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How to Get Rid of Bats?

Next time when you see a black creature hovering around your place, do not think it is, Bruce Wayne!! Many a time when we fall into trouble, just wish batsmen to help us. But that’s just a fictional character which resides in Hollywood movies only. What resides, in reality, is a bat.  Yeah, Bat! But they too are good for the environment. They feed on insects and pest, thus the mammal helps to control the population of the insects that tend to destroy the crops. But yes, the mammal can be disturbing and irritating, so you might want to get rid of them, especially if they reside around you. Read more, to know the ways get rid of bats.

How to get rid of bats

Ways to Get Rid of Bats:

1.) Identify the Area to Get Rid of Bats

Before searching different remedies to get rid of the black mammal, it’s important to know,  the places in your or around the home where the mammal generally feed. How they come inside and what all they damage. Bat are not harmful. The only problem is their droppings (guano) which they leave behind. They are usually found in hot areas such as attics, in the gaps, broken screens, in pipes, porches, cracks, corner of the roof. So look at these places and then look for appropriate measure to remove them. However, sometimes bats are not visible but their guano, urine and most importantly a foul smell from them will help you to know the presence of the bat in your house.

2.) Moth Balls to Get Rid of Bats

Once you have founnd the areas where bats feed, now it’s the correct time to start “bat removal mission” First remedy in the list is, moth balls. Take a cheesecloth and put mothballs in the middle of it. Tie the cloth properly, it should look like a sack. Hang the sack around the attic and the place it where bats generally breed. Make sure, while doing so bats are not present in their nest. The pungent smell of the mothball will surely work as a bat removal remedy. Bats will not be able to withstand the smell and at last, they have to move from that site. It is not as much easy as it seems. You have to do this ample of times because once gone bats can again return back to that place.

3.) Repellent to Get Rid of Bats

Apart from mothballs, you can also use a few repellents to get rid of bats. It’s a trial and error method which repellent might hit the baits you never know. The best way is to try other pesticides repellent also. Among them, aero, ol dog, and cat repellents are more beneficial. However, always remember our aim is to remove the bats not to kill them. Killing Bats are strictly prohibited and in some countries it considered illegal also. So make sure, you use such repellents, which make them leave the vicinity, not kill them. You can also try home made repellent to eliminate the bats. The best time to use these repellents is night. Since bats are not present at the site during day time, so you can easily complete your job by the time.

4.) Light to Get Rid of Bats

Bats generally feed in the warm and dark area, since they are nocturnal. So imparting lights in the places where they feed can work for you. Mostly, bats find their shelter in attics and in corner of the roof since they are dark places. To eliminate bats from such places impart lighting over there. Bright lights will be more beneficial as the bats won’t be able to bear the light and ultimately they will leave the site.  However, bright lights may invite other pest, so you have to take care of that.

5.Hot Spray to Get Rid of Bats

Most of the mammals are sensitive to hot spray therefore it can work as a one of the remedy to get  rid of bats. Hot spray contains a component known as capsaicin and mammals are susceptible to it. The component work as a bat deterrent. Boil 2- 3 glass of water and add chili flakes or black pepper to it. Let the solution boil for some more time. Strain this mixture and pour the water into the spray bottle. You may or may not cool the spray, it’s your wish. Spray the solution around the bat’s nest at night. Repeat thid regularly until and unless bat’s  leave the place. The spray will work as hot irritant which is not liked by the mammals.

6.) Pick and Drop Method to Get Rid of Bats

Although this remedy sounds dangerous, but when nothing comes handy it proves beneficial for you. Ok, don’t do it yourself, but you can ask a trained person to help you out. Bats do not bite generally, but to save themselves, they can get agitated and bite you. So while handling the bats wear leather hand gloves. Bats have small teeth so if you are wearing leather gloves it won’t harm you. Moreover, this is to remind you that you have to catch it so do not be rude to it. Before, starting the whole game of catching bat close the windows and door otherwise it will run outside and you won’t be able to catch it. Once you have caught, wrap it in the cloth and release it at the place far from your house.

7.) Fake Predators to Get Rid of Bats

Since predators eat other animals, so the best way to get rid of the bats is to hang a fake predator around the colonies of resting bat. A rubber snake will solve your purposes. It will scare the bat and eventually they will go away. Once the bats are gone from your house. Clean the mess otherwise, you might get infected by the droppings and the foul odor which bat leaves behind.

8.) “Exclusion” to Get Rid of Bats

Exclusion is the device that is used to eliminate the mammals from the house. The device is installed at the places from where the bats enter inside the house. The devices include net and cones. They form a single way for bats that means, it will help the bats to go outside but it won’t let them enter inside. Since bats have a habit to come back at old sites so do not remove the exclusion from your premises.

9.) Fiberglass to Get Rid of Bats

Another remedy which can help you to get rid of bats is fiberglass. Place the fiberglass in the walls or attics, roofs and under the floor. This will work as a bat deterrent. It will irritate the bats and eventually they will leave the premises. However, make sure that they do not come back.

10.) Sealants to Get Rid of Bats

The sealant is a material that tightly close the area where they bats tend to feed on. You can also use hard boards to close the attics and dark corners of your home where bats are generally found. Since bats are active at night so they won’t be present in the nest at the night, so you can do so during that time. Seal or tightly close the area and clean it properly.

11.) Phenol to Get Rid of Bats

Phenol has a pungent smell that is not liked by the bats. A white phenol will solve your problem. Spray the deterrent at the places where bats reside. Spray it until the smell gets too strong and bats are forced to leave the place.

12.) Mylar Ballons to Get Rid of Bats

Once bats leave the place in search of food, hang the mylar balloons at the place where they reside. It should be filled with helium. When bats will come back they will get scared and eventually leave the place.

13.) Hang Aluminium Foil to Get Rid of Bats

Another technique that can scare bats is aluminium foil. Hang it around their nest and lit it. When the aluminium will blink and a chime-like sound will definitely scare them and force them to leave the place.

14.) Mirror to Get Rid of Bats

Another technique that can drive away the bats is a mirror. Place the mirror on the bats nest and turn on the light. The reflection of the mirror will disturb the bats and they will leave the place.






15.) Seal the Entrance to Get Rid of Bats

Once the bats have left the place don’t think that they won’t return back, they can come back at any time. To avoid such problem, it’s better to seal the openings through which they may enter into the house or attic.

Some Interesting Facts About Bats:

  • Bats are the only mammals that can fly.
  • Bats are nocturnal, that means they get active at night only.
  • In countries like the UK and other countries, killing bats is illegal.
  • Bats shed their hair regularly, which are a shelter of many diseases.
  • The droppings (guano) of bats with hair gives way to diseases known as Histoplasmosis, which infects the lungs.
  • Bats carry a pest (as their food). Moreover, they themselves are a host of such pests. A bat in your house may invite pest also.
  • Bats carry rabies.
  • Don’t evacuate bats during maternity period (when female bats are pregnant) as it can kill their babies. So wait for the right time.
  • The bat can hear the echo and can tell where the object is. This is called “echolocation”.


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