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How to Give Someone a Hickey?

If you are looking to know about how to give someone a hickey, then you have come to the right place. This article is about how to give someone a hickey? Read this article to know about giving a love bite to your partner. What is a Hickey? Don’t be confused with the word ‘Hickey’. It is a love bite or sign of love that is given by your partner. It is a very embarrassing situation when you are going outside with a hickey. However, you can hide hickey by covering any cloth, band-aid or make-up. When the boy or the girl sucks your skin or flesh, then the blood vessels broken under the skin and you get a red mark like a bruise. Your partner can give hickey on any part of your body, especially on the neck. Hickey can heal slowly or quickly depending on your skin. But it can last more than a week. Once it gets healed, then there will be no mark or scar.

how to give someone a hickey

How Long Does a Hickey Last?

If a hickey is not treated then it can last 5 to 12 days. Some hickeys take a longer time to heal. Hickeys fade away slowly.

Ways to Give Someone a Hickey:

As you don’t need any special skills or technique to give someone a hickey because it is just like kissing tightly. But we are providing you some guidelines to give hickey or love bite to your partner. These methods will definitely help you to give a hickey.

1.) Understand Hickey to Give a Hickey

Before giving someone a hickey, you should know what a hickey is. A hickey is a kiss mark or love bite, especially a bruise which is caused by sucking or kissing aggressively someone’s flesh or skin. Initially, it is red in color, due to broken blood vessels it turns purple or dark brown in color.

2.) Reasons to Give Someone a Hickey

Hickeys are a sign of passion during making out moment, out of desire you give to your lover. Giving someone a hickey shows your territory and telling about your love towards your partner. Hickey is not only for girls or guys, it is for both. Anyone can give and receive hickey.

3.) Ask For Permission to Give Someone a Hickey

It is not necessary that everyone like a hickey. Some people don’t want to get hickey as it is an embarrassing mark. If you are a school going person and not open to your relationship, then definitely you want to avoid getting a hickey. So don’t try to give a hickey without his/her permission. Always ask your partner before giving a hickey.

4.) Build up Attention to Give Someone a Hickey

Don’t try to give a hickey without building attention. First, enjoy kissing or French kissing whatever your partner like most. Then move your lips on your partner’s neck. Start doing with light kisses, then move into harder kisses on the neck and collarbone. If your partner enjoying it, then move into giving a hickey or love bite.

5.) Choose Your Location to Give Someone a Hickey

Once you build up attention through kissing or foreplay. Now it is your turn to choose the location where you want to give the hickey. Hickey works well on delicate and thin skin which is usually found on lips, neck, nose, thigh, etc. But don’t try to give hickey in the middle of the throat where anybody can see. The side of the back of the neck and collar bones is the best option as they can be covered with long hair or T-shirt.

6.) Suck and Bite to Give Someone a Hickey

Use your whole mouth to suck the skin instead of using your lips. Suck the area for 2 to 3 minutes and keep kissing during sucking. And use your tongue to pleasure your lover. When you end up with this process, then you will see the hickey mark. If it doesn’t visible, then you can bite your partner little hard. Hickey marks stay for 2 to 3 days or about a week.

Ways to Hide Hickey:

After getting a hickey, you will definitely look for hiding it. So we are here to help you to hide a hickey.

1.) Use concealer to Hide Hickey

  • Use concealer or heavy makeup to hide your hickey.
  • But make sure use a color that matches your skin.
  • Using concealer is the best and effective way to hide a hickey.

2.) Wear a Scarf to Hide a Hickey

  • A scarf is a fashionable item which no one will put a question on it.
  • Wear a scarf or wrap it around your neck to hide a hickey.
  • You can also wear a turtleneck or putting your long hair down.

3.) Use Band-Aid to Hide Hickey

  • Using a band-aid will effectively help you to hide a hickey.
  • Having a band-aid on the neck and on the arm will look obvious.

4.) Artificial Tattoos to Hide Hickey

  • Artificial tattoos are the best way to hide a hickey.
  • Get artificial tattoos on the neck or on hand so that you can remove it late on.
  • Make sure not to get permanent tattoos as they won’t be removed.

Ways to Remove a Hickey:

1.) Ice to Remove a Hickey Fast

Using an ice is one of the best home remedies for removing hickey. Ice can relieve swelling or pain and make the mark invisible.

  • Take a clean cloth and wrap the ice pack in this cloth. Then place this cloth on your hickey or love bite.
  • You can also use a cooled spoon instead of using an ice pack.
  • Leave the ice for at least 20 minutes and apply it many times a day.

2.) Aloe Vera to Get Rid of Hickey Naturally

Aloe Vera works as a natural moisturizer that will help to reduce the appearance of the love mark.

  • Take some Aloe Vera gel and massage the gel to your affected skin.
  • Repeat this Aloe Vera remedy 2 or 3 times a day.
  • You can also apply aloe vera based lotion or cream on the bruise 2 to 3 times a day.

3.) Banana Peel to Heal a Hickey Fast

The soothing and cooling properties in banana peel helps to minimize your hickey.

  • Take a ripe banana peel and cut it.
  • Place the inside part of the peel on the love bite for half an hour.
  • Do it 2 or 3 times a day to minimize the appearance of the hickey.

4.) Hot Compress to Treat a Hickey

The heating pad is also one of the best and effective home remedies for healing bruise. Heat helps to increase the blood flow and open up blood vessels which can speed up the healing process.

  • Place a heating pad on the affected skin area.
  • Apply this heating pad for 20 minutes many times a day.

5.) Massage to Treat a Hickey Fast & Naturally

  • Massaging with fingers is the best way to remove a hickey.
  • Use your fingers to gently massage the affected area and do it 2 times a day for a few minutes.
  • This method helps to promote circulation and speed up the healing process.


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