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How to Give A Hickey?

This article is about different ways to give a hickey to your partner. Secretly looking to know how to give a hickey to someone special? You have clicked to the right article which discusses how to give a hickey briefly. This article will help the individuals who have never offered hickey to anybody. Before discussing various ways to give a hickey lets know what is a hickey?

What is a Hickey?

A hickey is a passionate love bite. Any part of the body can be utilized to give hickey yet it should not be placed with bone like elbow or fingers and so on. The mark of a hickey is more visible on delicate zone like neck, nose, lips, cheeks, thighs and stomach and so on. To avoid the embarrassment, it is best to get some information about the area where he or she need to get hickey. Hickey does not have any reaction. However, it leaves a mark which can be embarrassing for ou. Many people believe that hickey can give you growth, STD or something like that. While there is any such case which proves that hickey is the main cause of all these acute disease. Moreover, it has been found that hickey is safe than a french kiss. A french kiss involves the mouth to mouth kiss that can transfer the virus from one person to another and therefore, leads to STD. However, it is not possible with a hickey. In hickey, you simply suck the skin or chomp the first layer of skin which does not lead to severe problem

You don’t require exclusive abilities or learn strategy to give hickey because it is same like you are sucking or kissing firmly. The only difference is that you will suck or kiss until its leave the mark. Yet, at the same time you have to take care of the few rules while giving a hickey. Read more, to know simple steps to give a hickey.How to give a hickey

Simple Steps to Give a Hickey:

1.) Ask for Partner to Give a Hickey

Nobody would like to flaunt a mark of a hickey. Hickey imprints could be humiliating, specially when you are not open about your relation. These are the reason a few individuals avoid getting hickey as they get a scars of it. So make sure, that when you give a hickey your partner is ok with it. Moreover, to avoid the embarrassment  give him a hickey at body part which is not visible. However, if the hickey mark is visible then you can search for the How to get rid of a hickey? at the same website.

2.) Foreplay to Give a Hickey

Foreplay is typically known for sex, however the motivation behind foreplay is to arouse your partner. You have to arouse your partner before you begin offering hickey to your partner. You can begin by kissing regularly and back rub to your partner. This will arouse him and make hickey more pleasurable.

3.) Choose Your Area to Give a Hickey

When you arouse your partner through kissing and foreplay, choose an area where you can give a hickey. It could be neck, lips or even stomach or belly. In case that your partner does not want the mark to be visible then suck him or her passionately at the body part which is not visible. You can take permission from your partner for proposal on the best way to give a hickey as well. Once you choose the area for a hickey. Begin kissing that part gradually for few second and after that minimal harder. Simply make your partner prepared for this.

4.) Use Your Tongue to Give a Hickey

In case that you observe that your partner is making the most of your kissing by her groaning, you should now begin kissing more firmly, harder or forcefully. Utilize your tongue to grease up the range.

5.) Suck to Give A Hickey

Rather than utilizing only your lips, now use your entire mouth to suck the region. Bite a tiny area if your partner is alright with it. Continue sucking for 2-3 minutes and amid sucking continue kissing and utilize your tongue. At the end kiss the area gently.

In case that you have sucked enough, you will see the hickey marks, do not worry. At some point it may take a few second for hickey to show up. Hickey imprints may stay for 2-3 days, so don’t stress over it. In case that you would prefer not to show anybody, then you can remove with the assistance of makeup or utilize ice cubes. you can also read how to get rid of hickey marks on this website.


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