How to Sneeze? (Ways to Sneeze Naturally)

In this article we will discuss different ways to sneeze naturally. Whether you believe it or not, but sneezing is one of the most important part of your immune system. This is because, when you sneeze, most of the bacteria get out of your body that decreases the risk of catching a virus or harmful bacteria. There are various factors which cause a person to sneeze. For instance, when you are around dust you might sneeze and dust particles will automatically go out of your system. Other causes may be – entrance of foreign particulate while inhaling, change in weather, allergy etc. Sneezing is a natural action which refreshes your body and clear sinuses. If you want to know how to sneeze you can have a look at below mentioned methods.

How to Sneeze

Different Ways to Sneeze Naturally:

1.) Use a Tissue Paper to Sneeze Properly

Usually a tickling sensation is enough to sneeze in order to clear out your sinuses. Tissue paper can come in handy during this time. Sneezing with the help of tissue paper is easy and convenient. Here is the method to do it.

Directions to Use Tissue Paper for Sneezing:

  • Take a tissue and roll it in a way that it becomes pointed on one end. Do not make it hard pointed.
  • Now, insert it into your nostril, then spin it clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • You will feel a tickling sensation in your nose and eventually sneeze.
  • Do not repeat this method frequently to sneeze as anything in excess is considered harmful.

2.) Pluck Your Nose Hair to Sneeze When You Can’t

Hair in nose act as a defence against harmful microscopic germs and bacteria. Nose hair prevent these alien particles from entering into our body through the nose. So, nose hairs are not useless. But, if you want to clear your sinuses by sneezing, plucking a nose hair can be helpful. Here is the procedure to do it.

Directions for Plucking Nose Hair for Sneezing:

  • Use a tweezers or plucker to pluck nose hair.
  • Just insert the tweezers in your nostril carefully and pick a hair and pluck it at once.
  • As you pluck the nose hair out, you will sneeze quickly with a strong force.
  • Do not pluck too many hairs in one go as it may hurt you a lot and can also make way for bacteria to enter in your body.

3.) Massage Your Nose for Sneezing When You Can’t

Massaging your nose continuously can activate nerve, which can make you sneeze. Just massage your nose bridge using your thumb and index finger. Pinch the nose in-between and keep massaging it continuously. When you start feeling tickling sensation, it is an indication that you are about to sneeze. This method can be done as many time as you want. It takes time but is among the safest method to sneeze.

4.) Chewing Gum for Sneezing 

Some people are not more into chewing gum due to peppermint filling in it. If you are one of them, chewing peppermint gum or spearmint gum can make you sneeze. So, next time put a chewing gum to test. Alternatively, you can whiff some peppermint oil to stimulate a sneeze. This method may work for some but not for all.

5.) Cold Air for Sneezing Fast

Some of the people find cold air to be an effective way to clear sinuses. Nothing much you need to do in this method, just go to your freezer, open it up and move your face close to it. Inhale deeply and continuously to feel the tickling sensation. If it is is winter season (peak season), just go out and breathe in the chilly air until you find tickling sensation in your nose. Like chewing gum this method may work for some people only.

6.) Tickle Your Mouth Roof for Sneezing

The roof of your mouth is another gateway to clear nasal passage. When you touch your mouth roof with your tongue, it activates the nerve which is connected to nose and is responsible for sneezing. You just need to touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue continuously. Take your tongue as back as you can touch the roof in the backside of the mouth. After some time you will start to feel tickling sensation and eventually start sneezing.

7.) Tweeze Your Eyebrows to Make Yourself Sneeze

There is nerve under your eyebrow which runs through your nose. So, when you tweeze or pluck your eyebrows, it tickles your nerve. This tickling results in sneezing spontaneously. So, next time give plucker a try to make you sneeze by removing eyebrow. Remember not to do it more often.

8.) Cleaning Your House to Make Yourself Sneeze

By this method you will be able to clean your room and as well as sneeze a lot. This is because when you will clean your house, you will get in contact with dust and other invisible allergens. This will make you sneeze to prevent your body from inhaling such particles. So, next time you find your room messed up, try to clean it yourself and count how many times you sneezed during the cleaning. Although, it is a little weird method, but can work in most of the cases.

9.) Spice Up Your Nose to Sneeze When You Can’t

You would have sneezed by this way many times in your kitchen or some restaurant due to the cooking of some spicy food. Similarly, you can try this method in order to sneeze and clear your nasal passage. Cumin powder or coriander powder would do the trick in this method.

Directions to Use Cumin or Coriander Powder:

  • Just take a little bit of either cumin or coriander powder in a tissue paper.
  • Inhale the spices slowly from a fair distance.
  • If you inhale it perfectly, you will get a sneeze in just 1 or 2 inhalations only.
  • Do not inhale strongly otherwise, you will sneeze, but that won’t be easy for you to bear it as it can make you cry hard.

10.) Sneezing Powder for Sneezing Properly

Sneezing powder is made up of different spices and can be easily available in your local market. Before you start using it, do read the instruction carefully.


  • Avoid those sneezing powders which contains false Hellebore alkaloids as it is considered to be poisonous.
  • You can make a sneezing powder of your own as well.

Precaution to be Followed to Sneeze:

  • Keep a tissue paper handy whenever you are sneezing.
  • Use a fresh tissue paper every time you sneeze in order to avoid germs and bacteria.
  • Never ever suppress your sneezing to avoid embarrassment in public. It is a natural thing everyone does it.
  • Do not use sharp objects to insert into your nose as it can hurt you.
  • Never over-use the above methods to sneeze unnecessary.

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