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How to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast?

Pigeons make lots of noise, make nests and their droppings can cause several problems for you. In this article, you will get to know about the remedies to get rid of pigeons fast.

Pigeon is a bird and it is a common member of their large family. It is a beautiful bird but it creates lots of problem for humans. Pigeon droppings not only destroy your building or roof but it may also affect your health. Pigeons droppings contain the uric acid that can destroy the finish of your building and automobiles. Droppings also contain other bacteria and fungi that are harmful to humans. Some of the diseases include St. Louis Encephalitis, Psittacosis, Histoplasmosis, and Cryptococcosis. There are so many ways to control pigeons such as traps, pest killers, sound systems, home and natural remedies. This article will help you to reduce your problems which are associated with pigeons.

Damages Caused by Pigeons:

  • Damage to Ceilings- Pigeons can easily enter into the houses, restaurants, apartments and other buildings through any openings. They sit on their roofs and discharge their bodily waste. And this bodily waste or droppings causes to ceilings collapses.
  • Damage to Food and Other Products- Pigeons flying near the houses, food factories and sometimes they enter into food factories and other factories. Their droppings damage plastics, food products, liquids and other things also.
  • Destroy Automobiles by Pigeon Droppings– Pigeons droppings can cause fading paint finishes of automobiles like cars, truck, scooter etc.
  • Ventilation Systems Blocked by Pigeon Nests- Bird nests in ventilation system are very harmful. Because their nests block air flow and they spread diseases through the system. It may cause to death. So be careful and follow the remedies to get rid of pigeons.

Diseases Caused By Pigeons: 

The diseases caused by pigeon droppings are:

E.coli, Salmonellosis, Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, St. Louis Encephalitis. Read this related article “home remedies to get rid of pigeons” for knowing the detailed knowledge of these diseases.

Best Remedies to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast:

Pigeons droppings damage roofs, buildings, monuments, and many other places. Their droppings contain bacteria and fungus, which is very harmful to humans. They can damage automobiles also. This problem is faced by every person in the world. So here are the remedies to get rid of pigeons fast.

How to get rid of pigeons fast?

1.) Use Ultrasonic Devices to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

This is the technical way to get rid of pigeons. Ultrasonic devices work well in large areas. They need a large space like large indoor areas and high ceiling of warehouses. The main motive of this ultrasonic device is to remove problematic birds from your near by areas. The sound which is produced in this device known as Sonic Net. This sound should not be loud and it is a combination of wave forms referred to as colored noise. It is not basically a bird Scarer. It only helps to discourage them from flying.

2.) Use Reflective Things to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

You can use noise devices or foil balloons and reflective tape for the removal of pigeons. This type of devices is  short-term devices.

Steps to Use Tape to Control Pigeons:

  • Use disc or holographic tape to remove the pigeons from your building. This tape is also known as foil tape and flash tape that you can buy from the market.
  • Hang the disc and holographic tape on your balcony.
  • When the sunlight reflects off the disc or tape, then the pigeons get irritated.
  • When the wind flows, the tape will move and produce the metallic sound. This sound keeps the birds away.

3.)  Use Artificial Birds to Remove Pigeons Fast

You can buy artificial birds from any toy shop. It may be an owl or any other bird. Place them in your balcony or roof where they want to preach on. It does not work if these statues will not move. Replica hawks and plastic falcons have been used as pigeon or bird repellers. Pigeons believe that hawks and falcon to be a threat and that’s why pigeons will stay away from these repellers.

4.) Frightening the Pigeons With a Bang

  • Buy party snaps from a joke store or party store.
  • Put that snaps in the area where the pigeons want to roost.
  • The snaps will explode when the pigeons land.
  • It is a harmless remedy to get rid of pigeons fast.

5.) Remove  the Pigeons With Water

  • Spraying water on pigeons is a very helpful remedy to get rid of pigeons.
  • You need to spray water  consistently on them.
  • Pigeons can’t stay when the force or concentration of the water being targeted on them.

6.) Do Not Feed Them Food to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

There are some pigeons lovers who feed pigeons regularly. Feeding them is the only reason to gather them in a place. They gather at a place and damage the place by their droppings and feathers.

  • Don’t feed pigeons such as seeds, olive trees, fruits, and vegetables.
  • These food sources increase the chances of pigeons to preach on.
  • So avoid feeding them on your roofs, lawns and nearby your areas. This remedy helps to reduce the number of pigeons in your nearby areas.

7.) Closing Off Entrances to Keep Them Away

  • Always close your doors and windows to get rid of pigeons fast.
  • Use heavy door curtains to fill large openings.
  • You can also use plastic bird netting and hardware cloth to keep them away.
  • Seal the places where birds nests.

8.) Try Spicy Food to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • Pigeons hate spice things. They can’t eat spicy foods.
  • Sprinkle spicy things like cinnamon, pepper and cayenne pepper where they usually land.
  • Repeat this remedy after wet weather.

9.) String Tied to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • Buy strings from the market.
  • Tie strings from one end to another where they usually preach on.
  • These strings tied will help to imbalance them.
  • String tied should be weatherproof.

10.) Use Sticky Chemicals to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • Sticky chemicals help to deface them.
  • Spray sticky chemicals where they usually roost. Buy such chemicals from the pest control shop.
  • Use it according to their instructions.

11.) Attach Anti-Roosting Spike Strips to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • Attach anti-roosting spike strips at any place where the pigeons want to preach on.
  • Purchase spike strips from any hardware shops.
  • Follow the instructions according to the manufacturer.

12.) Use Contraception Ridiculous to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • Pigeons breed very fast nearly 6 times each year. They produce 2 eggs every grip.
  • Surgical sterilisation method is very helpful to control the pigeons.
  • From this method eggs no more produce by pigeons. So basically it helps to reduce their population.

13.) Try  Cooked Rice to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • You can use cooked rice also for the removal of pigeons.
  • But use only, cooked rice not raw rice. Because cooked rice contains starch.
  • When pigeons eat cooked rice, the starch will create problem in their stomach. So you can use this remedy to prevent pigeons infestations.

14.) Keep Pets at Your Home to Avoid Pigeons Fast

Try to get a pet like a dog or cat. This is the best solution to get rid of pigeons fast. Because pigeons don’t like dogs or cat. They afraid from pets. And pets also don’t like birds. So it would be very helpful to keep them away.

15.) Honey to Treat Pigeon Infestation Fast & Naturally

Honey is one of the best and natural remedies for removing pigeons. The sticky nature of honey helps to get rid of pigeons naturally.

  • Spread some honey to the infested areas.
  • Pigeons don’t like to land on the honey as it is sticky. Honey keep them away from your building or house.

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