How to Look Thinner? (Look Slim)

How do you feel when you see yourself in the mirror? Can you carry yourself with confidence? Are you still afraid of the small belly? Do people start noticing your belly or pointing you? You need to ask these certain questions to yourself before you decide to look thinner. If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is the time to invest in the ways to look thinner and attractive. If you are going to attend any interview or you are going to any party, then it is really very important to grab the attention of onlookers. And the only way out is to look thinner and attractive.

How to Look Thinner

Ways to Look Thinner:

Well, here are few ways that are going to help you a lot to look thinner. But, you need to follow them sincerely. Neither you need to go for dieting nor you need to focus on your eating habits. You just need to focus on the ways to look thinner and attractive. It can be done easily in an instant if you make the right choices about your dresses and appearance.

1.) Turn to Shapewear

The right Shapewear can reduce the pounds from your belly. You need to make the right choices of what you wear and how you carry yourself. If you will focus on its core, then you will realize that this way can do wonders. If you are opting the ways like using the stretchy devices or Spanx, then remember it is just a waste of time. Just choose a seamless pair, boy shorts or full-body pieces to look thinner. Such attires help in keeping your stomach, toned and slimmer. To slim your thighs go for bodycon dresses, tight pants, evening gowns or clingy skirts. So, make the right choices and look attractive and thinner.

2.) Learn Fit and Length Lessons

You need to stay far away from wrong attires. Don’t ever try to put on the clothes like pants, capri, shapeless calf-length skirts or long baggy shorts. They are simply a big fashion blunder. They will make you look bulkier. Hence, you need to focus on the fit and length lessons. To look attractive, know your body type and never forget to dress up according to it.

3.) Wear Heels with Low-Cut Vamp to Look Thinner

This small tip can change your whole appearance. High heels play a major role in making you appear taller that in turn helps in making you look thinner. If you will add up few low-cut vamp into your wardrobe, then it can simply change the personality of yours like anything. So, wear low-cut vamp as it elongates your legs. Also, wear high heels to look perfect in your dress.

4.) Wear Black to Look Thinner

The color of your dress also plays a major role in making you look thinner. It is the oldest trick that people opts from years. This color can do wonders to your body. So, if your wardrobe is still lacking the clothes in black, then it is important to add it to your wardrobe. It is the most cost-effective and smartest way to reduce the extra pounds from your body. So, go for black, as it forms a slender illusion that can make you look thinner. You can also go for colors like navy, green and oxblood.

5.) Wear Jeans with Higher Rise

Just start wearing higher rise slim fit jeans. If you still don’t have it, then go and buy it. It can elongate your lower body like anything. Make a right choice and wear it correctly. It is the best way that can make a huge difference in your figure. So, stop thinking much and add it to your wardrobe to look thinner.

6.) Dress Up with Vertical Stripes Attires

Vertical stripes can make you look longer and attractive. It creates the greatest illusion that makes you appear leaner. But, it is completely illogical concept that horizontal lines will make you look thicker. Though, a skin-tight bodycon with horizontal lines may look extremely cool and awesome on the body of a skinny girl. But, classic striped shirts may look perfect on curvy girls. So, wear a well-tailored shirt to enhance your personality.

7.) Use Skinny Belts to Look Thinner

The thick belt may make you look dumpy, so the best way is to cinch with skinny belts. The best part is to cinch your boxy coat with a skinny belt. It will make look thinner and will add up the charm to your personality. So, mix and match your dresses with the right colors of belts and wear them to look thinner and fashionable.

8.) Use a Tan to Look Thinner

A slight glow can make you look thinner and leaner. Use a light spray on your legs, shoulders, neck, cheeks, forehead and at the sides of your nose. This slight shiny and glowing look can create a huge illusion in the vision of the onlookers while making you appear more attractive and stunning.

9.) Wear Right Size of Bra to Look Thinner

It is weird that almost 80 percent of women wear the wrong size of bras. You need to buy a new bra if you are still wearing the wrong size. Remember, that there should be a proper distance between your chest and waist. You should see whether your breast appears bulgy or not. If yes, then remember it is the time to buy a new one. So, move towards the nearest lingerie store and get measured by a professional.

10.) Wear a Maxi Skirt Thinner

It is simply a myth that maxi skirt looks bad on the body of curvy girls. Instead, it looks simply perfect on them. It not only makes you high-stepper, but it even enhances personality by making you look leaner and thinner. So, go for a maxi skirt and look thinner.

11.) Wear Skin Up Top

Prefer a V neckline skin up top to look thinner. The open upside down triangle shape of this top helps in forming an illusion of slimmer upper body. It also creates a high focal point above and away from the midsection of the body. The more your skin will be displayed between the chest and chin, the more will look leaner and attractive. So, try this attire to look thinner.

12.) Try Out One Hue

The tops and bottoms of the same color form a great illusion. It makes you look taller and thinner. It creates an uninterrupted vertical line that forms a huge illusion and makes you appear slim. So, stick with one hue and look thinner and attractive naturally.

13.) Use Jewelleries in a Smart Way

Long necklaces help in grabbing the attention of the people from hips to the center and the front part of your body. So, wear it if you have a short neck as it adds length to it as well. So, be wise and choose right kind of the jewelry to look thinner.

14.) Match Your Shoe Color with the Dress

Try to coordinate with the color tones to elongate bottom half. In winters go for black pumps and black opaque tights while in summers try neutral skin-hued versions to look thinner.

15.) Wear Hairs High Up Your Face

Make a high ponytail. It is a great way to look thinner. Also, try to tease at the crown to bring out the bone structure. It is a great way that can make your face appear slimmer and attractive.

Hence, use these ways and gain attraction in your personality by looking thinner. You just need to make the right choices of your attires. Also, you need to focus on your body type, size and choose the attires according to it. So, if you are planning to go for a party or you are going to any casual meeting, then simply use these ways to look thinner and leaner.


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