How to Pass a Urine Drug Test?

This article will help you to know the ways to pass a urine drug test. In general cases, you are aware of the fact that to pass a urine drug test is not an easy task. But, with the right amount of knowledge and the information regarding the process of drug test. So, you will provided with some of the methods that can be applied before you sit for a urine drug test. Most of the times, you end up taking marijuana on weekend parties or any other occasions. This makes your way to the path of passing the urine drug test a bit easy. But if you are a constant user, there are chances of having difficulty in passing the test. But to your surprise here you will discover some facts that will actually help you to clear the test with passed sign on your papers. But you will need to gather the information regarding the type of drugs you have taken. According to that you will need to take the precautions. All that is required from your part to follow the procedures honestly mentioned below. If you have tried one method and left in between to try on something else, it may not work for your benefit. Thus, check these suggestions carefully to get yourself the passed papers on your hands.

pass a urine drug test

Ways to Pass a urine Drug Test:

1.) Drink Water to Pass a Urine Drug Test

To drink plenty of water is the easiest and simple suggestion for you. The day you have consumed anything that might get caught in the drug test, should be prevented from the next day. And the prevention is the intake of water.

  • Try to take more than eight glasses of water in a day.
  • Keep a record of changes that has been occurring after taking more water.
  • Make yourself sweat when drinking more water.
  • It will help you to flush out the unwanted particles from your body.
  • Try to urinate as much as possible to let unwanted particles move out.

2.) Take Baking Soda to Pass a Urine Drug Test

The next best way is experiment with this less expensive product. Even if baking soda is not available at your home, you can easily get it from any departmental store or a supermarket. The effects of intake of baking soda will help to create imbalance in your urine by increasing your pH level.

  • You will need to take two to three spoons of baking soda.
  • Now add it in a glass full of water.
  • Mix it well and drink it up.
  • Try to make sure that you drink this solution before three to four hours of your urine drug test.
  • But if you are allergic to it, do not try out this trick.

3.) Consume more of Healthy Beverages to pass a Urine Drug Test

The next thing you can look up to is to consume some of the healthy drinks.  The healthy drinks will include coconut water, sugarcane juice, tomato juice and other vegetable juices that are available in the market. This will help your body to come back in healthy terms. Hence the intake of healthy drinks besides water will purify your system. This will leave with very less chances to fail in the drug test. All you have to do is to drink these products everyday to keep your body in healthy condition. It is a necessary part from your side to have the healthy drinks, because too much intake of water might flush out the nutrients from your body. And with a weak body there might be suspicion from the authorities side. Thus, to keep yourself fit, follow this suggestion.

4.) Take Diuretics to Pass a Urine Drug Test

There is another way to try for to pass a urine drug test. The intake of diuretics will lead to more of urinating. The diuretics are a type of medicines that is recommended when you are suffering from high blood pressure. Therefore, there are minor side effects to it. But the fact is that there are various medicines that consist of diuretics in it. So, you can look up to those diet pills or taking some coffee which contains more caffeine in it.

5.) Take Vinegar Solution to Pass a Urine Drug Test

You can have a solution of vinegar being diluted with water. It works to help you from the getting rid of unwanted particles from your body. So, when you have a urine drug test approaching nearer, you can try out this solution.

  • Take one to two teaspoons of vinegar.
  • Add it in a glass of water.
  • Mix it well.
  • If do not like the taste you can add lemon juice or cayenne pepper.
  • It will change the taste to the bearable extent.
  • Try to drink this solution two to three days before your test date.
  • Vinegar will also help to change the pH level in your urine.

6.) Take Cranberry Juice to Pass a Urine Drug Test

There is another option in the list of drinking, which is cranberry juice. The cranberry juice has the power to diffuse the unwanted particles and to bring out of your body. The cranberry juice also has the diuretic properties in it. So, in order to detox your body you can opt for cranberry juice. Try to have it regularly till you date of test has been declared. If you have been informed about the date, than drink two to three days before the prescribed date. Try to have it two to three times a day.

7.) Take Green, Black or Ginger Tea to Pass a Urine Drug Test

You can have tea in the list of your options. It will help your metabolism to work faster. Along with, it will keep you healthy by increasing your appetite. This in turn will show and detect you as a healthy person with no traces of drug in your urine. Once you start taking green tea or ginger tea, you will feel hungrier leading to consumption of more food. Thus, try to have any of the mentioned tea twice a day after dinner or in the early morning in an empty stomach. When consumed in empty stomach the first urine of the day will flush out the drugs out of your system in small quantity. If followed regularly, you will be able to pass the urine drug test.

8.) The Last Resort to Apply For

The only option left for you is to wait for few months to let the drugs come out of your system on its own. If you are a constant user of any type of drugs, then you should definitely wait to get all cleared out. Try to burrow some time from the authorities on valid reasons. And utilize that time clear your system from the drugs.

Additional Tip:

Here are few tips for you that can be helpful.

  • Do not try to tamper with your urine sample. It means do not add bleach at that point of time. It might not be helpful for you it’s there is any suspicion.
  • If you are given privacy at the time of test, then first you try to urinate in the toilet and then in the sample bottle. It will remove the metabolites from your body.
  • If possible for then you can try to present someone else urine in the sample bottle.

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