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Home Remedies for Bladder Stone Removal

Bladder stones are small, dark mineral masses that develop in the bladder. It occurs when one is dehydrated and concentrated urine is left in the bladder. Thereby, concentrated urine is consist of 95% of water, 5 % of minerals and waste products. As a result urine becomes more concentrated leading to the clumping of waste products and forming into crystals or stones. It may vary in color from yellow to deep brown according to minerals urine contain. When the bacteria infects the urinary tract, it develops in a bladder infection. Women mostly get affected by a bladder infection due to the small length of their urethra. In men, it is often caused due to sexual intercourse with an infected female. Here we are explaining few home remedies for bladder stone removal.

Causes for Bladder Stone Removal:

  • Dehydration
  • Holding back the urine.
  • Hereditary
  • Diabetes
  • Spinal cord injury.
  • Anal intercourse (in men).
  • Poor hygiene

Symptoms for Bladder Stone Removal:

Some common and unique symptoms of bladder infection are:

  • Strong odor from urine.
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Painful urination
  • Frequent urination.
  • Pain in the bladder.
  • Burning sensation while urinating.
  • The appearance of blood in the urine.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Bladder Infection:

  • Increase water intake or other fluids.
  • Avoid soft drinks, tea, coffee and alcohol.
  • Practice hygiene.
  • Use a clean toilet
  • Urinate after having sex.
  • Don’t hold back the urine.
  • Wear cotton undergarments.
  • Avoid using bath tubs.
  • Use sanitary napkins and change it more frequently.

home remedies for bladder stone removal

Remedies for Bladder Stone Removal:

1.) White Goosefoot Juice for Bladder Stone Removal

The scientific term for the white goosefoot plant is chenopodium. To get the best effects from it, crush 5o gram of white goosefoot leaves in 125 ml of water and drink it for two weeks on a daily basis. This will help to dissolve the bladder stones. And it flush out naturally when you urinate.

2.) Drink Plenty of Water for Bladder Stone Removal

This is the best remedy for a bladder infection. Water is a great cleansing agent and helps in washing out the harmful bacteria from the body. As the bacteria occurs in the form of diluted urine. So, drink Eight to ten glasses of water daily for a quick relief from a bladder infection.

3.) Watermelon Seed Kernels for Bladder Stone Removal

Consuming the kernels from watermelon on a daily basis will help break down the stones. As a result stones will pass through the urine. You can crush this seeds in powder form and store it in a jar. Mix one tablespoon of powder in one glass of lukewarm water. Try to drink this solution in empty stomach every day. It helps you to get rid of this problem.

4.) Marigold Petals, Sugar  For Bladder Stone Removal

The most popularly known marigold flower is one of the best remedy to cure the stone bladder removal. It is a herbaceous plant and can be used in salads. For the best results, combine both sugar and marigold petals into paste form. And let it dissolve in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink it once a day till the stones go away.

5.) Black Salt, Aluminum Chloride and Cucumber For Bladder Stone Removal

Black salt is a type of rock salt condiment and aluminum chloride (kasarin). It is the material that is used to cure many health related problems. That also includes improving bladder and kidney functioning in the body. For excellent results, sprinkle black salt and aluminum chloride on cucumber slices and consume on a daily basis for one month.

6.) Pineapple Juice, Rose Water and Sugar Crystals for Bladder Stone Removal

You can even opt for pineapple juice and rose water consumption. Sugar crystals are mostly commonly known as sugar candy lump. Mix 10 ml of pineapple juice, 10 grams of sugar candy and 10 ml of rose water and blend it well. And leave the mixture for the overnight. The next morning drink it on an empty stomach. It will provide quick relief to bladder stone symptoms.

7.) Cranberry Juice for Bladder Stone Removal

Cranberry juice is a well-known home treatment for bladder infections. Studies and researches have shown that cranberry juice prevents bacteria from fastening into bladder walls to create an infection in the bladder. Drink at least one glass of cranberry juice daily to block your bladder infection. You can even opt for more than 1 glass of juice a day to reduce the bacteria level if you are already infected.

8.) Baking Soda as Remedy for Bladder Stone

Baking soda is one of the great home remedies for bladder infection. It also helps to decrease the level of pain one suffers from during the bladder infection. You just need to mix one spoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it once a day. Repeat this treatment daily till the symptoms fall completely.

9.) Apple Cider Vinegar as Remedy for Bladder Stone

Try to drink 15 ml of apple cider vinegar diluting it with one glass of luke warm water. Try to have this drink two times a day one in the morning empty stomach and other in night half hour later after your meal. It will greatly reduce the burning sensation that is caused while urinating due to a bladder infection.

10.) Yogurt as Remedy for Bladder Stone

Eating yogurt is also beneficial for the health as it contains acidophilus. It helps in curing the bladder infection. Try to include yogurt in your daily meal. Else you can also have it as the salad dressing. Yogurt cuts all type of stomach infection and helps to fight urine infection. You can also mix yogurt with your shakes and juice to make it much healthier.

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