How to Get Curly Wavy Hair Naturally Permanently?

After writing, how to make your hair grow?, how to stop hair fall?, how to hair?, we are now writing how to get wavy hair naturally permanently? Are you planning for a makeover? Do you want to do styling in your hair? Well, if your answer is yes, then try out some natural ways to make your hair wavy and stylish. Wavy hair is considered to be one of the best types of hair that are considered as extremely attractive and exquisite in their own way. Wavy hair looks good on almost every woman. It looks much better on the woman having round face, as it can cover the face of the woman effectively while making it appear slim and attractive. So, if you are planning to get wavy hair naturally permanently, then follow the tips given in this article. Just follow these natural tips sincerely and make hair naturally wavy.

Tips to Get Wavy Hair Naturally Permanently:

1.) Use Velcro Rollers

This is one of the effective methods to get wavy hair naturally without damaging it. It protects the hair from heat damage and at the same time gives it volume and bounce. If you want tight curls then use small sizes of Velcro rollers and if you want to get lose waves then use big sizes of velcro rollers.

  • Use a voluminizing shampoo to wash your hair. Squeeze the excess water out of your hair with a towel. If you have thick hair, then section your hair first and start rolling. For fine hair there is no need of sectioning.
  • Continue rolling your hair until the rollers get fixed against your scalp. Most probably you will not require pins to fix the roller. But if it is coming out then maybe your hair is thick and you need to section it out first.
  • Leave your hair like that for few hours until it dries completely. Remove the rollers and finger comb your hair. Apply a good hair spray to hold the waves.

2.) Paper Towel Method

This is one of the great alternatives to get wavy hair naturally permanently, if you don’t want to damage your hair by using heating methods. In this method, you need some tissue paper to get natural springy curls.

  • Shampoo your hair and squeeze the excess water out with a towel. Use a tissue paper and fold it. Make sure it is one inch wide and 4 to 5 inches long.
  • Take 2 inch section of your hair and wrap it around the tissue paper. Continue rolling the tissue paper until you reach the top. Repeat the same process with the other sections of your hair.
  • Leave your hair like this overnight. Open the paper towels and finger comb your hair. Use a hairspray for hold.

3.) Headband Method For Wavy Hair

This is one of the best methods to get wavy hair naturally, if you want large voluminous curls or beach waves. All you need is a blow dryer, headband and sea salt spray.

  • Dampen your hair with a spray bottle and wear a headband around your head. Divide your hair into two sections. Start with wrapping one section your hair around the headband.
  • Continue doing this and when you get to the end fix the hair with hair pins. Do this with the other section of hair. Allow the hair to dry completely. This you can do either by using a blow dryer at cool settings and just by leaving the hair overnight.
  • Unpin your hair once it dries completely. Apply a sea salt spray to hold the waves.

4.) Bantu Knots For Wavy Hair

This is one of the best methods if you love springy curls. It is a great method for all hair types and it also keeps your hair frizz free. All you need is some bobby pins, towel, hair gel and hair spray.

  • Shampoo your hair and condition it. Let you hair dry and once it is 80% dry, gather 2 inch section of your hair and start twisting it. Continue twisting it until it resembles like a rope.
  • Now, with this twisted section make a small bun and fix it with bobby pins. Make these small buns all over your head. Leave these bantu knots overnight. You can wear a shower cap if you want.
  • In the morning, undo your hair and let it dry. Finger comb your hair and use a good hair spray for hold.

5.) Scrunching to Make Your Hair Wavy

It is one of the easiest methods to get messy curls or wavy hair. Scrunching can make your hair curly or wavy and depending on the natural texture of your hair. All you need to do is volumizing shampoo, gel, towel and hair gel.

  • Use a voluminizing shampoo to wash your hair. To the ends of your hair, apply your good conditioner. Wash your hair properly and squeeze out the extra water with a towel.
  • Don’t rub your hair as it can because breakage and frizz. Apply a good amount of mousse in your damp hair and a small amount of gel.
  • Start scrunching your hair in the same way as you will crumble a piece of paper. Make sure you do not apply this product near your roots otherwise your hair will look greasy.

6.) Twist Buns to Get Wavy Hair

This can really be a good and cute hairstyle at the same time when you will open the bun, you will get beautiful waves. It is one of the simplest ways to get beach curls. All you need is sea salt spray. It is a perfect way to protect your hair from heat damage.

  • Use a voluminizing shampoo to wash your hair. Divide your hair into two sections. Make a high pigtail with each section of hair.
  • Start twisting each pigtail until it looks like a rope. Now, twist the hair around itself until you reach near to the scalp. Wear this hairstyle until your hair dries completely.
  • Undo these cute buns and finger comb your hair. Scrunch your hair and use a sea salt spray to hold the waves.

how to get wavy hair naturally permanently

7.) Relaxed Curls With a Punch

Relaxed curls are easy to get and plus they look beautiful. You can enjoy the beauty of two hairstyles at the same time.

  • Divide your hair into thin sections. Braid all the sections of hair. Leave the braids for a few hours.
  • Undo your braids and run a flat iron over them. The waves that will be left will make you look beautiful.

