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How to Make Yourself Sneeze?

Sometimes you are required to know how to make yourself sneeze? Often you feel like sneezing but it doesn’t come out that moment. This situation can be uncomfortable to you because the urges to clear out the sinuses keeps on distracting you. We know that sneezing is a natural process but we can trigger it artificially with the help of irritants or just by tickling our nose. Stimulants may vary from person to person. Luckily, there are some proven ways which can be used to make you sneeze.

Sneezing is a way of ousting any foreign particle from the respiratory passage. When any such particle comes in contact with the mucous membrane of the nose, a specific nerve impulse is sent to the brain. In response to that impulse, the brain triggers a reflex in the form of a sneeze. In the act of sneezing, a large volume of air is released out from our lungs forcibly, so as to eliminate that foreign particle from the respiratory tract. Sneezing is beneficial for the body and it is a defense mechanism against the entrance of microbes into our body. You should cover your nose while sneezing to prevent the germs from spreading.

How to Make Yourself Sneeze

Direct Stimulation to Make Yourself Sneeze:

1.) Pluck Your Nose Hair

Pull out one hair from your nose to create that stimulation which causes sneezing. Be careful while pulling your nose hair, you can use tweezers for a firm grip. The lining of your nose will trigger a sensation and you will definitely sneeze out.

2.) Massage Your Nose

Put your index finger and thumb on the middle bridge area of your nose and rub it gently following an up and down motion. It is as simple as you are massaging your nose. In this way, you can tickle that nerve which causes stimulation for sneezing. It is one of the convenient ways to make yourself sneeze.

3.) Tweeze Your Eyebrows

You might sneeze only if you pluck out a hair from your eyebrows. There is a nerve that runs beneath the eyebrow and also underneath your nose. So by plucking hair from eyebrow, you can create stimulation for sneezing. Just stand before a mirror and look for that errant hair.

4.) Wiggle Mouth Roof

Using the tip of your tongue, you can create a tickling sensation to the upper surface of your mouth. This can tickle the trigeminal nerve of your nose and can make you sneeze. Try to put your tongue at the end of your mouth roof to wiggle that soft tissue. It is really an effective way to make yourself sneeze.

5.) Use Hard Objects

Hard objects like pencil tip, hairpin, toothpick, Q-pin, etc. can be used to touch your nasal lining. It should not be too hard or soft. Target that area inside your nose which can cause sneeze reflex. While performing this method be sure that the object you are using is clean and tidy. Otherwise, it may transfer germs inside your body. Do not prick your nose with these objects or it may damage the inner lining of your nose and never push it to the end of the nose.

6.) Use a Tissue

You can use a tissue as a stimulating object. You just need to roll out one of the tissue corners into a cone. Now gently put it inside your nose and start wiggling it here and there. It would surely trigger the brain reflex for sneezing due to that tickling sensation. You may take another tissue in case the one you are using becomes soft after absorbing moisture. Try to create a humming sound or start vibrating your upper lips by flowing air out of your mouth to make this method more effective for you.

7.) Use a Thread

Take a piece of thread and insert it into your nostrils. Start rotating it gently. In a few seconds, it is going to tickle the ‘sneeze center’ of your brain stem and brings a sneeze reflex for you. You may take another thread in case the previous one gets moistened. This is the simplest way by which you can make yourself sneeze.

8.) Use a Feather

This is one of the easiest ways to make yourself sneeze. This method will help you sneeze for sure. What you have to do is take a feather and use it to tickle your nose. This irritant will tickle your nose and you will sneeze fast.

9.) Chocolate to Sneeze

Chocolate is also one of the most effective ways to make yourself sneeze. It has been complained by many that chocolate can makes them sneeze. Just take a bite from a dark chocolate that has a rich amount of cocoa.

10.) Drink Soda to Sneeze

Drinking soda can also prove to be an effective way to make yourself sneeze. Try to drink some frizzy drinks. This will make you sneeze soon. You can also try some other drinks like coke. You can also try cough syrup to make yourself sneeze.

