How to Stop Drinking? (Avoid Drinking)

Again, you booze up. Don’t you think that late night party was enough to bring a boozer back in you? You had promised not to increase the intoxication level, but you did. Even in any kind of problem, your first preference is to have alcohol. Maybe, that is the only escape from your miserable situations. Most probably you make plans to stop drinking, but after a certain time, you rarely stay committed with your words. Well, for an alcoholic it is not easy to stop drinking. Alcohol is something that keeps on attracting them like a magnet. And the only question that keeps on buzzing in their mind is how to stop drinking?

Few people will recommend you to consult a primary care doctor or a therapist to treat this problem. But, do you think is it the only way out from this type of situation? Well, to stop drinking first you need to make up your mind to live without alcohol at any cost. Though, it is not easy for you. But, this primary step is the biggest solution to your problem.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Before we move on to the further discussions, first we need to understand the root cause of alcohol addiction. Alcohol Abuse means the excessive consumption of alcohol on a regular basis while knowing the negative consequences of heavy drinking. It is something that becomes the habit of a person. We may also call it alcoholism or alcohol dependence. You can’t avoid alcohol at any cost. You are habitual of drinking regularly.

Signs and Symptoms of Drinking:

Alcohol may become the central part of your life if you will keep on consuming it in all kinds of problems. Whether you drink it for pleasure or you drink it to get rid of anxiety. It rarely matters why you are having it. The signs of drinking are visible whenever you have alcohol. This includes:

  • Complete loss of control over oneself.
  • Professional liability.
  • Paying less attention to the personal life.
  • Insomnia
  • Inability to concentrate.
  • Usage of incoherent language.
  • Poor balance of the body.

How to Stop Drinking

How Do Alcohol Affects the Body?

The alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream and it gets distributed to different parts of the body. This is considered to be the major cause of blurry vision. You lose senses when you drink excessively. Just a small dose of an alcohol has an impact on your health. A little amount of alcohol always keeps on existing in your breath and urine. How often the alcohol is metabolized in the body depends on the size and gender of the person. It can affect all the major systems of your body like the excretory system, nervous system, and immune system. There are various health related risks involved when you drink on a regular basis and that too in a large amount.

Ways to Stop Drinking:

Alcohol is a cause as well as a solution to various problems in our life. People know all the bad impacts of drinking, but still they choose to drink. Well, if you are planning to stop drinking, then here are some of the ways that will help you to stop drinking:

1.) Motivation to Stop Drinking:

Motivation is something that keeps you focused and attached to your goals. It dedicates an individual to stay committed with their words. First, you need to understand why you need to stop drinking? Only then you can take other steps to fulfill your goals. Motivation is the secondary step to fulfill once commitment. It builds a strong desire that is hard to avoid. It gives you the potential to deal with any kind of problem in life. Motivation is something that keeps you started to do anything in life while the habit is something that is hard to ignore. So, decide what really you want in your life.

2.) Build a Social Network to Stop Drinking:

It is believed that people like drinking, especially when they are suffering from problems or miseries in their life. They drink to cheer up their moods. You may call this situation as alcohol abuse. If you will surround yourself with people then it becomes easy to stop drinking. It gives you emotional strength, as you can share your problems with the people. A social network plays a major role in maintaining the mental state of your mind. It keeps you indulge in the conversations. It even develops a sense of understanding and peacefulness in your mind.

3.) Slow Your Drinking Rate:

It is not easy to quit something easily. It took a lot of time to stop drinking. It is important to take an initial step before fulfilling our goals. Start decreasing the consumption levels of alcohol from the very first step. Then, systematically follow this process till you stop drinking. It depends on your will power that how much time you will follow this process. Also, the exact time is not specified when you will be free from alcohol consumption. It merely depends on you and your will power.

