How to Pass a Kidney Stone?

This article is about how to pass a kidney stone? A kidney stone is a crystalline and hard mineral material that is formed inside the urinary tract or kidney. Well, most of the kidney stones pass through urinary tract within 48 hours by own, if you consume the excessive amount of fluid. But, if you are unable to do so, then it is really very important to follow few ways to pass a kidney stone.

What Causes a Kidney Stone?

Kidney stones are basically made up of minerals and acid salts. They vary in sizes and can range from as large as a golf ball or as small as a grain. These stones may also develop into irregular shape and sizes inside the kidney that may cause a lot of problems and can damage your kidney. The most common cause of the formation of kidney stone is the increase in the concentration of minerals present in the urine. All these minerals settle along walls of the bladder or kidney and start sticking together to form kidney stones.

How to Pass a Kidney Stone

Kidney Stones Symptoms:

Here are a few symptoms that you will notice if you have kidney stones. Though, you will not see any major symptoms if you have small kidney stones. Give below are some major symptoms of kidney stones:

  • You will experience sudden severe pain that may get worse in waves.
  • These stones may also cause sudden pain in the back, groin, abdomen, or genitals.
  • People describe kidney stone pain as “the worst pain they ever had”.
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling sick
  • You will also experience painful urination at frequent intervals. This will happen if the stone is in the ureter or just after the stone has left the bladder and is now in the urethra. You may also experience painful urination if you have a urinary tract infection.
  • You can see blood in urine, which may occur when the stone travel through the ureters or they stay in the kidney.

Ways to Pass a Kidney Stone:

Remember it depends on the size of the kidney stone to pass through urinary tract or not. Few kidney stones can easily respond to the home treatments and pass from urinary tract easily. Home treatments are very effective for the kidney stones that are lesser than 3mm in size. But, if these stones reach the size of 8mm, then there is only 20 percent of chances that they will pass on their own. Also, remember that stones that are 1cm or above in size can only be removed through medicines. Well, here are few ways that will help to pass a kidney stone

1.) Increase Fluid Intake to Pass a Kidney Stone

If you want to pass a kidney stone, then keep drinking water. Increase your water intake as it helps in diluting the kidney and the urinary bladder. Drinking excessive water also helps in dissolving smaller stones so that they may easily pass away from the gall bladder. You should also drink fruit juices and soups on a regular basis to increase fluid intake of your body. Also, avoid drinks like carbonated drinks, drinks containing caffeine, and sodas.

2.) Maintain a Proper Diet to Pass a Kidney Stone

Add few important foods to your diets like asparagus, tomatoes, lettuce, Brussel sprouts, and blueberries. They are great natural diuretics that helps in producing more urine. These foods are also high in nutrients like potassium and manganese. All these nutrients help in removing the fluids and toxins through urination. You may eat these foods directly or you may also add it to salads and various recipes. So, don’t forget to include these foods in your meal and consume it to prevent a formation of kidney stones in the body.

3.) Use Lithotripsy to Pass a Kidney Stone

It is also one of the most effective ways to remove stones from your kidney easily. In this process, the person is immersed in a tub that is fully filled with water. After this, the sound waves are applied to this water of the tub. You will experience the stones vibrating inside your body. All this will help in disintegrating the stones into smaller bits. This treatment is basically done after taking consultation of a doctor as he will guide you according to the location and size of these stones.

4.) Use Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Solution

It is a great natural way used to pass a kidney stone. This remedy helps a lot in reducing the pain caused due to a kidney stone. Whenever you feel the first symptom of kidney pain just mix 2 oz of organic lemon juice with 2 oz of organic olive oil. Mix it well and drink it with a lot of water. After this, wait for 30 minutes.Then, add half lemon juice in 12 ounces of water and add one tablespoon of organic raw apple cider vinegar in it. Drink this solution. Use this recipe whenever you experience pain and irritation.

5.) Drink Filtered Beer to Pass a Kidney Stone

Drinking beer helps in flushing out kidney stone due to the presence of diuretic properties in the alcohol. Though, it is important that people must avoid consuming other drinks containing alcohol like scotch, wine, and whiskey. But, one should drink beer in a limit as it helps in increasing the flow of urine and widening the urinary tube. Though beer is high in oxalates that promote the development of kidney stone, therefore, it is really very important to drink beers, that are of good quality. Also, consume it in a limit, don’t try to exceed the limit of intake. It even reduces the risk of kidney stone by 41%.

6.) Basil to Pass a Kidney Stone

Basil is a great kidney tonifier. It helps in maintaining the kidney health. So, consume basil herbal tea on a regular basis to keep your kidney healthy and fit. Also, consume basil juice by mixing one teaspoon of raw honey with one teaspoon of basil juice. This juice can do wonders, it can help in stimulating the stone expulsion from the urinary tract. So, drink it on a regular basis for 6 months.

7.) Drink Pomegranate Juice to Pass a Kidney Stone

There are various health benefits that pomegranate juice provides to our health. The juice contains amazing astringent properties. One should eat organic pomegranates and drink the juice of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice on a regular basis to pass a kidney stone.

8.) Avoid Certain Beverages to Pass a Kidney Stone

One should avoid the beverages like soda, corn syrup, cold drinks, drinks containing caffeine and carbonated drinks. Sugar can cause a big disruption to absorb calcium and magnesium. All this may result in the formation of kidney stones. So, to decrease the risk of kidney stones just cut down a number of sugary products and drinks.

9.) Go for Low-Oxalate Diet

The kidney stones are basically made up of calcium oxalate. So, it is really important to avoid foods that are high in oxalate to prevent the formation of kidney stone. Moreover, it will also help to pass a kidney stone easily from the body. However, limit the intake of foods that are high in oxalates like nuts, wheat, most of the berries, grapes, beans, beets, celery, carrot, kale, spinach and many more. Also, avoid beverages that are high in oxalate content like dark beer, chocolate-based beverages, coffee and soy beverages. Also, avoid taking vitamin C supplements.

10.) Avoid Crash Dieting

If you want to pass a kidney stone, then avoid crash dieting at any cost. Crash dieting increases the content of uric acid in the bloodstream. It even increases the risk of kidney stops. Also, avoid high-protein diet like Atkins diet as it is very hard on the kidneys, so it should be avoided at any cost. So, eat legumes, vegetables, whole grains and a limited amount of protein foods and follow a healthy diet.

Tips to Prevent Kidney Stones:

Here are a few tips that you may follow to prevent kidney stones.

  • Keep yourself hydrated. If you workout and do exercises on a regular basis, then it is really important to
  • keep your body hydrated and keep drinking an adequate amount of water.
  • You may form calcium oxalate stones so take foods containing oxalate content in a limited amount.
  • According to a study if you have one stone, then there are more chances to have another as well. So, it is really important to use right method and proper diet to pass a kidney stone.

Though, passing a kidney stone is not an easy task. It is really important to follow few remedies sincerely. People say that passing a kidney stone is a very painful experience. But, to get rid of kidney stones it is important to follow few natural treatments. Remember, if your condition doesn’t get well then consult a good doctor as soon as possible.


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