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How to Get Rid of Pigeons?

Pigeon problems are very common in all over the world. Pigeon infestation can be a terrible nuisance for you. Pigeons are the strong, intelligent and graceful fliers but they create many problems. This article provides you some pigeon control tips that will be very beneficial for you. Pigeon infestation can occur on rooftops of buildings, ledges, balcony, window sills and other convenient surfaces. The acidic droppings of pigeon can damage your equipment, walkways, and vehicles. There are some other problems also which are associated with pigeons such as pigeon carry diseases, damage to property and their nests in chimneys and vents. Pigeons are hosts to other pests such as lice, mites, fleas, and ticks. Some people kill the pigeons by shooting on them but you should not kill the pigeons. There are other methods also that can help you to get rid of pigeons.

How to get rid of pigeons

Damages Caused by Pigeons:

  • Damage  from Nest Fire- Pigeon nests create lots of problems. When pigeons make nests inside any machinery or any other electric signs, then it may cause to catch fire.
  • Damage to the Roofs- Most of the bird droppings or pigeon droppings contain high acid content. When they roost on the roofs, then their dropping destroy roofs due to high acid content.
  • Damage to Vehicles- Pigeon droppings contain acid, which is the reason to fade paint on vehicles like car, truck, scooter, auto, bus etc.

Diseases Caused by Pigeons:

Pigeons are common everywhere. They make their nests in building, trees and reproduce quickly. So there will be possible health risks associated with cleaning pigeon droppings. So here we will discuss three human diseases which are caused by the pigeon droppings.

  • Histoplasmosis- Histoplasmosis is a disease which is caused by a fungus. This fungus grows in pigeon droppings and also in sails. When a person clean these droppings and the presence of fungus in dropping may cause infection. After ten days of the infection, symptoms of histoplasmosis begins to visible, which includes fever, fatigue and chest pains. Cancer patients or HIV/AIDS  patients are more at risk for this histoplasmosis disease.
  • Cryptococcosis- This disease is also caused by a fungus which presents in pigeon droppings and also in sails throughout the world. At the highest level of exposure, the healthy people get easily infected. A compromised immune system is the major risk factor for infection.
  • Psittacosis- Psittacosis also known as ‘arnithosis’ or parrot fever is rarely infectious disease. When pigeon droppings get dry and become airborne then the nearby people inhale and get sick. This bacterial disease in humans, characterized by fever, headache, rash and sometimes pneumonia. Symptoms of this disease develop after the ten days of exposure.

Best Methods to Get Rid of Pigeons:

Pigeon droppings spoil many roofs, public places and monuments. In their droppings, a uric acid or white material is present. This uric acid damage the finish of buildings, automobiles, floors, etc. Droppings also contain fungus and bacteria which is not good for humans. So here are some techniques to get rid of pigeons.

1.) Anti- Roosting Spike Strips to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • Buy anti- roosting strips at the hardware store or garden centers to get rid of pigeons.
  • Attach this anti-roosting spike strip at any place where a bird wants to sit on like house roofs.
  • Follow the manufactures instructions. So this is a very helpful technique to get rid of pigeons.

2.) Use Sticky Chemicals to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • Sticky chemicals also play a very important role to get rid of pigeons.
  • Spray this sticky chemical where a bird wants to preach on.
  • Then you will notice that the bird stays away from that chemical.
  • Buy this chemical from any pest control.

3.) String Tied to Remove Pigeons Fast

  • Use weatherproof string and tie it from one end to another end where a pigeon wants to roost.
  • This string tied will help to imbalance them from anywhere.
  • It is a good way to get rid of pigeons.

4.) Closing off Entrances

To keep pigeons away from entrances, you need to do some of the things:

  • Use heavy door curtains of the plastic strip for filling with doors which help to discourage entry.
  • Use hardware cloth and silicon caulk or plastic bird netting to seal the edges where a bird makes a nest.

5.) Ultrasonic Bird Repellent Product to Control Pigeons

  • This ultrasonic bird repellent is an easy way to get rid of pigeons.
  • You need to buy this product from the market.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • This product emits the sound which is helpful to confuse, scare and disorient pigeons. So that they stay away from that treated area.

6.) Use Light and Sound Deterrents to Prevent Pigeons 

  • By using light and sound deterrents, you can protect pigeons from damages.
  • For this, you need to buy bird repellent scare tape. It is also available on amazon.
  • Hang the tape to the problematic areas, then put a stop to keep them away.
  • This product is non-toxic. It gives natural sound and light to protect your property from bird damage. The main benefit is it is cheaper than other products. It is the best method to get rid of pigeons.

7.) Get a Scare-Owl to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • To scare pigeons, a scaring device is the best way to control pigeons.
  • You need to purchase wind powered plastic action owl.
  • You can also purchase fake plastic owl bird deterrent to keep them away.
  • Put this scare owl where they want to preach on like on roofs, buildings.

8.) Place Traps to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • It is one of the very popular ways for removing pigeons.
  • If you want to remove pigeons and safety of pigeons is also your concern, then placing traps is the best way to go.
  • It can contain up to 30 pigeons easily.
  • You have to purchase single door extra large live pigeon trap. It is available on amazon. So you can get it easily by online.

9.) Bird-X Bird Proof Repellent Gel to Treat Pigeon Infestation

  • If you want a quick solution to deter them, then this gel is the best remedy to get rid of pigeons.
  • This gel can be used anywhere where the pigeons want to roost an land on.
  • You need to apply this gel to roosting areas.
  • You can purchase this product at Walmart.

10.) Use Poison to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • You can use poison to kill the pigeons but it’s not an effective way to get rid of pigeons as it may encounter lots of diseases from poisoned pigeon.
  • A poisoned bird may be eaten by other wild animals and it may cause to death of wild animal also.

11.) Block up Attics to Get Rid of Pigeons

  • Block the areas where they want to roost on. You can use anything to block the areas.
  • This would be very helpful to stop them from making nests, preaching and roosting.

12.) Try Spicy Things to Get Rid of Pigeons Naturally

  • Pigeons don’t like spicy things so sprinkle cayenne pepper, cinnamon, pepper, etc. where they normally roost.
  • Sprinkle some spicy foods on the roof or any other infestation areas where they usually come.

13.) Use Broadband Pro with Visuals to Control Pigeons 

  • By using this repellent, you can get rid of pigeons easily and they will go to the other areas.
  • You can buy this product at bird-x.com.

14.) Tuck Netting to Get Rid of  Pigeons

  • Tuck netting where a bird wants to preach on that will help you to get rid of pigeons.
  • Tuck netting helps to prevent the pigeons from making their nest.

15.) Birth Control to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  • Pigeons breed very frequently up to 6 times a year.
  • Birth control represents a ‘bird friendly’ solution to control pigeons.

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