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How to Use Coconut Oil for Skin?

This article will help you to know a variety of ways to use coconut oil for skin. Coconut oil is nature’s one of the best gifts that works its charm in various ways. When there is a need to keep your skin in healthy and fresh state, coconut oil is best to choose for. Coconut oil works to give you glowing skin and it also helps in healing scars. The use of coconut oil on daily basis will leave no scars on your body. And, it moisturizes your skin well to keep it smooth and soft with a shiny touch. It’s even good for consumption too. The consumption of coconut oil in your food will keep you away from gaining weight. Coconut oil has the natural essence of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Thereby, if you include the coconut oil in your daily routine uses, you will get a lot of benefits to keep your skin healthy. Here you will be provided with the top most useful tips to use coconut oil for skin. To know more about the uses of coconut oil for skin read further for handful of best tips.

Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Skin:

use coconut oil for skin

1.) Use Coconut Oil for Skin to Remove Makeup

The appliance of makeup seems quite easy. But when it comes the post makeup period, one has to think of different and easy ways to remove makeup. Sometimes it even gets messy if you are not aware of the proper techniques. But here’s your magic charm! Well, it’s not that hard to remove your makeup with coconut oil. It might sound strange. But if you dab cotton pad on coconut oil and remove your eye makeup. It will easily come off, even if it is waterproof. And it will leave no trace of mess. Instead it will moisturize the area and keep your skin under your eyes wrinkles free. The use coconut oil on your face is helpful to have a smooth and clear skin.

2.) Use Coconut Oil for Skin in Terms of Body Lotion

Instead of looking out for the expensive body lotions, try using coconut oil. There are two ways of using coconut oil for your skin as body lotion. One you can use directly coconut oil on our skin. You can apply coconut oil on your hands and other parts of the body before going to bed at night. In the morning you will have a soft and glowing skin. If you do not like the direct use of coconut oil, then try adding few drops in your daily lotion. It will help you to get away from the direct use.

3.) Use Coconut Oil for Skin as a Cleanser

You must be following a daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. Well, bring a change to that routine of yours. It can be done by using coconut oil as a cleanser. Keep your expensive cleanser aside. Then try to cleanse your face and neck area with a few drops of coconut oil. Give a gentle massage on your skin in circular motion. This will help to soothe your skin. And after few minutes wash your face with your face wash. After which you notice the change by yourself.

4.) Use Coconut Oil for Skin to Clean your Scalp

To clean the scalp is sounding odd. But yes there is a way to keep your scalp free from dirt and naturally produced oils. Well, all you need to do is just like oiling your hair, your scalp also needs some kind of oiling to keep the roots of your hair strong and healthy. It will also increase your hair growth. Just take some amount of oil in a small bowl and dab cotton in it. With the help of the cotton ball now rub with on your scalp. After you are done covering your head, try to give a gentle massage on it. And leave it overnight. In the morning you can wash your head with your regular shampoo.

5.) Use Coconut Oil for Skin to Heal your Scars and Other Injuries

You might not be aware of the fact that coconut oil can heal you. It will work faster than any medicinal cream to heal your scars and injuries. All you have to do is wash your scar or the injury. After which, dry it up with a towel and apply coconut oil over the affected area. And you can go to bed. In the morning you will notice the significant changes on your scars and injury.

6.) Use Coconut Oil for Skin to Cure Acne

Well, your acne problem can be healed naturally. Here is the remedy to cure or treat your acne. If your skin is too much of acne prone, then you need to gather some amount of patience to let your acne go away gradually. And if you have minor acne problem, then it will get cured in no time. Wash your face properly with your regular face wash, and then apply some coconut oil over the affected area. If possible for you then, you can even stick a very small amount of cotton on the acne to let the oil remain for a longer period. While going to sleep, cover your pillow with a towel. It will prevent your pillow from your face oil.

7.) Use Coconut Oil for Skin as a Lip Balm

To have smooth and crack free lips, you need to drink more water to keep it hydrated. But along with that you can get soft lips with the use of coconut oil. Coconut oil will not let your lips to dry and keep it moisturized. You can use coconut oil for your lips in two ways. One you can add few drops of coconut oil in your lip balm for your regular usage. The second if you do not have much problem with coconut oil, then apply it directly on your lips. The appliance on your lips will work when you doze off to sleep at night.

8.) Use Coconut Oil for Skin as a shaving Cream

For men, the use of coconut oil is to apply some coconut oil instead of shaving cream. Before shaving your beard, you can apply coconut oil and shave it directly. It will leave a smooth surface on your face. And for women, who all try to shave your legs at home, try using coconut oil to get a smooth skin. You can apply coconut oil directly on your legs and shave it off. This will leave your legs with smooth surface and a glimpse of shine on it.

9.) Use Coconut Oil for Skin to Keep your Tooth White and Shining

 This piece of information will amaze you. The coconut oil can help your teeth shine a with touch of extra white on it. To get that white touch, you can mix few drops of coconut oil with 1 or 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Mix it well and brush your teeth with it. It will keep your gums healthy as well.

10.) Use Coconut Oil for Skin to Stretch Marks

Well, you can remove your stretch marks with the help of coconut oil. After pregnancy or weight loss, most people suffer from stretch marks. So, to get rid of stretch marks, one can use coconut oil over the stretch marks area. It will clear up gradually.


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