11.) Pepper to Make Yourself Sneeze

Pepper is one of the most popular remedies to make yourself sneeze. What you have to do is take some black pepper powder and hold it in your hand for some time. Take your nose near the pepper and inhale, this will cause irritation in the nose and you will sneeze.

12.) Chew Some Gum

You can also chew gum of your choice to make yourself sneeze. Chew some flavored gum for a while. The minty flavor of the gum will tickle the nose and will help you sneeze. You can also try Altoids. This is because of the reason that the strong mint flavor will trigger sneeze.

13.) Go to Garden

Here going to the garden means that you need to go in some open area where there is a lot of greenery and flowers. This is because of the reason that there is a lot of pollen or fumes. Or, you can also go to the place where there is some weird smells in the air.

14.) Eat a Large Meal

You can also have a large meal sneeze. If you are a patient of snatiation then you will sneeze for sure. This is the condition when one continuously sneeze after having a large meal. So, have a large meal and be full. This will make you sneeze.

15.) Try a Quick Trick

You can also try a quick trick to make yourself sneeze. What you have to do is slide your tongue backwards while touching the roof of your mouth. Flick the edge harder with the tip of your tongue. Do it for a few times and you might sneeze fast.

Inhaling Stimulants to Make Yourself Sneeze:

1.) Use Water

To make yourself sneeze, you just need a bowl of warm water. Put your nose slightly into the water bowl and take your head backwards. It will turn on your sneezing fit and you may get two or three at times. Be careful while doing this and do not inhale much while dipping your nose into the water.

2.) Sniff Spices

Strong smell of spices can act as a stimulant to bring on sneeze reflex for you. Black pepper, red pepper, cumin powder, cinnamon, ginger, etc. have a very strong smell and you can use them for this purpose. Keep in mind that you are not inhaling a large amount of those as it can cause burning sensation to your nose. It is better to put these spices into a paper and fold it down. Then put it near to your nose for a few seconds. It will automatically trigger that nerve of your brain and make you sneeze.

3.) Breathe Cold Air

Inhaling cold air can trigger sneeze reflex to some people. Go out of the warm room when it is colder outside to bring on the sneeze. You can take a bath and go outside to make it effective or you can take a deep breath in front of the open freezer, if it is warm outside, to make yourself sneeze.

4.) Smell Perfume

Take your favorite perfume bottle and spray some perfume slightly away from your body. You can hold the nozzle of the perfume bottle close to your nostrils for more effective result. Strong smell of perfume can activate the brain nerve to make you sneeze. You may take a whiff of peppermint toothpaste; it gives more or less same result.

Other Ways to Make Yourself Sneeze

1.) Look at the Sun

Looking towards Sun or some brighter source of light, when you are coming from a darker place can make you sneeze sometimes. When your eyes are not accustomed to the bright light, the sudden exposure to light stimulates your optic nerve which runs in close proximity to the trigeminal nerve. This phenomenon is often called ‘photic sneeze reflex’. In this way, it helps you to sneeze.

2.) Fake Sneeze

You can fake a sneeze and it will bring you one. For this, you need to fake it for a longer duration just to stimulate the sneeze reflexes. It can make you sneeze effectively as the muscles used in this procedure is the same as when you actually sneeze.

3.) Touch a Cold Surface

Touching the surface helps a lot in making one sneeze. Well, there is no scientific argument supporting the face but it is worth trying. Touch the surface which is comparatively cold. Place your hands on the window pain or something iron. This is because of the reason that iron absorbs heat from our hands faster and thus it tends to appear cold. It might make you sneeze.

4.) Tilt Your Head

This trick might also make yourself sneeze. What you have to do is sit in a chair and tilt your head back. Be there in that position for a while. Keep sitting in that position for a while might help you make sneeze.

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