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How to Get Rid of Mice?

In this article we will discuss different remedies to get rid of mice. Having mice in a home could be very unhygienic and bad for the well-being of the family and their health. There are a number of products available in the market which claims to help you get rid of mice in shorter span of time, but these products can be harmful for us too if not handled properly. Using such products excessively for a long period of time can also be harmful. If you have infants in your home, you need to be more careful as they tend to swallow anything. So, such products which are there to kill mice can end up hurting little ones instead. In his article you will find some natural and effective ways which will help you better to get rid of mice fast and safely.

How to Get Rid of Mice

Remedies to Get Rid of Mice:

1.) Mice Trap to Get Rid of Mice Fast

There are many mouse traps available in the market which can be quite useful and effective to get rid of mice. But, sometimes such trap may not be useful as mice are smart and may avoid getting caught in a trap. This smartness may come from their earlier experience. But, if you have caught a mouse in a trap, killing is not the solution. This is because, if you kill a rodent, the others will have more resource available to them. This excess availability of resources (food) can cause remaining rodents to multiply. So, instead of killing mice, set them free, far from your house to a certain place where they have available resource to survive. This they will not feel the need to rob your house for food.

2.) Peppermint Oil to Get Rid of Mice in the House

Peppermint oil can act as an easy and very effective method to get rid of mice in the home. Peppermint oil has a strong smell which is quite pleasant to us. But, this is not the same in the case of mice. Instead of pleasing, the peppermint smell irritates and keeps them away. This mint smell is too strong for them to go near it. This oil also helps to get rid of bacterial infection in your house.


  • Soak some cotton ball in peppermint oil.
  • Keep them around the places where mice usually come.
  • You can buy peppermint oil from your local market.
  • Other than that, you can plant peppermint shrubs around your house entrance and where mice are more prone to enter from.
  • This is one of the most convenient way to prevent mice infestation.

3.) Seal Cracks and Holes to Get Rid of Mice at Home

There might be cracks and holes in and around your house which may be the secret passage for mice to enter in your home. Find these cracks, holes and seal them. You can find these place through mice faeces  and greasy stains around different places. Seal these holes according to their size. If there are big holes, you may need to seal them strongly with steel wool, kitchen pads or scouring pads. After sealing these cracks and holes, keep a check in and around your home for any new holes, feces or stains etc. This method will help future infestation of mice and other rodents.

4.) Cat Litter to Get Rid of Mice in the House

Kitty litter is one of the best ways to get rid of mice. Most of you must be very familiar with our very own Tom & Jerry. You know how nervous Jerry gets seeing Tom. Likewise, mice run for their life if gets encountered by a cat. So, by keeping the cat litter around the entrance of the house will alarm mice when they sniff the smell. You can either keep kitty liter or urine, Both will make mice in keeping a distance from your house. But, it can be quite stinky so use it accordingly.

5.) Snake Poop to Get Rid of Rats at Home

Like kitty, snake is the other main enemy of a mouse. If the kitty litter plan gets fail, you can use snake poo. Just keep some dried snake poo around the entrance of the house to get rid of mice. You can go to any reptile center, pet shop, or zoo to get some dried snake poo. Keep it in those place where you usually see mice roaming or find mice faeces or greasy stains. Remember, not to keep it in reach of children and pets, it can be very harmful for them.

6.) Towel Trap to Get Rid of Mice Fast and Effectively

The next time you come across a rodent, try to use the towel method to catch them red handed. This method is very simple, but you need to keep your reflex sharp enough to meet the pace of a mouse.


  • When you see a mouse running, be prepared to throw a towel on it.
  • As it gets under the towel and struggle to run out of it, put an unused bucket or box over the towel.
  • Now, steadily place a cardboard between towel and box.
  • Hold it tightly and turn it up.
  • Take the box outside, far from your home.
  • Release the mouse.

7.) Bowl Trap to Catch Mouse

Other than towel trap, you can catch these mice by bowl method trap as well. Bowl trap is also one of the best methods to catch a mouse. For this you need a bread, a pen, a cardboard and a heavy shallow bowl. Below are the directions to make a bowl trap.


  • Place the cardboard on the place where you usually see mice.
  • Keep a bread on cardboard, then hold a pen vertically and hold it in the middle of the bread.
  • While holding the pen, keep an inverted bowl over the pen.
  • Place the bow in such a way that little movement in pen make bowl mouth get closed against the ground.
  • Now, when a mouse will sniff the bread and try to pull the bread, the pen will imbalance and close the opening of the bowl. By this way mouse will get trapped inside.
  • Finally, release the mouse far from your house.

8.) Keep Kitchen Clean to Get Rid of Mice Naturally

Mice get inside your house in search of food. When they find food and other crumb easily available in your kitchen and room, they keep visiting every night for their dinner. So, the best way is to keep your home clean and free from any leftover crumbs in the kitchen or around the room. If mice won’t find anything to eat, they will stop being your uninvited guests. Keeping your home free from crumbs and leftover foods will also prevent other rodents or insect infestation.

9.) Keep the Trash Away to Prevent Mice Infestation

Any trash or garbage near or around your house will draw attention of mice to rob your house for food. It is better to keep trash can and other garbage container or bag properly disposed. Keep them far from your house in order to prevent mice from entering your home.

10.) Avoid Poisonous Method to Get Rid of Mice Infestation

Some of you out of frustration can look to revenge mice by adding poisonous substance in food. But this is wrong technique because you can’t be sure of their death. If any of mice get killed inside your home and in such a place which is unknown or inaccessible to you can be a host for many germs, bacteria and lots of unbearable smell. If you want to use such method, buy some genuine rodent poison to get rid of mice infestation.

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