How to Use Coconut Oil for Dogs?

This article will help you to know various ways to use coconut oil for dogs. Coconut oil is counted among the “super foods”. It is best known for its content of fatty acids (lauric acid) that is not only good for the health but also for brain. As you all are aware of the fact and benefits of coconut oil in your daily life. So, it’s not only good for humans but for your pets too. And it when comes to dogs care, it’s always at beneficial side. You can use coconut oil for dogs to can save and cure them from diseases, yeast infections, hot spots, cracked paws, smelly coats and minor cuts. These were the facts of external use meaning the benefits of using it topically. Also, it’s good for consumption for dogs too. And if it is possible for you then try for the “virgin coconut oil” as it’s unrefined. Now you can also add coconut oil in your dog’s diet to keep him healthy. The intake of coconut oil will help the immune system, metabolism, digestive system, skin to be healthy. Here you will be provided with the best ways to use coconut oil for dogs benefit.

Beneficial Factors with the Use Coconut Oil for Dogs:

use coconut oil for dogs

1.) For Healthy Skin and Coat of Dogs

  • Clears eczema
  • Decreases the dog’s odor.
  • Lowers down their allergic reactions.
  • Reduces the level of itchy skin.
  • Helps to form glossy and sleek coats on dogs.
  • Helps in preventing the yeast infections.
  • Helps to heal any type of wounds.

2.) Improves the Digestive System

  • Helps to raise the absorption of nutritious food.
  • Prevents from the bowl syndrome (inflammatory).
  • Decreases the bad breathe from dogs.
  • Helps to digest the food easily.

3.) Improves Immune System, Metabolism and Bones

  • Helps to balance the insulin level with proper regulation in the body.
  • Improves the normal function of thyroid.
  • Keeps away from Diabetics by preventing from it.
  • Helps to prevent ligament and arthritis problems.
  • Helps to lose down weight.
  • Helps to promoting more energy.

Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Dogs:

1.) Directly Feed Virgin Coconut Oil to Dogs

You will have to look out for the virgin coconut oil. It is very much beneficial for your dogs with its direct consumption. Because, it contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Thereby, you will have let your dog have spoonful of coconut oil. For that you will need to pour 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in this food bowl and let him lick it all. Your dog will definitely finish it up in one go as it taste good. This is one of the best and simplest way to use coconut oil for dogs.

2.) Apply Coconut Oil Topically on your Dog

The topical appliance is always both good and healthy for your dog. All that is required for you to do is have your dog a proper bath. Once your dog is totally dried up then it’s time for the appliance of coconut oil.  If your dog is big in size you will need 2 table spoons of coconut oil and its smaller in size 1 tablespoon will be enough. Now pour that spoonful of coconut oil on your palm and rub it gently on your dog. Try to start rubbing it from this face and head moving towards the belly and the tail.

3.) Add Coconut Oil while you Prepare your Dog’s Food

This is another simple way to use coconut oil for dogs. Well, the taste of coconut oil is not that bad so dogs would love to have it. All that is required for you is to add coconut oil while you try to cook up something for your pet. Else, you can also opt to directly pour the coconut oil in their food that you are about to serve your dog. Make sure only to add 1 teaspoon and not more than that. Sometimes, too much of good food may also cause some kind of harm.

4.) Keep your Dog Away from Infections by Using Coconut Oil

Everyone is possessive with the fact that their dogs should be healthy and away from all kinds of infections. Here is the best and easy way to keep your dog away from any kind of infection or flea. And you can be free from all those worries. This can be achieved when you turn to virgin coconut oil. Try to apply coconut oil on your dog 2 to 3 times a week. After the appliance, keep it covered with some kind of cloth to let the skin and fur absorb the coconut oil. It will prevent them from all the dog problems that are very common among the breed of dogs.

5.) Reduce Cancer Risk from your Dog by Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can do another miracle from keeping your dog’s away from cancer. The most important fact which not many are aware of is that coconut oil can reduce the risk of cancer among dogs.  When you dog will consume at least 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, it will remain healthy along with away from cancer.

6.) Use Coconut Oil for Your Dogs Paw

Your dog might love to wander around a lot. The too much moving around also makes your dog’s paw crack or get hurt. So, in order to keep their paws crack free try to apply coconut oil. But there is even a trick in applying the coconut oil topically on your dog’s paw. If you will apply the coconut oil when your dog is in fun mood then it’s of no use applying it. Try to make sure that the applied coconut oil should not be licked by your dog. Make sure to apply the coconut oil on your dog when he or she is in sleepy mood. That time they won’t bother themselves much to know what you have been applied on their paws. Else you can also opt a time when you are playing with your dog and you won’t let it know that you are actually applying coconut oil on its paws.


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