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How to Stop a Sneeze? (Stop Sneeze Attack)

Sneeze is a natural but irritating process. It is annoying when it doesn’t stop or when it occurs frequently. It causes embarrassment and low your confidence in public. It is caused because something irritates or strikes inside of your nose. When anything strikes inside the nose, brain instructs the muscles to expel out the foreign object out of the nose. This is a very fast process where sneezing can fly out the dust and tiny particles with a whopping speed of more than 150 miles per hour. Sneezing should be cured in its initial stages, otherwise it cause serious problems later on. In this article we will tell you how to stop a sneeze?

Causes of Sneeze:

  • Hay Fever
  • Allergic Reaction
  • Dust or Smoke
  • Exposure to Sun or Bright Light

How to Stop a SneezeBest Ways to Stop a Sneeze or Sneeze Attack:

1.) Steam to Stop a Sneeze

Dust particles and smoke are the biggest culprits to cause sneezing and when inhaled they are considered as an outsider by the immune system. These particles release compounds like histamine that cause sneezing, running and stuffy nose. Steam helps to remove these dust particles and lower down the inflammation.

  • Take a bowl with some hot water in it.
  • Place your face above the bowl; make sure you cover your face with a towel.
  • Don’t take your face too close to the bowl as it may burn you.
  • Inhale the steam as long as possible to stop a sneeze.
  • Follow this regularly until you get some relief.

2.) Peppermint Oil to Stop a Sneeze

Peppermint oil stops sneezing when inhaled. It not only cures respiratory problems, but also other health problems including allergies. It has antibacterial and natural de-congestion properties. The air pores and windpipe, which is blocked, also get opened by inhaling peppermint oil.

  • Take a bowl with some hot water in it, add some drops of peppermint oil in it.
  • Place your face above the bowl; make sure you cover your face with a towel.
  • Don’t take your face too close to the bowl as it may burn you.
  • Inhale the steam with peppermint oil as long as possible to stop a sneeze.
  • Follow this regularly until you get some relief.

3.) Lavender Oil to Stop a Sneeze

Lavender oil boosts the immune system to fight with foreign particles present in the nose, causing you to sneeze again and again. It also declines the histamine response that causes sneezing. It prevents allergies and helps in clearing out congestion.

  • Drop a drop of lavender oil in both of your nostrils.
  • The other way is by just applying some lavender oil inside of your cheek to stop sneezing.

4.) Ginger to Stop a Sneeze

Ginger is a natural herb known for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant and antiemetic properties. Ginger is in use for centuries to treat allergies and respiratory problems including sneezing. Ginger helps to clear the mucus and stops sneezing.

  • Extract the juice of ginger by grinding into a fine paste.
  • Take the juice out of the paste by pressing it onto a muslin cloth.
  • Have this juice daily 2 times.

5.) Garlic Remedy to Stop a Sneeze

Garlic has power to fight out bacteria, virus and allergies causing sneezing. If your sneeze is because of a common cold, then take garlic as a quick home remedy to stop a sneeze. It is in use for centuries because it has no side effects and ease of availability.

  • Take 5 garlic cloves.
  • Make the paste of garlic cloves.
  • Inhale the strong smell of garlic paste.
  • Garlic smell will clear the mucus and nasal passage.

6.) Vitamin C Fruits to Stop a Sneeze

Oranges, lemon, grapes are a rich source of vitamin C for the body. They are natural antihistamine agent which fights out the irritants producing histamine. Taking a diet rich of vitamin C will help to stop a sneeze and mucus.

  • Take a glass of water with some lemon juice mixed in it.
  • Take vegetable having vitamin C.
  • Vitamin c in form of tablets or capsules.

7.) Chamomile Tea to Stop a Sneeze

Tea is available in every home; there is no need to take medicine initially when you are sneezing regularly. Try tea as it is an easily available home remedy to stop a sneeze. A warm cup of chamomile tea can offer relief instantly. Chamomile tea consists of natural chemicals which make you feel sleepy and divert your mind from sneezing. For extra power and quick relief add a teaspoon of honey, as it has properties of fighting with bacteria that may help you heal faster.

  • Take a tea pot with a cup of water and add some chamomile flower into it.
  • Boil it for a few minutes.
  • Strain and add honey as per your need.
  • Sip it twice a day.

8.) Fenugreek Seeds to Stop a Sneeze

Fenugreek is an integral part of a home remedy for sneezing. It has antibacterial properties which destroy the infection. It has anti-inflammatory chemical composition which helps in getting throat to be in normal condition, inflamed by sneezing continuously.

  • Boil a few seeds of fenugreek with a glass of water.
  • Drink it 2-3 times in a day.
  • The intake of this mixture will help in getting relief from the mucus and to stop a sneeze.