8.) Make The Sock Bun

This is one of the easiest and best methods to get wavy hair naturally. The best thing is that you will carry a beautiful hairstyle while your hair is being curled. All you need is sock, hair tie, bobby pins and hair spray.

  • Use a spray bottle to make your hair damp. Squeeze out the extra water and wait until your hair is 80% dry. Gather all your hair to form a high ponytail. Secure it with a headband.
  • Cut the toes of a sock and convert it into a doughnut shape. Take out the ends of your hair through the hole of this sock. Wrap the ends of the hair around the sock and keep rolling it until it reaches the scalp.
  • Secure this bun with some bobby pins. Wait for 5 to 6 hours and then undo your bun. Finger comb your hair and use a hairspray to maintain the hold.

9.) Use The Pin Curls

Using pin curls is an another most effective ways to get wavy hair naturally. This method will create better curls as compared to the curls developed by curling irons. To make hair naturally wavy with pin curls follow these steps:

  • First make your hair damp with water. After this, separate your hair into four sections. Now, twist each section effectively till it doesn’t form a coil shape.
  • Then, pin-up, these coils with bobby clip or pin. Leave it for few minutes. At last, just dry your hair with the help of blow dryer or you may also leave it to get naturally dry. When you will uncoil these sections of hair, you will notice the best wavy hair.

10.) Make Your Hair Wet

If want wavy hair, then the first step is to wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner. For this, just apply a texturizing or volumizing product. After this, apply the method of pin curling on damp hair and then allow the waves to set dry.

12.) Use Your Fingers

It is the easiest way to make hair naturally wavy. For this, just make your hair strands damp with water. After this, roll your fingers and scrunch your hair with hands. Now, apply a little amount of gel by spreading it between your palm.

13.) Put One Bun

Make your hair damp with water. After this, twist your hair and make one bun. At last, leave it till gets completely dry. It is another most effective way to get the wavy hair. Use this method on a regular basis to get wavy hair naturally.

14.) Use Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are an ideal option for making your hair perfectly wavy. It gives polished and full-bodied waves. For this, set rollers on your hair effectively. Leave rollers on your hair for few minutes and then remove and loosen it with the help of toothed comb and fingers. Also, it is really very important to use a heat protectant on the hair to prevent hair breakage and frizz.

15.) Use Overnight Braids

It is another most effective way to get wavy hair naturally. For this, just braid your hair and keep it overnight. Also, make a braid on wet hair. When you will wake up the next morning, you will notice the natural wavy hair. Just comb it using your fingers and then use hairspray on it.

16.) Use Diffuser Attachment

When you are drying your hair with the blow dryer, try use to diffuser attachment to produce waves. It will not only minimize the frizz, but it will also regulate the heat while encouraging the natural movement. You may also use blow drying braids and curls to set the waves.

17.) Make Buns

You can make tiny buns on your hair for getting wavy hair. For this, first dampen your hair and then twist a small section of your hair. Now, wrap it and make a bun. Repeat this process and make tiny buns of your entire hair. At last, just dry your hair with a blow dryer or you may also leave your hair to get completely dry on its own.

18.) Use Waving Iron

Waving iron looks similar to the flat iron, but the only difference is when you will apply it, it will turn your strands into the wavy texture. So, use waving iron to make your hair naturally wavy. It is one the greatest choice of the people with straight hair to make it wavy.

19.) Curl Your Hair with Curling Iron

You can achieve wavy hair with several methods. One of such effective way is to use a curling iron. For this, divide your hair into different sections and twist them towards the end. After this, just comb these sections with your fingers to make hair naturally wavy.

Few Other Styling Tips Used by the Celebrities:

1.) Styling Tip for Getting Wavy Hair Like Kerry Washington:

According to the celebrity hair stylist Larry Sim, the best way to make hair naturally wavy is to use alcohol-free styling spray. Also, divide your hair into different sections and then curl your hair in opposite direction by using a curling iron.

2.) Styling Tip for Getting Wavy Hair Like Kim Kardashian West:

For getting wavy hairs like Kim Kardashian West, just blow-dry your hair and use large round brush for creating the movements. It is the best way to make your hair sit on your shoulders. After this, use flat or curl iron. Also, make sure that you refine curls by using an angle for curling out your hair. Try to make your hair stand away from your face.

3.) Styling Tip For Getting Wavy Hair Like Kate Hudson:

To get hair like Kate Hudson, just use a large-barrel curling iron for wrapping your hair away from your face on each side. Also, use a salt spray for getting the natural texture of the hair.

Few Other Effective Ways to Get Wavy Hair Naturally:

  • Use deep conditioning mask. Apply product when your hair is still wet.
  • Exfoliate hair scalp to get rid of product build-up. Use coconut oil hair mask on the hydrated hair.
  • Don’t wash your hair regularly, it is better to use refresher spray. Try to keep your hair moisturized.
  • If you are using the diffuser, just flip your hair upside down. Determine the wave type before making it wavy.

Hence, enhance your personality with wavy hair. Wavy hair looks most elegant and gives a classy look. If you really want to come to the notice of the onlookers, then don’t forget to make hair naturally wavy. It will change your whole personality and will give you the best makeover. So, do styling of your hair in various ways and makes your hair appear more attractive by using the above tips to make hair naturally wavy.

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