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How to Get Rid of Double Chin?

This article is about different ways to get rid of double chin. Do you wear a high-neck top or a scarf to cover your neck to hide your double chin?If yes, then this is the right place for you because in this article we are going to deal with the different methods to get rid of double chin. Double chin is a lower layer of fat around the neck that creates a wrinkle and looks like another chin. The problem is common among obese and overweight people. Read the article, to know more about double chin and remedies to get rid of double chin.

Causes of Double Chin:

  • Obesity or weight gain
  • Drastic weight loss
  • Age factor
  • Genetics
  • Facial expressions

How to get rid of double chin

Remedies to Get Rid of Double Chin:

1.) Green Tea to Get Rid of Double Chin

Green tea is a vital source of antioxidants and other components which accelerate the metabolism rate. It helps to shed down the extra calories. Replace your regular tea with green tea and see the difference in a few months. There are many flavors of green tea available in the market. However, you can make green tea at home as well. Boil one and a half cup of water, then add green tea leaves, basil leaves, lemon juice and honey (optional). Strain the tea and homemade green tea is ready.

2.) Milk to Get Rid of Double Chin

Drinking a glass of milk is good for your health and when the same milk is applied around the chin area it will help to bid adieu double chin. Yes, you heard it right! Milk can treat your double chin. You have to just apply the milk around the chin and massage it for a while. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. For spare advantage add honey in the milk. Regular application of milk will reduce the double chin.

3.) Glycerin to Get Rid of Double Chin

Glycerin hydrates the skin and keeps the dryness at the bay. Moreover, another advantage of glycerin is that it protects the upper layer from dehydration, chemicals, mechanical stress and improves the elasticity of the skin. It does not let the skin sag or form wrinkles thus it helps in reducing the double chin. You can massage few drops of glycerin over the chin or can prepare different masks with it. A mask of glycerin, Epsom salt and peppermint is ideal for double chin reduction. For effective results follow this remedy regularly.

4.) Egg White for Double Chin Reduction

Egg white is considered as a skin tightening agent. It reduces the pores and removes sagging and fine lines from a skin. It also wipes out the dead cells and gives you relief from the double chin. Split the egg and segregate egg yolk and egg white (the white part). We only need egg white. For a perfect white egg mask in a bowl add a tablespoon of milk with a small amount of essential oil, honey, and lemon juice. Mix the ingredients properly. Apply this mask on your face and neck and rinse it after 30 minutes. The mask will not only help you get rid of a double chin but also add the glow to the face.

5.)  Chewing Gum to Get Rid of Double Chin

Chew sugar-free chewing gum to say goodbye to the double chin. It firms the muscles of the face and neck and thus double chin is eliminated.  There are many types of chewing gums available in the market. However, they are not good for teeth so it’s better to a chose sugar-free chewing gum. Chewing a gum without sugar will keep a toothache at the bay and give your jaws a workout that will retain for the long term. Chew gum 3 times a day to get the flat chin.

6.) Vitamin E to Get Rid of Double Chin

Add food rich in Vitamin E in your diet because Vitamin E reduces jaws and increases the elasticity of the skin which eventually helps us to get rid of double chin. Foods such as green leafy vegetables, wheat germ oil, brown rice, dairy products, beans, nuts, apple, soybean, peanuts are a rich source of vitamin E. You can also supplement, Vitamin E intake with Vitamin E supplements. Apply vitamin E oil on your face and neck regularly and massage it  for a while to eliminate the double chin. If you don’t find Vitamin E oil in your local market then you can puncture Vitamin E capsule to get the oil from it.

7. ) Wheat Germ Oil Reduce Double Chin

Wheat germ oil is a great substitute for vitamin E so if you don’t find vitamin E oil than you can apply wheat germ oil instead. The oil nourishes and tightens the skin. Before hitting the hay apply wheat germ oil around the chin area, massage the oil for the while. Let the oil remain for the whole night and wash the face next morning. Regular application of wheat germ oil will reduce the double chin. This will also help you to get rid of face fat.

8.) Chin Exercise to Get Rid of Double Chin

Regular chin exercise stretches and tone your face, neck and jaw muscles. Moreover, the exercises will strengthen your neck and chin muscles and keeps the stiffness at the bay. In this way, it will help you to get rid of neck fat. Keep your spine straight and look at the ceiling by tilting your head backward, now pout for five seconds and become normal. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times for few weeks to get rid of double chin. Alternatively, keep your spine straight and move your head in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Do it for at least 10 minutes for best results.

9.)  Yoga to Treat Double Chin

Yoga and face exercises are the best treatment for double chin. Yoga such as wind-relieving pose, bow pose will give you relief from the double chin. The Asanas are also good for shedding extra weight. However, avoid wrong postures. Yoga is also effective to lose weight.

10.) Water to Get Rid of Double Chin

Water is a key for all health related problems. Two liters of water in a day and you will transform from flab to fab. To reduce chin, it is important to reduce the appearance of jaws and therefore, drinking water comes handy. Water keeps you hydrated and wipes out all the toxins present in your body. Moreover, you should drink plenty of juices and detox drinks since they are another form of water. So replace healthy juices with soft and hard drinks. Alternatively, you can also have fruits rich with water, such as melon, celery, lettuce, cucumber to get rid of double chin.

11.) Melon to Get Rid of Double Skin

Melon is also one of the ideal home remedies for double chin. With the help of cotton ball apply melon around neck and chin. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off with water. You can also add apple juice in it for effective results. Massage this solution on the jaw line regularly. It is also an ideal food for weight loss.

12.) Cocoa Butter to Get Rid of Double Chin

Cocoa butter improves the elasticity of the skin and treats double chin. All you have to do is warm cocoa butter. Massage it in the neck and face many times a day to get rid of double chin. Apply it before taking a bath and going to sleep. in a month, only you will notice visible changes.

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