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Home Remedies for Boils Treatment

In this article, we will talk about home remedies for boils. For some reason our films have a stereotypical image of how an ugly person looks. From any medieval era based story to a modern city one. The defined character would be a short, simple man with a hunch back and especially with boils all over his face and body. It for the very same reason that we disgust and stay away from people suffering from boils. We not only ridicule them but question their existence. But, the one thing that we don’t realize is that boils are like your ordinary skin problems which affect a great number of the world’s population today. It is neither contagious nor an evil.

Boils could be defined as a skin infection which results in red colour like lumps forming on the skin. It could range anything from being mild (small) to extreme (large). They start appearing on the hair follicles as red inflammations but then emerge in other parts of the body. With time there size may increase. Therefore to help you get rid of the scrutiny of the ignorant world we will talk about home remedies for boils.

Symptoms of Boils:

  • Formation of lumps on skin.
  • Pain on the affected area.
  • Fever
  • Formation of more lumps over the original ones.
  • The lymph nodes around the boils swell up.

Causes of Boils:

  • Suffering from diabetes,
  • Problems with the immune system,
  • Poor Diet,
  • No proper hygiene
  • Contact with harsh chemicals that tend to irritate the skin.

Home remedies for boils

Home Remedies for Boils Treatment

1.) Honey as a Home Remedy for Boils

The power of honey commands you. I wonder what is there that honey can’t help with. Yes that includes boils as well. Honey with figs is the combination that will help you get rid of this problem in no time. Simply, boil figs in warm water till they wear out. When this is done, add honey to lend out its boil removal properties. Apply the mixture over the affected area and wash after some time. You will notice immediate results.

2.) Turmeric as a Home Remedy for Boils

Not only does it add exotic flavours to your food, it is used all over the world for its herbal qualities. Turmeric forms an essential part of ayurveda, which is the ancient Indian art of medicinal healing. For boils, turmeric’s anti inflammatory properties come in handy. To create a boil relieving medicine using turmeric, follow the steps below:

  • Mix turmeric powder with milk.
  • Blend it together to form a paste like solution.
  • Apply the paste all over the boils.
  • If not milk then the same could be added with water and follow the same procedure.
  • Wash the mixture after 20 minutes to notice improvement.

3.) Black Seed Caraway as a Home Remedy for Boils

This could be a considered a pioneer in boil treatment. Black seeds are known to boost the immune system of the body. The healthy properties of black seed could lead to a whole book being written about it. Used from over 2000 years for medicinal purposes this will help you with boils too. Mix black seeds with water to form a paste and then apply it directly.

If not the paste then consuming black seed oil can also prove to be beneficial. Just make sure to consume it on a regular basis.

4.) Salt Treatment as a Home Remedy for Boils

There is no way we could have missed this one, especially when we are talking about boils. Prepare a mixture of salt and water. Heat the whole mixture and eventually dip a clean cloth inside it. Apply the dipped cloth over the boil area. Keep the process going on unless you don’t notice some visible changes.
Another alternative to the same could be to take bath in a mixture of warm water, fused with Epsom salt. It acts effectively as well.

5.) Banana as a Home Remedy for Boils

I say if the minions love it. So should you. The peel of banana has skin rejuvenating properties which also includes a skin filled with boils. To treat the menace of boils using banana, apply the peel over the boil and fix it up there with a bandage. Leave it there overnight and the next morning wake up with a fresh new skin.

6.) Onion as a Home Remedy for Boils

Similar to the banana peel method, this one is equally effective. Mash up a freshly cut onion to form a paste like solution. Apply the onion paste over the boils and close it up with a bandage. Leave it overnight and see the amazing results by morning.

7.) Corn as a Home Remedy for Boils

Not that I sound corny but yes it actually helps. Corn has been used as a home remedy to treat boils for ages now. It surely takes it to time to work but is nonetheless effective. All you have to do is mix corn powder with water to form a paste. Apply the paste over the boil affected skin. Leave it there for overnight. As soon as you wake up, wash it up immediately. You would notice a nice new feel and boil free skin.

8.) White Toothpaste as a Home Remedy for Boils

No sir, neither I am a lunatic nor have I created my own remedy. Your everyday white toothpaste is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is a well known home remedy for burns and allergies. Well, add boils to its healing abilities. Simply, apply white toothpaste on the boil area and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it later to notice the changes.

9.) Lemon as a Home Remedy for Boils

This method is especially dedicated to people dealing with boils on the head, inside the hair. Lemon could come in handy to treat the same. Just squeeze two freshly cut lemons to get their juice. Dip the juice all over the hair area where the boils exist. After some time wash the whole thing with a good quality shampoo. The results will start showing immediately.

10.) Garlic as a Home Remedy for Boils

Garlic is believed to get rid of evil in many civilizations. I sure do believe boils is an evil. Garlic could be used to treat it by following the simple procedure.

  • Cut two cloves of garlic and mash them up.
  • Create a paste and apply it on the boils.
  • Cover the paste with a bandage and leave it overnight.
  • By morning wash it up to get rid of the ugly evil called boils.


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