How to Deal with Anxiety?

In this article, we will talk about ways to deal with anxiety. All of us go through it at some point of our life. The stress, the tension, the lack of confidence, the will to give up completely, the time when nothing seems right and yes depression. For many of who are wondering what I am talking about, there is a word for all these problems, better known as anxiety. Anxiety has affected all teenagers and adults at some point. Anxiety normally occurs when a person tends to worry about something an event or happening that is bound to occur. The worry is normally about the end result of the same and how will it affect them individually.

Although, you might be thinking that all of us tend to worry, so what is so special about anxiety?  Well, anxiety is the elevated version of worry, for it can affect both the body and mind of an individual. Don’ let anxiety add to your overall worry, for we here will provide you easy tips to deal with anxiety and to get rid of it. Before we begin let’s see what causes it at the first place.

Symptoms of Anxiety:

  • If there is an extreme feeling of hate, fear, nervousness or guiltiness.
  • Insomnia
  • Constant sweating of hands and body.
  • Cannot breathe properly.
  • Heart beating really fast.
  • Low concentration.
  • Difficulty in remaining calm and relaxed.
  • Nausea

Causes of Anxiety:

  • Stress of any kind like personal professional or even financial.
  • Side effect to any medicines.
  • Underlying medical problems.
  • Use of banned drugs, such as cocaine and heroin.

How to deal with anxiety

Ways to Deal with Anxiety:

1.) Meditation to Deal with Anxiety:

One of the essential tools to deal with all kinds of anxiety is to start meditating. Meditation is known to help the body focus and provide a perfect balance which lasts long. Anxiety normally occurs when our body is unable to channelize our emotions in the right way. The distraction leads to brain mechanism getting stressed and leading to this problem.

It is best advised to perform breathing exercises and mediation, early morning. Make sure to do it on a regular basis and if the need comes, consult an expert so that you can stabilise your emotions.

2.) Eat Healthy to Deal with Anxiety:

We as humans in the age of processed and fast food have completely forgotten healthy eating. It has always been necessary to add a balanced diet, which fits in all the essential nutrients and vitamins. One of the major symptoms of anxiety is what is better known as eating disorder. It is generally defined as the loss of appetite. Therefore to tackle this problem, It becomes all the more necessary to deal with it.

Consult a nutrition expert and follow the diet according to your type and body. Your anxiety will disappear, leaving you with a healthy body and mind.

3.) Exercises to Deal with Anxiety

It is known that a lethargic body is home to all kinds of diseases and problems. Performing some kind of exercises daily on a regular basis can prove to be substantially beneficial. All you have to do is to spend 25-30 minutes of your time running or performing some kind of cardio or resistance exercises. As the body’s metabolic functions start running at a higher speed, it will promote your brain health also. You will slowly notice your anxiety disappearing completely.

4.) Get a Massage to Deal with Anxiety

A good massage can do wonders for your tired body and mind. Experts in this field target pressure points and muscle areas which are known to get stressed. They will handle your body like a piece of art that has to be moulded in a perfect direction. Even though it may cost a lot but it is still worth all the pampering that you crave for.

If budget constraints are really a problem, then someone close can also try it out for your relaxation time. 

5.) Sleep to Deal with Anxiety

The first remedy that comes to mind when we talk about ways to target anxiety is sleep. Maintaining a proper sleep pattern is one of the first steps to a healthy lifestyle. People who normally suffer from insomnia or are considered night owls are generally the first one to be the victims of depression and anxiety.

Maintain a sleep journal, where you write in all the details related to your sleep. You can also fix a certain sleep pattern, where you sleep early and wake up early. As your mind gets proper rest its functions may enhance.

6.) Power of Essential Oil to Deal with Anxiety

Many essential oils like lavender especially are known for its healing properties. It can help relax your body and mind for its natural smell and properties are known for their remedial effects. You can add lavender oil by different ways to use it:

  • Add lavender oil in your tub, before taking a bath.
  • Use it as massaging oil.
  • Inhale lavender oil to get rid of any kind of pain. A simple way of adding it in your daily life is to use it as a room freshener.

7.) Avoid Coffee to Deal with Anxiety

Caffeine consumed in any form is known to induce anxiety and tension. For many of you, we understand that it might be the perfect stress buster but it over consumption can trigger problems for you. Look for other alternatives as we discuss in the next point. Moreover, the added sugar in the coffee can provide a great blow to your treatment process.

8.) Drink Green Tea to Deal with Anxiety

Drinking green tea is associated with a healthy behaviour. Make sure to consume 2-3 glasses of green tea daily for a healthy body and mind. The green tea comes with antioxidants and relaxants which can simulate the happiness hormones. Try it as an alternative and as an added gift get a glowing skin.

9.) Hang Out to Deal with Anxiety

Yes, we understand how reluctant you feel to go out or even get ready when suffering from anxiety. During these times remember, a good time can distract you from all the problems that you are facing. Get along with your most trusted friends and plan a trip. It could be anything like a picnic or hiking. Anything that gets you away from your daily routine will do.

10.) Omega-3 to Deal with Anxiety

One of the essential fats that you should add to your diet is omega-3. It is known to get rid of depression and stress. Consume omega-3 tablets or fish on a regular basis to get in shape. With time, you will feel more relaxed and healthy.

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