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Home Remedies for Motion Sickness Treatment

In this article, we will discuss the home remedies for motion sickness. It is sometimes also termed as sea sickness or car sickness. It is a common disturbance of the inner ear that is caused by repeated motion and noise. Motion sickness can even bother you when you take any short trip on a car or a boat. Anyone can develop the motion sickness, but there is a variation of people according to their sensitivity to motion. You need to be prepared for the unexpected dizziness and fatigue symptoms. The symptoms would normally go away with the age. If you are tired or nervous you will be even more prone to getting the motion sickness.

Remedies for Motion Sickness Treatment:

Natural remedies can help you alleviating all the symptoms related to motion sickness. There are lots of drugs available out there for motion sickness but they may cause some side effects on your body. On the other hand, natural remedies for motion sickness are totally herbal and free from side effects. Catnip, ginger, liquorice,  cayenne and black horehound are known for their medical qualities. So why not use the herbal medicine? All you need to do is to prepare a bag of herbal medicine before any trip.

1.) Ginger to Treat Motion Sickness

Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

Ginger is a most effective home remedy for motion sickness due to its antiemetic properties. Ginger helps in digestion, which in turn suppress nausea during any trip. According to studies, people who took a ginger supplement before going on a trip were less nauseated compared to those who did not. Just like peppermint and chamomile, ginger also has a soothing effect on your stomach. Chewing a ginger root would definitely subside any motion sickness symptoms. If you do not like the taste of fresh ginger, then you can also prepare a ginger tea and take it with you on a journey.

2.) Black Horehound to Treat Motion Sickness

Black horehound has nice purple flowers that would calm down your nervous system and aid you in combating travel nausea. The herbal infusion of black horehound would make wonders when you are on a journey. It is one of the top home remedies to treat motion sickness naturally. These simple home remedies will help you remain healthy on a journey. An herbal tea or an infusion will soothe your stomach and alleviate nausea or vomiting. You can add little amount of honey to sweeten your herbal tea. Put the tea in the travel mug and enjoy the great taste while travelling. Wrap a band bio on your wrist to prevent any nausea while on a trip. The combination of herbal remedies and bio bands will guarantee you a motion sickness-free journey.

3.) Valerian Root to Cure Motion Sickness

Valerian root is well-known for its soothing effect. It gradually calms your nervous system when you’re anxious. It can also ease anxiety that causes motion sickness. Its root tincture is more effective than a dried root infusion. It will also help you fall asleep when on the plane. This remedy is purely natural and effective in treating motion sickness while on a journey.

4.) Catnip for Motion Sickness Treatment

Catnip is one of the most effective remedies to cure motion sickness. It is especially helpful in treating motion sickness in children. Catnip have a very pleasant taste similar to that of mint, this medicinal herb can be easily taken by your kid. It contains tannins, iridoids, and volatile oils. These elements aid settle your stomach and also calm your mind preventing it from triggering of motion sickness. The working of this herb is much like the root valerian.

5.) Peppermint to Avoid Motion Sickness

This herb is generally used by creating a dry inhalation. You can either take dried roots of the herb or add the essential oil of the peppermint to a napkin and keep smelling it whenever you start feeling nauseous. This herb like catnip contains volatile oils which help settle your stomach. All in all, it’s an easy and effective treatment for motion sickness.

6.) Salty Crackers/Biscuits to Treat Motion Sickness

Travelling on an empty stomach may seem to be the best option to avoid motion sickness. However, this is not so. It is very important to keep nibbling on crackers or biscuits at regular intervals. This will not allow the gastric juices from building up in an empty stomach. Salted potato chips are also a good way to keep the effects of motion sickness at bay.

7.) Tea to Cure Motion Sickness

A cup of light tea works great to prevent motion sickness effectively. It is one of the best home remedies for motion sickness. The mild flavors will refresh you and keep your stomach in a neutral state. Tea is known for natural soothing and calming agents. But you need to avoid preparing a very strong brew because it leads to acidity. You should go for ginger tea as it has various ingredients that can easily soothe stomach problems.

8.) Apple Juice to Prevent Motion Sickness

Apple juice is the best remedy to treat motion sickness naturally. The pectin in apples helps neutralize acid formation in the stomach, making it effective in preventing motion sickness naturally. Also, the natural sugar in apples helps settle the stomach. A sip of apple juice prior to a journey will effectively control motion sickness. This will ease you. But make sure you don’t consume in very large quantities. Too much liquid in the stomach will make you puke. Sipping this non-acidic juice calms the stomach and nerves.

9.) Dramamine to Treat Motion Sickness

Taking an over-the-counter medication, like Dramamine or Bonine, about one hour before you travel can help prevent motion sickness. And one or two tablets can last for up to twenty-four hours.

However, these medications can have side effects, like drowsiness. And many think taking such medications for motion sickness should be a last resort, and used only after every other remedy you’ve tried for motion sickness hasn’t worked.

Before taking one of these antinausea medications, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor, especially if you’re already taking prescription medications. And make sure to not give a child antinausea medication before talking to their doctor first.

10.) Emetrol for Motion Sickness

Emetrol is another over-the-counter remedy for motion sickness. It contains the essence of coke syrup, which has long been used to ease nausea. And it won’t make you drowsy like Dramamine or Bonine will. This is a good remedy to try if your child suffers from motion sickness. Whether you’re going on a dream vacation, or on a three-hour drive to visit family, these over-the-counter remedies can help keep motion sickness from ruining your trip.


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