9.) Lemon Oil to Stop a Sneeze

It’s tangy taste is not liked by everyone, but doctors recommend it for better relief from sneezing because it has vitamin C in it. The composition of lemon adds moisture to the swollen throat, which is quite relaxing. Lemon juice will not only stop your sneeze, but will also raise your immunity to fight with bacterial infection.

  • Take the juice of lemon oil, mix it with warm water and drink.
  • Perform this activity after every 2 hours.

10.) Saline Solution to Stop a Sneeze

Saline solution will remove mucus, dust particles from your noise and help you to breathe freely without sneeze. Warm water in saline solution will soothe the inflammation and mucus membrane.

  • Take a mixture of salt and warm water.
  • Drop the solution in your one nostril and drain it off after a few seconds.
  • Repeat the procedure with other nostril also.
  • Keep doing for a few times to get relief.

11.) Fennel Tea to Stop a Sneeze

Fennel has natural anti-viral and antibiotic properties that can treat any respiratory infection. Sneezing, cold, flu and pneumonia can be cured by drinking fennel tea.

  • Boil a glass of water, add a teaspoon of powdered fennel seeds and cover the pan.
  • Boil the seeds for 5 to 10 minutes and then strain the liquid in other glass.
  • Drink two cups of fennel tea daily to lower the frequency of sneezing.
  • While preparing fennel tea, don’t boil the water after adding the fennel powder to it.
  • This will take away the natural oils of the fennel.

12.) Bitter Gourd to Stop a Sneeze

Bitter gourd is used for treating sneezing to a great extent as it has medicinal properties. Not only sneezing, it also cures the cold and flu in a fast manner.

  • Soak a few leaves of bitter gourd in water for some time.
  • Take them out of the water after a few minutes, crush them with a few warm water to make juice.
  • Add some honey to make its taste better.
  • Drinking this on a daily basis will help get rid of sneezing triggered by seasonal allergies and colds.

Along with all these home remedies, take some preventive measures when exposure to environmental irritants, like allergens and dust in your home that can trigger a sneezing problem.

Ways to Stop a Sneeze Attack Immediately:

We discussed remedies that will help you get rid of your frequent sneezing attacks, now let’s discuss some of the best ways that you can use to stop a sneeze immediately. Different ways to stop sneeze attack immediately are:

1.) Squeeze your Nose to Stop a Sneeze Attack

This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of sneeze attack. What you have to do is, whenever you feel some irritation in your nose and you are about to sneeze then hold your nose tightly. Holding your nose tightly with your thumb and a finger will help you stop a sneeze immediately.

2.) Blow Your Nose to Stop a Sneeze Attack

Blowing your nose is also an easy way to stop a sneeze. As soon as you realize that you are about to sneeze, just blow your nose. Use a handkerchief for the purpose. This will remove any irritant from your nose and thus you won’t sneeze.

3.) Tickle to Stop a Sneeze Attack

Here you do not have to tickle yourself. In fact, you have to tickle the roof of the mouth with the tip of your tongue. Tickling your roof will help you stop a sneeze immediately. So, whenever you feel irritation in your nose, tickle the roof of your mouth to get immediate results.

4.) Pull Your Ears to Stop a Sneeze Attack

Yes, you can also get rid of a sneeze by pulling your ear. Whenever you feel that you are about to sneeze, just pull your ear. You just have to pull your ear gently, as if you are playing with your earring.

5.) Pinch to Stop a Sneeze Attack

Whenever a sneeze is coming, just pinch under your nose. Just pinch under your nose and press it inside. Use your forefingers for the purpose. This should look as if your fingers are the tweezers.

6.) Distract with Hands to Stop a Sneeze Attack

You can also distract yourself using your hands. What you have to do is use the sharp edges of your thumb and index finger to separate the thumb of your other hand from the finger. Hold it for a while and your sneeze will stop.

how to stop a sneeze 1

7.) Press between Your Eyebrows to Stop a Sneeze Attack

Apply some pressure between your eyebrows in a way that you are treating a headache. Press with your index figure and thumb. Apply pressure till you feel that you can bear that much. In no time, your sneeze will disappear.

8.) Get Angry to Stop a Sneeze Attack

Whenever you feel that a sneeze is coming on, just get angry. Here getting angry means make a frown face. Your frowned face will put pressure on your nose and thus you won’t sneeze. This is one of the easiest ways to stop a sneeze.

9.) Pinch Your Upper Lip to Stop a Sneeze Attack

Like the way you pinched your nose, you should pinch your upper lip as well. When the sneeze is coming, just hold your upper lip with you thumb and your index finger and apply some pressure. This will stop a sneeze immediately.

10.) Stick You Tongue to Stop a Sneeze Attack

Take your face over a table and stick your tongue out. Maintain a distance of an inch from the table. Hold there for five seconds and your sneeze will be gone.

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