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How to Clean a Mattress?

This article will help you to the ways to clean a mattress. Cleaning the household stuff is not that easy, especially stuffs like mattress. Once you start cleaning your household stuffs from one end to another, you can’t leave out the mattress. There are some of the best ways to clean a mattress. But you will need to it during a sunny day. But the weather is warm that will also work. And the reasons will be provided in bellows in the section of different ways to clean a mattress. But you will need to follow some basic rules like try to clean it regularly, take different measures to clean the stains that could be of anything from blood to urine, clean the bad odor that comes from it and few more. Here are some of the best ways to help you clean a mattress.

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Different Ways to Clean a Mattress:

1.) Change your Bed sheets or Bed Covers to Keep your Mattress Clean

It is a healthy habit to follow by changing your bed sheets regularly. When you change your bed sheets from within five days, it will help you to keep your mattress to get dirty very often. The reason behind it is that the when you left your bed sheets unattended for more than a week, with stains and odor of cigarettes it will spread to your mattress. Once it has spread to your mattress, then it becomes a tough job for you to use some extra effort to clean it. This is one of the easiest way to adopt to keep your mattress clean by lessening your extra work.

2.) Regular Use of Vacuum Cleaner to Clean a Mattress

The next step to follow when you change your bed sheets is to use the vacuum cleaner. Once for every week you can clean the mattress with the vacuum to suck the small amount of dust particles that has stuck in it. You will only need maximum of ten to fifteen minutes to clean your mattress with vacuum cleaner depending on how many you have at your home. Because the regular cleaning of your mattresses will help to prevent from getting it dirty. After which, you can also keep your mattress under the sun to get some sunlight that will automatically kill the germs from it.

3.) Use Enzyme and upholstery to Clean a Mattress

There are various products in the market that are available to help you with the household cleaning. And one such product is the enzyme cleaner. You can use the liquid substance to break the deep fitted stains from your mattress. The enzyme cleaners will help to loosen up the deep stains that can be removed easily with the help of the vacuum cleaners. All you will require is to spray the enzyme on your mattress and use the vacuum to clean the stained area.  The stains will easily get removed with helps of the enzyme and upholstery cleaners.

4.)  Use Citrus Cleaners and Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean a Mattress

There are even other options you can pick up like the citrus cleaners. You can buy the spray that consists of the citrus element. Else you can even make one at home. To make a citrus spray you will need lemon juice or vinegar, baking soda and detergent. All you have to do is mix these ingredients in a spray bottle with some amount of water in it. Now you can use the spray bottle to spray it on the stains that is of blood or urine. It will easily help to remove those stains. After spraying it on the mattress use any hard material absorbent scrubber to remove the blood or urine stains from it. You can even use this citrus spray on any other material like sofas or couches.

5.) Use Baking Soda to Remove Hard Stains to Clean a Mattress

Well, you must have been aware by now that baking soda is one ingredient that can be used for cleaning purposes. It is mentioned in point five that it can be added in the citrus spray. Just like that you can use the baking soda mixed with only water to clean your mattresses. You will need to make the solution of baking soda with two tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of water. Now pour that solution on the blood stains and leave it for half an hour to get absorbed in the mattress. Later use a scrubber or any hard cloth to rub it on the area where you have poured the solution. Now use a dry towel to rub it which will help to soak all the absorbents in it.

6.) Use Flavored Sprays to Clean a Mattress

There is another hack that can be followed to clean you mattress. That is flavored sprays that will not only help you with the cleaning purposes but will leave behind good fragrances. Well, this technique can be applied in those cases where your mattress gives the odor of cigarettes from it. And also when there is urine stain on it. Even after cleaning the urine stains, the odor does not go away easily. So, you can use those sprays that will help to leave a good smell after you have cleaned the mattress.

7.) Use the Steam Cleaner Way to Clean a Mattress

This is one unique way to clean your mattress. In this point you will learn how to clean your mattress with steam. For that you will need a wet towel and squeeze the extra amount of water from it, and take your vacuum cleaner and attached it to the mouth of the vacuum. And switch on the vacuum and roll it on your mattress starting from one corner to the other. This will leave the effect of smoky air which is the vapor that has emanated from the wet towel. But do not get panic when you see the vapor. When using the wet towel you can also use any kind of fragrance spray that will leave a good smell to your mattress.


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