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How to Kill Bed Bugs? (Bed Bugs Treatment)

After writing, how to get rid of cockroaches?, how to get rid of fruit flies?, how to get rid of ants?, and how to get rid of mosquitoes?, we are now writing the best ways to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs are parasites, which feed on the blood of another organism, whether it is a human or an animal. They reside in your mattress, furniture, bed, and luggage. Everyone likes to enjoy a good sleep. After a tiring day, the one thing you look forward to is a good sleep. This small creature, is waiting for you to suck blood and spread diseases. You think you are safe and having a good sleep then this creature is sucking up your blood. In this article we will tell you about how to kill Bed Bugs?

Types of Bed Bugs

  • Bat Bugs: They are not commonly found in our house as they feed on bats and found in colder and mild temperatures.
  • Domestic Bed Bugs: They are present in our house and found in human surroundings. They are habitual to mild temperatures.
  • Tropical Bed Bugs: Their name suggests about their environment. They are similar to domestic bed bugs and stay in hot and humid temperatures.
  • Mexican Chicken Bugs: They prefer a cool and mild environment. They infest on domestic fowl and poultries.
  • Barn Swallow Bugs: They get into our house with the help of birds. They generally stays in birds nests.

How to Kill Bed BugsHow to Kill Bed Bugs?

1.) Insecticides to Kill Bed Bugs

These chemicals are used to kill them in a fast manner. Today in the market, you can choose any insecticides to kill them as there are many options available. Go for the right one and do some sort of research or you can consult a pest control expert. The known chemicals are pyrethins and insect growth regulators. Make sure the company is registered. Take necessary precautions before using them at the home as they are fatal.

2.) Bleach to Kill Bed Bugs

Bleach is a fast way to kill bed bugs. But, bleach cause breathing issues if you are having some breathing issues then avoid it. Spraying bleach all over your home and bed will kill them fast. Take necessary precautions when using bleach at home. Bleach not only kill bed bugs but it also helps to treat yellow teeth, stomach ache and flies.

3.) Pest Control Expert to Kill Bed Bugs

Since, it is a costly affair than other methods, but it is one of the best ones. An expert, will be having all instruments, sprays that can kill bed bugs instantly without any side effects. You can search for a local pest control expert and let them handle your problem. You can go for this remedy after trying other methods to kill bed bugs. It is a good way to kill bed bugs as these experts have effective insecticides for the bugs.

4.) Hot Water to Kill Bed Bugs

Burning them will be a good way to kill these ugly creatures. Hot water or steam can be used to kill bed bugs as well as their eggs. Apply hot steam to all openings of the wall and pipes through which they enter your house. Apply hot steam carefully as it can burn your skin. When applying hot steam make sure small kids are not present there.

5.) Tea Tree Oil to Kill Bed Bugs

Tea tree oil is also a good option to kill bed bugs. Mix some tea tree oil with water. Spray it all over the infected areas of your house. Do this two times a day and see the difference. It will kill bed bugs and release a soothing smell. Tea tree oil is not only used for bed bugs treatment but also for the hair and skin treatment.

6.) Lavender Oil to Kill Bed Bugs

Lavender oil is not used only for room freshener and skin treatment.  It can also be used to kill bed bugs. Before going for insecticides and pesticides to kill bed bugs try this lavender oil for one time. Pour a teaspoon of lavender oil on the cracks and openings of walls and pipes of your house. You will see them disappearing after a few days.

7.) Marine Phytoplankton to Kill Bed Bugs

The product which is made of marine phytoplankton is diatomaceous. They kill bed bugs as well as the eggs of bed bugs. Mix it with water and spray all along your corners of the house and bed. This can be easily available from the nearby store.

8.) Vacuum Cleaner to Kill Bed Bugs

The power of sucking can be feel by using a vacuum cleaner. As bed bugs are light in weight they are easily removed and killed by the vacuum cleaner. Apply vacuum cleaner to all the corners of your house, bed and other places where they can possibly be present. Vacuum cleaner not only removes the bed bugs, but also the dirt and harmful pollutants out of the house.

9.) Cleanliness to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

This is the most important step to kill and get rid of bed bugs. Remove all the unwanted items out of your house. Seal all the openings and cracks of the walls and pipes of your house. Dry your clothes and mattress regularly. Take lukewarm baths and make sure your pest also bath regularly. Make sure you don’t litter around your surroundings and clean your surroundings daily. Bed bugs likes to hide in garbage heaps and piles of leaves, clean them regularly to stop the infestation of bed bugs.

10.) Ozone Generators to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

To kill bed bugs and get rid of harmful indoor air pollution, ozone generator is useful. But, research has shown that it causes respiratory problems like chest pain, coughing, short breath and other health problems. They can be placed at home by calling experts and they are helpful to kill bed bugs. The oxidation process of ozone generators removes the harmful pollutants and bed bugs from the home.


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