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How to Lose Weight On Face?

Fat face makes you look older and unattractive. Women with narrow faces look younger, appealing and beautiful. In this era, where clicking photographs have become a trend, every girl desires for a photogenic face. However, a fat face is not at all photogenic. A slimmer face makes us look good. Thus, it has become completely necessary for women to lose weight on the face. Body exercises, healthy dieting, facial exercises and facial massages can help you to reduce face fat easily. These activities will help people to lose weight without any dangerous and expensive operation. Also, these activities are free from any side effects and make you healthy. However, these remedies do not help to reduce the random puffiness on the face, which is due to water retention or drinking too much alcohol. To lose weight on face, you have to put in the extra effort. Well, you need not worry or demotivate yourself for chubby cheeks or double chin. All you have to do is to read below-listed remedies to lose weight on a face.

Some of the Causes for Facial Fat:

  • Dehydration
  • Anemia
  • Alcoholism
  • Thyroid
  • Obesity
  • Kidney disorders
  • Lack of nutrition
  • Allergy

How to Lose Weight On Face

Remedies to Lose Weight on Face:

1.) Laugh to Lose Weight on Face

A good laugh makes you always beautiful and gorgeous. Researchers have found that laughing for 10-15 minutes daily can improve energy consumption by 20 to 40 calories per day. This fact alone may affect a weight loss. Laughter really may be the great medicine. Not only does it improve the immune system, soothe the nerves, but it also burns calories.

2.) Facial Massages to Lose Weight on Face

If you massage your face every day for a few minutes, you will definitely get rid of weight on face and double chin. Facial massage arouses the face muscles, enhance blood circulation and tightens the facial skin. Facial massage can be done with any oil, cream, lotion or any gentle moisturizer that suits your skin type. Ideally, your face should be massaged for fifteen minutes in order to get best results.

3.) “X” and “O” to Lose Weight on Face

Deeply vocalize these two alphabets alternately, at least, twenty times. Then rest and repeat this exercise five times. Pronouncing “X” and “O” frequently will strengthen and twist your cheek muscles. You will get a sculpted face.

4.) Chewing Gum to Lose Weight on Face

Chew some sugar-free chewing gums every day to reduce extra fat from your face. The chewing exercise helps you to lose weight from your face. Sugar-free chewing gums are readily available in medicine shops or you can get them easily from a supermarket. This is one of the best exercise to lose weight on face.

5.) Water to Lose Weight On Face

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to reduce fat from the face. You can also drink other decaffeinated beverages daily, such as herbal tea and sugar-free juice, to prevent water retention. It will also keep your body hydrated. Another way to reduce fat from the face is open the mouth as widely and roundly as possible and hold this posture for a minute. Now close your mouth and relax your jaw. Repeat this exercise ten to twenty times.

6.) Use Finger to Lose Weight On Face

Place your middle finger and index finger of both hands over both cheek bones and start pulling the skin over your cheekbones towards your eyes. Then open your mouth long enough to form an oval shape. Hold this posture for twenty seconds and then release your facial skin. Repeat again for ten times.

7.) Tapping and Patting to Lose Weight On Face

Firm patting and tapping on cheeks and chin with your hands will also help you to get a slimmer face. Facial patting and tapping increase blood circulation in your face and reduce facial swelling. Use middle fingers of both your hands to tap or pat along your jaw.

8.) Deep Breathing to Lose Weight On Face

Deeply inhale air with the help of your mouth. Then close your lips. Now, with the help of your cheek muscles shift the air from the right side of your cheek to the left side of your cheek and vice versa, inside the mouth. Do this thirty times in 1 set. Now, wait of 1 minute and do 4 sets more.

9.) Exercise Regularly to Lose Weight On Face

One should exercise regularly to reduce the weight and remain healthy. Aerobic and exercises are very powerful and help people to burn calories. Aerobics is the best form of exercises that help us to lose weight quickly. Aerobics help us to burn more calories and helps to lose face fat quickly.

10.) Hot Towel to Lose Weight On Face

Try putting hot towels on your face because some consider steam can help you reduce cheek fat. The face will sweat and release some fat stored in your face. Dip the towel into warm water, and then place it over cheeks. Some think steam can help slim your face by removing toxins from your cheeks.

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