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Home Remedies for Flies Removal

This article is about home remedies for flies removal. Flies are carriers of germs and virus which they carry in their mouth. They feed on garbage heaps, open drains, decaying dead bodies. When they suck the food from its pipe like mouth the germs and pathogens also get stuck in its mouth. When they come to your food, the germs get transferred to your food and from there to your body. This leads to infections and harmful diseases. Thus, it becomes very important to get rid of them.

Diseases Spread by Flies 

1.) Yaws

It is a disease which is common in areas where moisture and rain is more. This occurs more in children than adults. The symptom of this disease is mainly seen on the skin. Rashes and marks appear all over the body. This disease is not fatal, but proper medication should be taken.

2.) Gastroenteritis

Inflammation of the stomach, intestine, which causes gastric problems. This disease is communicable and spreads from infected person, contaminated water and food. This is also called flu of the stomach. The symptoms are stomach pain, body ache.

3.) Nausea

Nausea affects our stomach. Feeling of vomiting is there in nausea which makes the infected person restless. Nausea can be for a short period or for longer periods also depending on how much is the person is infected. Contaminated water is the biggest source of this disease.

4.) Food Poisoning

This is very common after having food or water from unhygienic area. Unhygienic area is the biggest host of flies and other insects. Bacteria and pathogens survive and breed over here. Food poisoning happens when our digestive system does not work properly. Intestine is not in proper shape and not working properly. The symptoms are like vomiting, uneasy, blood in stool.

5.) Muscular Pain

No matter what your age is whether you are a child or adult muscular pain is very common. This is very restless sometimes. It happens to weather changes or during the flu. But sometimes it is caused by bacteria and pathogens present in food taken unintentionally. Take proper rest and medical treatment to get back in shape.

6.) Diphtheria

This is also transmissible disease which spreads by sneezing and coughing of the infected person. In this bacteria causes trouble to nose and chest pain is a common symptom. Blood is also common to flow from the nose. This disease occurs more in children than adults.

7.) Dysentery

This disease occurs when contaminated food is eaten. In this, the intestine gets inflamed and blood comes with stool. Muscular pain and cramps in the stomach is a common symptom of this disease. Loss of body fluids also happen, which is fatal because all the nutrients and mineral ions are released from the body.

8.) Conjunctivitis

It is the infection of eyes. Red and watery eyes are symptoms of conjunctivitis. It is a communicable disease and most common in children.

9.) Leprosy

This disease rarely happens, but cannot be ignored. In this disease virus attacks the nervous system and skin cells. This disease virus normally stays for 2-5 years in the infected person’s body. After effects of this disease are body pain, bleeding from nose, change in body parts.

10.) Fever

Fever is normally felt when body temperature rises and body pain is there. Fever should be taken seriously as it is fatal sometimes. Fever can happen in any age group. Virus and bacterial infection cause fever spread by flies.

Home Remedies for FliesHome Remedies for Flies Removal:

1.) Lemon Grass Sprays to Get Rid of Flies

The Lemon grass spray has an aroma that will make your home refreshing all day and flies away. Lemon grass is in use for centuries. Flies don’t like its aroma. The Lemon grass spray is easily available in the market. The other method to use it is crush few lemon grass and mix it with hot  water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle, now spray all along your house and enter points. It is one of the best remedies for flies.

2.) Peppermint Sprays to Kill Flies

Peppermint sprays contain an odor which is not liked by the flies. Flies has good smelling power when they come into contact with the odor they avoid entering that region. You can use this spray by making it at home. Crush few peppermint to add with water and mix it well, pour it into a spray bottle. Spray all along your home and kitchen. It is one of the best remedies for flies removal.

3.) Plastic Water Bags to Avoid Flies

This method is in use because of some science behind it. The flies eye structure is like that they cannot see beyond a certain distance. Take a clear plastic bag, pour some water in it. Seal the bag properly so that water does not come out of it. Hang these bags on every point of flies, the flies, consider these bags a spider web. On, seeing these bags they will remain outside of the house.

4.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Kill of Flies

Vinegar is made from the fermentation of fruits, grains. They can be made from chemicals also. Flies like fermented smell. But, apple vinegar is not liked by flies they can’t accept its smell. Heating of apple vinegar release a bad odor. Take a glass jar, pour some hot vinegar, seal the lid and made some hole in the lid. The smell released by the vinegar keeps away the flies.

5.) Wine Traps to Get Rid of Flies

This is not accepted by wine lovers as there is some wastage of wine in this. But, to get rid of flies at home, you have to take some bold decision. Flies like the smell which is fermented, wine is a good example of fermentation. Take a soap solution and wine in a glass and place them where the flies are seen regularly. Flies are attracted to the smell of wine, but they will not be able to escape from the solution.

6.) Cucumber as Avoid Flies

Cucumber smell is not liked by the flies. Place the pieces of cucumber in garbage bins and open drains. Flies will not get into the garbage and reproduce as they deter cucumber odor. It is a simple and easy way at home to get rid of flies. It is one of the finest remedies for flies.

7.) Home Made Flies Repellent to Prevent Flies Infestation 

Insecticides kill the flies instantly, but they can be dangerous for children. Insecticides contain harmful chemicals. Insecticides or fly repellents can be made at home easily using natural herbs oil. There are different herbs available in the market easily these are lavender, basil, mint or camphor. Take any of the one you like crush the herb, take the extract mix it with water. Pour the mixture into spray bottle your home made repellent is ready. There are numerous remedies for flies but it is one of the simplest to use.

8.) Clove to Get Rid of Fleas 

Its odor is not liked by the flies and is an easy way to get rid of flies. Pluck two or three clove in an apple and place it in your kitchen. The odor released by the combination of apple and clove will keep the flies from entering your kitchen and spreading the disease. The other way of using the clove is to boil the clove with water, let the mixture get cool down spray the mixture into the house.

9.) Remove Stagnated Water 

Stagnated water is the biggest source of flies to breed and spread disease in the surrounding. Cover the drain and do not let water stand in one location. Drain water contains harmful bacteria and pathogens which are carriers of various harmful diseases and flies are carriers of these diseases. Spray insecticides at regular intervals in these pools of water so that flies do not breed.

10.) Lavender Oil to Avoid Flies 

Lavender oil is a natural product easily available in the market. Lavender oil releases odor, which is an insect repellent. You can use it in your home and in your lawn also. Take a spray bottle, pour some lavender oil in it and spray all around the corners of the house. This is also used as an insect repellent for the mosquitoes and moths. It is one of the aromatic remedies for flies.


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