should also keep a watch on others while eating otherwise you will be in problem. Rejecting the meal will prove that you are actually sick.

Additional Useful Tips to Fake a Fever:

  • Don’t play once your parents agree to take leave. However, keep doing homework. This will show your parents that you care. Thus, it will add an authenticity to your act. 
  • Use a heating pad to raise the temperature of your forehead. Put a blanket over you that makes you sweat too.
  • Do not overdo faking a fever as you might end getting some unnecessary diagnostic tests.
  • After taking a day off you should not suddenly appear to get better. You have pretended sick throughout the day.
  • Do not put any thermometer in the microwave. It will not work and you’ll end up destroying the thermometer.
  • Drinking a cup of hot coffee can also raise your body temperature to a certain extent.
  • People say that placing a slice of onion or a garlic clove under your armpit can also raise your body temperature. (Never tried)


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