4.) Visit a Therapist to Stop Drinking:

There are basically two therapies that can treat problem of drinking:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

It focuses on finding out the problems that lead to heavy drinking. The therapist puts major stress in changing the thinking process of an alcoholic. They aim towards finding out the solutions to the problems of an alcoholic, that influences a person to drink. This therapy is a good way to stop drinking as it helps in maintaining a cool mental state of a boozer. It is the best way to share your problems and find out the solutions according to it.

Brief Interventions:

The therapist tells the various ways to treat the problem of alcohol abuse. They focus on the drinking pattern of an alcoholic. They tell various ways to treat the problem of drinking as per the potential risks involved in their drinking pattern. At first, they conduct the small group counseling sessions to find out the drinking pattern of an individual. Later on, the counselor or therapist makes a plan to treat alcoholism.

5.) Build a Support System to Stop Drinking:

The support plays a major role in changing the habit of a person. Get support from your family members and close friends. Try to share your feelings and problems with the close ones of your life. Try to build a strong support system by facing and tackling the problems alone. Don’t seek for pleasure instead go for the ways to tackle the problems. Ignorance can’t be the solution of your current situations. So, don’t make your life complicated by building difficult situations. Just go for a sober lifestyle with a bunch of supportive mates.

6.) Detoxification to Stop Drinking:

This program is the best way to break the addiction of alcohol. The people are treated with the detox medicines at the initial stage to reduce the alcohol intake. It includes the consumption of benzodiazepine medicine like chlordiazepoxide. This process involves a strict discipline. Also, you need to follow a difficult and challenging routine. It is a longer process, but it is a good way to influence an alcoholic to stop drinking. These alcohol withdrawal medications work perfectly. You are treated until the withdrawal symptoms are not revealed completely.

7.) Medications to Stop Drinking:

In the US, you can treat this problem of drinking by having medications. There are three basic medicines recommended to treat alcohol addiction and drinking. It includes Acamprosate, Disulfiram, and Naltrexone. They are useful medicines to treat heavy drinking. They even help to abstain an alcoholic. Disulfiram is the unique medicine among all as it causes the breakdown in your body by developing the dangerous symptoms like nausea, and change in the color of the skin of the boozer. Hence, it prevents an alcoholic to have alcohol. Remember that you need to consult a doctor before using these medicines.

8.) Stay Persistent to Stop Drinking:

It is the most important aspect that treats the problem of drinking. If you are not serious about your target, then no other outer source or person will help you to treat this problem. You can easily stop drinking if you are persistent about your goals and desires. So, it is important to stay persistent. Never gave up on your targets, fulfill it anyhow. No matter how many hurdles come in your way, just stay persistent.

9.) Maintain a Sober Lifestyle to Stop Drinking:

The more you will focus on sober living, the more it will be easier for you to treat the problem of drinking. Though, it is not easy to turn your lifestyle in one go. But with simple steps you can bring a huge difference. So, follow a simple routine without any complications. This concept of the simple living will not only bring a change in your lifestyle, but it will also provide you the life full of harmony without much stress and tensions.

10.) Avoid a Bad Company to Stop Drinking:

A bad company can really turn all of your goals into a vain attempt. No matter, how much planning you do to stop drinking. But, a bad company can influence you to follow a wrong path. It can never let you remain focused about your plans. Moreover, people of the bad company will manipulate you negatively. You may easily get influenced by their thoughts. Therefore, it is important to avoid a bad company at any cost, if you want to stop drinking.

Health Risks Involved in Heavy Drinking:

There are various health risks of heavy drinking. They are as follows:

  • Cancer
  • Anemia
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Seizure
  • Gout
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Nerve Damage
  • Liver Damage

These are the major health related problems caused due to heavy drinking. So, if you are alcoholic then it is really important to stop drinking. It is the best way to prevent such problems affecting your health.

At the end of your outwearing day when your legs are tired, you are exhausted and your mind is full of useless thoughts. Then, what you do? Do you drink? If the answer is yes, then you need to look at yourself and your habits before it turns out a disaster in your life. It is easy to stop drinking. You just need to stay focused and committed.


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