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Home Remedies for Swollen Feet Treatment

Swelling in the foot, ankle and leg is not a disorder rather a symptom of peripheral edema also known as oedema. Swelling is a result of the fluids which is accumulated in the lower part of the body. This condition is painful if it has been caused due to an injury. Lower body parts such legs, ankle and foot are more vulnerable to swelling because they hold the weight of the entire body. This type of swelling is common during pregnancy and old age. Although, peripheral edema is not a serious problem, but you need to treat it handily so that you do not experience the serious underlying issue because of it. And, what’s better than household remedies. These remedies are effective, under budget and most importantly they do not have any side effects. Read the article, to know about home remedies for swollen feet treatment.

Symptoms of Swollen Foot:

  • Tender foot.
  • Puffiness around the foot ankle.
  • Inflammation and occasional pain in the foot.

Causes of Swollen Feet:

  • Overweight
  • Injury in the foot.
  • Standing in one position for long hours.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Antidepressants and steroids.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • A blood clot formed in the leg.
  • Infection in the leg.
  • Pelvic surgery
  • Any organ failure.

 Home Remedies for Swollen Feet

Home Remedies for Swollen Feet:

1.) Warm Salty Water to Get Rid of Swollen Feet

It is one of the simplest and easiest home remedy for swollen feet. Warm water heals the swelling and salt treat the accumulation of the fluids.

How to Use Warm Salty Water to Get Rid of Swollen Feet?

  • In a lukewarm water mix half teaspoon of salt.
  • Soak your feet in the water for 10-15 minutes.
  • It will reduce the swelling and pain in legs as well.
  • For best result, you can mix any essential oil in the water as well.

2.) Cold Compress to Treat Swollen Feet

A cold compress or ice pack is a helpful remedy for foot edema. It reduces the inflammation of foot and does not let the fluids accumulate in the tissues of the foot.

How to Apply Cold Compress for Swollen Feet Treatment?

  • Hold a cold compress or ice pack to the affected area for 8-10 minutes. Repeat it again until you get relief.
  • If you do not have cold compress then you can wrap a few ice cubes in the washcloth and place it over the affected food. However, do not  place ice directly.
  • Alternatively, soak your foot in the cold water for 15-20 minutes. Do this 2-3 times a day.

3.) Coriander Seeds to Cure Foot Edema

Another home remedy which comes handy for treating swelling in feet is a coriander seed. It is packed with the anti-inflammatory property that reduces the pain, swelling, and inflammation of the feet. Moreover, the coriander seeds improve the blood circulation as well.

How to Use Coriander Seeds for Swollen Feet Treatment?

  • In 2-liter of water, boil 100 grams of coriander seeds for 10 minutes.
  • Then, cool the water at room temperature. However, it should be warm enough, to soak your feet.
  • Soak your affected foot in the water for 10-15 minutes.
  • Do this regularly until you get encouraging results.

4.) Massage with Mustard Oil to Treat Swollen Feet

Mustard oil massage is the most effective and cheap treatment for pain or swelling in any body part especially, in the legs.

How to Massage with Mustard Oil?

  • Heat 5-7 tablespoons of mustard oil. Don’t heat it too much otherwise you will hurt your legs, the temperature should be tolerable.
  • With your fingers or cotton ball apply the oil on the affected area.
  • Then, gently massage the area with your fingers for 5-7 minutes.
  • Massage helps to absorb the oil.
  • Massage regularly 2 times a day to get rid of the swollen foot.

5.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Combat with Foot Swelling

ACV is known for its healing and inflammatory properties. Same properties come handy for treating swelling also. It heals the puffiness and pain caused due to swelling in the foot.

How to Use for Swollen Feet Treatment?

  • In a bowl mix an equal amount of ACV and water. Soak a towel in the solution, wring out the excess water and place it over the affected foot. Do this regularly to get rid of swelling foot.
  • Alternatively, add 2 tbsp of ACV  in a glass of water and drink this regularly to heal the retention of the fluid in the foot.

6.) Cucumber as a Remedy for Swollen Feet

The green vegetable is enriched with antioxidants and high water intake. It absorbs the excessive fluid from the body and helps you to get rid of the swelling.

How to Use Cucumber for Swollen Feet Treatment?

  • Put a fresh slice of cucumber over the swollen area.
  • Leave it for 8-10 minutes. It will reduce the puffiness and the inflammation.
  • Make sure the cucumber should be cold. It can be used as a substitute of cold compresses as well.
  • Follow this remedy regularly to get rid of swelling the foot.

7.) Cabbage Leaves for Swollen Feet

Another vegetable which can heal your swollen foot is cabbage. It also absorb the excess fluid and keeps the swelling at the bay.

How to Use for Swollen Feet Treatment?

  • Place a few leaves of cabbage over the swollen foot.
  • To reduce the tenderness and pain cover the leaves with a cotton cloth.
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes then unwrap the cloth.
  • Do this 2-3 times a day until you get relief from foot edema.

8.) Potato to Cure Swollen Foot

Potato can also help you to treat your foot swelling. Potato too absorbs the fluid, accumulated beneath the skin which leads swelling.

How to Use Potato for Swollen Feet Treatment?

  • Place a slice of fresh potato on the swollen foot.
  • Cover it with a clean cotton cloth. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then unwrap it.
  • Do this regularly to treat the swelling in the foot at home.

9.) Lemon Juice to Cure Swelling

Lemon juice can also be advantageous for treating swollen foot. It reduces the inflammation and the puffiness around the foot and ankle. Also, it absorbs the fluids which cause swelling in the foot.

How to Use Lemon Juice for Swollen Feet Treatment?

  • Mix lemon juice in the hot water.
  • Soak your legs in the water for 10 minutes.
  • Also, you can drink lemon juice.
  • Regularly drinking this juice once in a day will be helpful for treating foot edema.

10.) Garlic to Get Rid of Edema

Garlic too draws in the fluids which are accumulated under the skin because of certain reasons. Eat 1-2 cloves of garlic regularly to get rid of the puffiness, tenderness and inflammation around the foot and ankles. Alte5rnatively, use garlic oil for a foot massage to treat the swelling.

11.) Homemade Tonic for Swollen Feet

Tonic refers to a medicine. You won’t find this medicine at a drug store so you have to make it home. This a wonderful remedy for swollen feet. It cures the tenderness and inflammation. Also, it comes handy for leg pain as well.

How to Prepare a Homemade Tonic?

  • Boil 500 ml of water.
  • Add a teaspoon of sugar and fennel seeds in water.
  • Let it steep for a while. Then strain the water and drink it.

12.) Vitamin E for Swollen Feet Treatment

Vitamin E reduces the swelling by absorbing the excessive fluid retention in the tissues. Regularly massage a swollen foot with warm Vitamin oil and eat foods rich with vitamin E. Potato, peanuts, olive oil, almonds etc are a rich source of vitamin E.

Tips to Treat Swollen Feet:

  • Reduce salt intake.
  • Walk regularly.
  • Maintain healthy body weight.
  • Exercise regularly especially leg exercise.
  • Regularly follow aromatherapy.
  • Reduce
  • Choose bottoms (leggings, trousers, jeans) which are loose around a thigh area.
  • While sleeping place a pillow under your foot to give a rest.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeinated drinks.
  • Edema is a result of magnesium deficiency so make sure you consume a diet rich in magnesium.
  • Consuming potassium rich foods such as banana, tomato juice, raisins, soybeans, kidney beans and white beans
  • Cover your foot, especially during a climatic change.

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