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How to Trap Fruit Flies?

This article will help you to know the ways to trap fruit flies. Fruit flies are mostly seen in your kitchen and dining area of the house. Sometimes these fruit flies can be very much annoying. As, one way or the other they feed on the food and other eatable stuffs available in open. The fruit flies mostly survive in places like damp and moist places. But most precisely on those foods that are rotten (over ripe) and are in the process of fermenting. Therefore, there are various ways to shove them off or you can kill them with different techniques. To be away with these tiny insects you can read the article further to get the best tips. This article will provide you with some of the home remedies to trap fruit flies.

Ways to Trap Fruit Flies:

trap fruit flies

1.) Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Trap Fruit Flies

Apple Cider Vinegar is one best and effective component available at your kitchen. This is because the fruit flies cannot resist the odor of the fermented stuffs. All you need to do is open the cap of the bottle and cover it with a thin plastic wrap or a cotton cloth. Now tie a rubber band over the covered portion by making a tiny hole in between the covering. By doing this you will let the flies enter inside the bottle. But they won’t be able to come out of the trapped bottle. This is effective when you have less fruit flies in your kitchen.

2.) Use a Fruit Jar to Trap Fruit Flies

Well, this one is a rather simple trick to trap fruit flies. As we all are aware of the fact that fruit flies are fond of fruits. That is the reason we end up calling them fruit flies. This is one better way to trap them with their favorite eatables. For that you will require one jar, most precisely a mason jar is better to use for this trick. Along with a jar, you will need a plastic wrap, a toothpick, few rotten fruits, water and dish wash liquid. Now place those fruits in the jar and add some soapy water in it. After that cover it with the plastic wrap. With the help of tooth pick make a small hole on the covering. Hence, the flies will get inside but can’t come out.

3.) Red Wine can be used to Trap Fruit Flies

This is another effective way for you to trap the fruit flies in your house. For this you will need a wine bottle and some amount of wine. You can even opt for some left over wine. Fruit flies will be attracted towards the red wine. And it’s one way to get them intoxicated inside the wine bottle. So, place the bottle with left over wine in the bottom. Try to keep the in those places where you feel that fruit flies hover around. Once the flies are inside the bottle you can cover it. Else if you still feel there is a need to be very sure to have killed them, add some soapy water in it. This will definitely clear all the fruit flies from your kitchen.

4.) Dish Wash liquid and Apple Cider Vinegar Solution to Trap Fruit Flies

This is somewhat similar to other remedies that is mentioned above. But the combination of this solution is very much effective. For this you will need apple cider vinegar, a jar, dish wash liquid, an over-ripe fruit. Firstly, try to heat the apple cider vinegar to spread the aroma in the kitchen. And then place the over-ripe fruit in the jar. After which pour the heated apple cider vinegar till it fills the bottom of the jar and pour a drop of dish wash liquid. The dish wash liquid will work as an added advantage to the solution. It will not let the fruit flies to fly back as they will get stuck in the liquid. This will kill the fruit flies.

5.) Ancient Trick to Trap Fruit Flies

There is an ancient trick that people must have used in earlier times. It is not known to many till the recent days. This trick three ingredients. Firstly, 330 ml of milk followed by ground/black pepper and raw sugar. You will need to mix all these three ingredients in a sauce pan and heat it in seemed for 10 minutes. After that cool it down in room temperature. And place it over a bowl keep in those places where you think the fruit flies enter your house. When they end up in the bowl they get drowned in it. And still if you see any of the fruit flies try to fly back add a drop of dish wash liquid in it the solution. This will definitely hold back the fruit flies to get drowned completely.

6.) Lemongrass Oil to Trap Fruit Flies

This is one last trick you can opt to trap fruit flies. For this you will require lemongrass oil, a spray bottle and hot water. In the spray bottle, pour 10 drops of lemongrass oil and 4 tablespoons of hot water. All you will need to do is to spray the solution on the windowsills and doorways of your kitchen. And even when you notice the fruit flies hovering, you can directly spray on them. This will kill them instantly. Also, the spraying of the solution will give nice and refreshing fragrance to your kitchen.

Additional Tips:

These small pests mostly breed on drains. So, try to mix white vinegar and boiling water solution into the drains daily. This will prevent the main source of these fruit flies to breed on. As a result, you will also have a clean surrounding nearby.


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