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Home Remedies for Weakness Treatment

The hectic schedule and busy life give no time to take care of ourselves. Monday to Friday on work mode does not allow many people to find time for their family. Many are even busy on the weekend, but one should take care of oneself to stay fit and healthy. Due to this negligence the health suffers a lot, very first symptoms of affected health is feeling lazy, weak or lethargic. Weakness makes you feel without energy to practice out day-to-day activities tired, and lazy. Other symptoms include lots of sweating, loss of appetite, difficulty in concentration and difficulty in sleeping. We are here to discuss some of the magical home remedies for weakness treatment. There could be a number of reason, behind weakness let us see some of the causes.

Causes of Weakness:

  • Any disease like dengue, malaria, and or swine flu.
  • Pregnancy, this is also very important reason for the weakness in woman.
  • Deficiency of vitamin or minerals, lack of nutrients, under weight.
  • Diet plans which does not suit the body also leads to weakness, starving because of some fasting or weight loss programme are also affect badly by causing weakness in the body.
  • Very tough physical activity also leads to weaken the body because the body doesn’t allow this much effort suddenly. Try to increase the exercise timing day by day.

Home Remedies for Weakness Treatment:

home remedies for weakness treatment

1.) Banana to Get Rid of Weakness

Banana is full with protein and vitamins. It also contains some amount of fat which will help to generate and store energy. It contains potassium and minerals which converts sugar into energy. Try to include banana in your breakfast with a cup of milk. For better taste you can also make banana shakes. Repeat this for 2 weeks you will surely notice some difference. In fact you can eat banana whenever you feel weak so it is the best and instant amongst all the home remedies for weakness.

2.) Mango to Heal Weakness

Mango are rich in fats this will help to store energy in the body and you will get rid of weakness. Mango contains important components that are really essential for good health.  It contain vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which are helps to get rid of weakness and improve health. Fruits are very good for health you can eat whenever you feel like. Even a person on dieting feels weakness they can opt for lots of food to get rid of weakness without any disturbance to diet plan.

3.) Strawberry to Treat Weakness

Strawberry contains lots of natural sugar which is very helpful to energise the body. Strawberries does not contain calories which is good for diet concious people. It helps to keep you energetic and active throughout the day. vitamin C, and antioxidant of strawberry helps to repair the cell and tissues of body, improves immunity system. Along with the above it also give a healthy dose of magnesium, fiber and water.

4.) Dairy Products to Get Rid of Weakness Fast

Dairy products are very effective to cure the weakness. It is one of the best and easiest way amongst all the home remedies for weakness. Try to take a cup of milk twice a day, yo can also include yoghurt in your lunch. Avoid eating it during dinner time it may results in bad cold and cough. You can also intake product made up of milk like butter, cheese, etc.

5.) Dry Fruits to Get Rid of Weakness

Dry fruit are contain highly concentrated nutrition and protein which results to produce lots of energy in our body. Dry fruits like almonds and cashew are full with vitamin E that will help to energise and is the best suited home remedy for weakness. Take 4-5 almonds and cashew every morning.

6.) Egg to Cure Weakness

Eggs are very rich source of protein which again is the best source to make your self energise and get rid of weakness. Specially the yellow part of the egg is full with nutrients and protein. Intake 2 eggs every day. This will improve the condition day by day. You can try different food items made up of eggs example sandwich, omelet, boiled egg with vegetables.

7.) Chicken and Non Veg to Get Rid of Weakness

Non-veg contains concentrated protein which can show a drastic change to improve the health especially weakness. Include one non veg item in a meal this will give you a lot of energy and you can get rid of weakness very fast. Non-veg are best recommended home remedies for weakness. Include chicken soup or non veg stocks in your meals.

8.) Some Exercises and Rest to Cure Weakness

Exercise to boost your activeness not to build your body. Include easy exercises to your daily routine to improve your stamina. Try yoga or exercise that give s relief to your body rather it makes you feel tired. Along with the exercise take rest, so that all the remedies get time to work upon your body and heal the weakness. Rest and exercise are equally important to stay healthy. An average one should sleep for 6 to 7 hours. So always try to complete this duration and the person who is suffering should increase the couple of hours.

9.) Rice Water to Get Rid of Weakness

Rice water contain a huge amount of starch which is a rich source of carbohydrate and responsible to store energy in the body. It is the best and simplest home remedy for weakness. Boil the rice in hot water and strain it once it is ready. Take this stock in a dish add a pinch of salt and black pepper and drink it like a soup.

10.) Pulses to Cure Weakness

Pulses are very good source of protein and important nutrients. It is very good option for vegetarians. This will help to energise the body and to get rid of weakness. Try to include any pulses of your choice in your meal. You can also soak some pulses to make it sprout. You can try some healthy recipe made up of pulses and sprouts. Try to take pulses in your lunch this will keep you energise throughout the day.

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