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How to Lighten Dark lips?

After writing how to get pale skin?, how to get lighter skin?, and how to get fair skin fast permanently?, we are now writing the ways to lighten dark lips. However, there are many circumstance that take away the natural pinkness of your lips. With the natural tips, you can repair the plumpness and get the youthful looks. You can transform your lips into soft, sensual and lighter in shade naturally. One of the fact is that pink lips do depend on a lot of genetics, but you can do treat your lips to make your lips pink and beautiful. So, without spending a lot on cosmetic products, you can have pink and light lips and that too by following natural methods. Besides all these tips, it is very important that you should try to take care of your lips daily to save it from getting cracked, thin or chapped. Remember, loss of moisture make the lips flaky, dry or cracked. Along with moisturizing your skin, you also need to moisturize your lips regularly. If you are not gifted with beautiful lips, you can even create a fantasy of having fuller or broader lips by applying right kind of lip makeup. Use the simple makeup tips that are helpful to make your lips look luscious on special occasions. You also need to exfoliate your lips on a regular basis in order to protect them from getting darker and dry.

lighten dark lips

Remedies to Lighten Dark Lips:

1.) Coconut Oil to Lighten Dark Lips

Did you know that there are numerous of different natural ways to keep lips soft and beautiful? Using or applying a bit of coconut oil on your lips is the best way to keep your lips hydrated and beautiful. Coconut oil works like magic on your lips. The best time you apply it is during the night-time before going to bed. Besides you can scrub your lips before applying coconut oil. The best natural scrubber for your lips are sugar or honey. Take a pinch of sugar and honey and gently rub it on your lips for 1 to 2 minutes. After that wash it off with cold water. Sugar helps to get rid of the dead skin and the honey provides you moisture so that your lips become soft and lustrous.

2.) Beetroot to Lighten Dark Lips

Beetroot juice can become your favorite to enhance the texture and color of your lips. You can even call it a natural lip enhancer. Not only it will give your lips pink beautiful color, beetroot is rich in vitamins and other antioxidants too. That will efficiently help to nourish your lips. If you apply beetroot juice daily at night before going to sleep or before going to bed, then in the morning you will wake up with beautiful, pink lips and the color can remain the whole day until your decide to wash it away. This Remedy helps you to lighten your dark lips.

3.) Clove Oil to Lighten Dark Lips

Articulating of plumped up lips. If you’re looking for an all natural pout and instant lip plumper then just add or apply some clove oil to your lips. You will get the result  instantly as your lips will seem bigger and also more luscious. Clove oil works its best to give you light, soft and bigger lips.

4.) Almond Paste to Lighten Dark Lips

If you want your lips to glow and that too bright in color, here’s a best tip for you to follow. Almond paste will give your lips a beautiful sheen and lightens your dark lips. But almonds also helps your lips will glow naturally while making it softer. Water is also an important source to make your lips light and soft. Drinking up to eight glasses of water every day. It is a great way to ensure that not only your lips but also your skin look beautiful, healthy and hydrated.

5.) Brightening Lips Scrubs to Lighten Dark Lips

If your lips look dull and tired, try to refresh and lighten them up using this simple lip scrub. Mix one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey. After that mix it well and massage this solution on your lips for 1 to 2 minutes. This organic homemade scrub will help your lips getting brighten up and dullness will disappear. And at the end of the process of using this scrub you will be blessed with light pink lips.

6.) Roses to Lighten Dark Lips

Grind up some rose petals in a bowl until you see the juice with the help of pedestal. Now apply this paste directly on your lips. Not only it smells like a divine but also rose petals will hydrate, nourish and moisturize your lips. It will help making your lips look brighter, soft, healthier and of course natural pink.

7.) A Slice of Cucumber to Lighten Dark Lips

Rub a cucumber slice on your lips daily for a couple of minutes and see your lips brighten up. Cucumber will help to moisturize and nourish your lips, lighten their color and make them look pinker naturally. It helps to remove dead cells from your lips.

8.) Orange to Lighten Dark Lips

Orange peel can be used in a very helpful way  in treating dull and dark looking lips. So, next time you eat or consume an orange, don’t throw away the peeled cover. Because it is very good for your skin. Just rub it on your lips for a minute or two and see your lips brighten up and “blush”.

9.) Carrot Juice to Lighten Dark Lips

Carrot juice works the similar way as beetroot juice. Just dip a cotton pad or ball in a bowl of carrot juice and then rub it on your lips. This rich in vitamins juice will add color and nourish your lips. Leave it for the whole night in order to lighten your dark lips.

10.) Baby Oil to Lighten Dark Lips

Finally, the last tip to keep your lips soft that we’re going to talk about is baby oil. Using just a little drop of baby oil on your lips is a great alternative to chapped lips and it works better than anything else. Everyday moisturize your lip with baby oil before going to the bed and leave it overnight. You will notice the results in a few days.


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