How to Stop Snoring? (Treat Snoring Problem)

Snoring is one of the most irritating diseases. In today’s generation it is very common. Sometimes it gets so annoying that even your own family members start avoiding entering our room. As it is  said that early to bed and early to rise makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise. But, ask the person  whose partner really snores hard. It’s difficult for this person to follow a good sleeping routine. It is already proved that snoring is a problem which not only harms the affected person, but also sucks  their loved one’s life. It is mainly that kind of disease which makes people snore and make other noises during their sleep. Snoring is very common during our sleep, but when it gets louder than it becomes the matter to be discussed because they are not the only one who get disturbed its also their partner who get to be disturbed at the same time.that’s why we need to go for some easy remedies to stop snoring.

It is a sign of serious medical considerations, this disease is also known as sleep aponea which makes the snorer stop breathing for several seconds and this mainly results to decrease the percentage of oxygen in our blood which can result in headaches and laziness. Read more to know about snoring, and how to stop snoring.

Causes Of Snoring:

The main cause of snoring is mainly the relaxation of the muscle that present in our mouth and throat during our sleep. Our mouth muscles basically collapse and relax back upon our throat, which can narrow the oxygen pipe and this obstruction of air leads to an audible vibration known as snoring or sleep aponea. This disorder is also associated with other medical traumas such as high blood pressure, obesity, stroke, heart disease and diabetes

  • Habits that can lead to snoring
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Overnight shifts
  • Overweight
  • Taking of sleeping pills
  • Dust allergies

How to stop snoring

Natural Remedies To Help Stop Snoring:

1.) Keep Changing Your Sleeping Position

This snoring can happen when you are lying on your back and the tongue falls back and it obstructs the airways and the passage of oxygen is less. So, to save yourself from snoring  sleep on one side. It will stop you from snoring.

2.) Avoid Alcohol and Drug to Stop Snoring

The much consumption of booze, sleeping pills can become the reasons to sleep aponea this can lead to the dropping of the muscle of our throat and jaw and can block the breathing passage. And, if we use  this  stuff in our daily routine before bed, then this habit of ours can lead to snoring.

3.) Weight Loss to Stop Snoring

This remedy can help a person to get rid of snoring. The excess fat on the body ,mainly the neck area can usually put pressure on the airways and passing of oxygen may not be proper and it can get stuck so, weight loss may be helpful for people who suffers from snoring.

4.) Stop Smoking to Avoid Snoring Problems

Many researches have proven that smoking is the major cause for snoring. It is the fact that smoking damages our respiratory system. And, daily smoking can cause to permanent damage to our lungs so it is necessary to quit smoking.

5.) Timely Sleep Routine to Stop Snoring

We need to make a sleeping schedule and we need to stick to it. Going to bed on time and getting up on time develops a consistent blood circulation. This sleeping routine proves to be very helpful to fight these snoring problems.

6.) Use a Pillow While Sleeping to Stop Snoring

Don’t lay flat on your bed. Use a pillow to give your body back support so that it will prevent the cells in your throat from falling back. So, buy yourself extra pillows so that it can give support to your neck. This method also give you relief from snoring.

7.) Reduce The Use of Sprays and Fresheners

Sometimes these artificial sprays and room fresheners may damage your respiratory system and may lead to breathing problems and also lead to many other allergies. And, thus it can leads to snoring problem. It better to cut down the usage of these artificial products.

8.) Keep Your Home Dust Proof 

Dust allergies are found to be very common in this polluted country. This  is also one of the basic causes for this breathing problem and due to this breathing problem we find it difficult to breath during the night and we start snoring.  So its best to save us from dust zones and to keep our surroundings clean.

9.)Meditation and yoga Helps to Stop Snoring

It’s also one of the best ways to fight your snoring problem. These are also known to be the best way to prevent snoring problems. Everyday yoga and meditation help to keep you active and disease free so, everyday little yoga and meditation really helps one to survive from these diseases.

10.) Exercise Helps to Cure Snoring Problems

Moderate kind of exercise can help you get relief from this snoring problem. It  has many benefits it will help you maintain a timely sleep schedule and it also assists in weight loss. So we need to do regular exercise or stretch to keep us fit. This is one of the natural ways to stop snoring.

11.) Save Yourself From Seasonal Cold

If the snoring problem you are having is only seasonal then you need to be careful during the specific season, mostly during rainy and cold season. So try to drink  herbal tea to protect yourself from these seasonal cold. And, these herbal tea helps in increasing your immunity system during seasonal cold.

12.) A Short Term Snoring Remedy For Those Who Are Not Suffering

  • If your partner is having snoring problem or you are sharing your room with someone who is having this problem, then remember  that the first thing you need to do is to support them to come out of this problem. You need to follow some of these tips so that you can sleep without any disturbance .
  • Buy yourself a good pair of earplugs but earplugs that are quite comfortable when you get accustomed to them.
  • Many Nosal machines available in the market that can make your night bearable with the snorer. These devices are helpful in lessening the snoring problems.

When To See The Doctor?

When  the sound of snoring is really loud then it comes to its dangerous condition. What we need is quick treatment. So it is the time we need to contact our doctor if the sound of your snore is louder and you stop breathing for some seconds when you are in sleep. What you need is to give doctor every single detail such as gasping for breath, waking up with a headache.

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