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How to Lose Face Fat?

This article will help you to know the ways to lose face fat. The face fat can described as extra amount of fat that makes your face look bigger than usual. When you tend to increase weight it is also get noticed on your face. But it varies from person to person. For few people the increased weight is not reflected on their face. While for few people minor weight gain shows up on their face. And, there the problem starts as you feel it is affecting your personality. Thereby, you do not have to worry too much about it as the face fat issue can be solved with minor tips to follow. And, it is very simple to follow-up those methods to reduce face fat. There will be two basic measures that need to be adopted. Firstly, adopt a change in your diet which is not only responsible for your face fat but also for your body weight. Secondly, some kind of physical exercises will help you remain fit, that is helpful for your all over body weight too.

Ways to Lose Face Fat:

lose face fat

1.) Change in your Diet Will Help to Lose Face Fat

The first step you will need to take up is to change your dietary habits. Shift your diet from junk to healthy food. That will mostly include fresh vegetables, fruits and fluid intake. It will help your body to be away from extra fatty foods. It means you will need to decrease your calories intake. And add more of low-calorie food in your daily diet and also foods that has more of fibre content in it. Try to avoid sugary products too.

2.) Blowing Balloons Will Help You to Lose Face Fat

Blowing balloons is one of the easiest tricks to lose your face fat. It will help you to tone and slim your face. You can simply blow a balloon as a part of exercise to lose your face fat. When you blow the balloon you will feel the stretching of muscles of your face. You just need to fill air in the balloon and release it. You can repeat this process from 10 to 15 times. Try to follow this measure till notice any change to get rid of face fat.

3.) Chew Sugar Free Gum to Lose Face Fat

This is another best trick to lose face fat. All you will need to do is take a sugar-free gum and chew it for 5 to 10 minutes. Even chewing a gum will help to reduce your extra fat and tone your jaw line. So, try to follow this simple method to lose your face fat. Repeat this process till you get your desired result.

4.) Try Hot Towel Therapy to Lose Face Fat

A steam is always good for your healthy skin. A simple facial steam will help your face to sweat. As a result, your face will lose down the extra fat. Therefore, try this hot towel therapy. For this you will need to boil the water and leave it aside for few minutes. Then dip a face towel in it and squeeze the extra amount of water. After which, place the towel on your checks to let your checks feel the warm heat. Try to repeat this process for 2 times a day. And continue till you notice any change on your face.

5.) Give a Face Massage to Lose Face Fat

A massage is always relaxing. But when taking a massage has added benefits, that is more exciting and pleasing for you. But this is just a simple massage for your face that will help you to reduce its extra fat. Also, a face massage will help the blood circulation stimulate properly. For this you will need wheat germ oil. Apply wheat germ oil from your neck to cheeks area of yours. And give a gentle massage from bottom to upwards direction. Continue with the gentle massage for 5 to 10 Minutes. The wheat germ oil will even moisturize your skin well.

6.) Try Tongue Rotating Exercise to Lose Face Fat

This is one of the unique exercises that most of you are not aware of. This is another simple way to reduce your face fat. All you will need to do is to rotate your tongue in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. While performing the tongue rotating exercise try to keep your mouth close. And make sure that your tongue touches the outer area of both your upper and lower teeth and jaw line. Repeat this process for 5 minutes 2 to 3 times a day. And continue with this facial exercise till you notice a certain amount of changes on your face.

7.) Perform Smiling Fish Exercise to Lose Face Fat

The smiling fish exercise is will help to tone your tone your cheeks. Also this is one of the best facial exercises that work its charm to surprise you with its after effects. You will need to make a fish face while trying to chuck your cheeks into inside. Now while holding that pose try to smile. It is difficult at the first few tries, but you will get adapted to it.

8.) Perform Puffy Cheeks Exercise to Lose Face Fat

Puffy cheeks exercise, the name itself sounds interesting! Well, this is the simplest facial exercise among the exercise that has already been mentioned in the above points. This exercise will help you to strengthen the upper muscles of your cheeks. All you have to do is keep your mouth close and try to fill in air within it. Stay in that pose for 10 seconds and then you have to shift the air from one side of the cheek to other. Now hold it for another 10 seconds. Try to do the same for the other side of the cheek as well. You can opt for right cheek at first followed by the left cheek. Do this exercise for 1 week to 2 week to get the desired result.

9.) Gargle to Lose Face Fat

Well, you must be knowing the fact that gargling helps to get you clear throat. It also helps your sore throat to soothe down. All you have to do is boil some amount of water. And take it in your mouth only when its luke warm. Now try to swirl the water present inside the mouth. This will help you to lose down the chubbiness from your cheek. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times a day.

10.) Stick to your New Strategy to Lose Face Fat

In order to lose face fat you will have to stick to your new regime of diet and exercises. For few of you it might work quickly. But the ones, who feel it’s taking time, don’t lose hope. It will take a few weeks to tone and firm your face while losing the face fat.

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