How to Remove Ink from Clothes? (Get Ink Out of Clothes)

After writing, how to remove coffee stains from clothes?, How to get nail polish out of clothes?, and how to remove wine stains?, we are now writing the best ways to remove ink from clothes. Keeping your clothes in a perfect manner is always not possible and there is always a minor situation or accident that end up messing your clothes. It may be your toddler, who just learned to hold a pen and scribbled everywhere. There are situations, when you leave your ink pen in your shirt pocket and forget to take out while giving it for laundry. There are many more situations of falling ink on your clothes but this is not a bigger problem for you to solve. In this article, we are giving the best ways and home solutions to remove ink from clothes. It is not too hard to get ink out of your clothes. Just follow the simples steps and remove ink stains from clothes.

Every woman struggle, when it comes to removing stains from clothes, whether its ink stains or some other stains. No matter what product you use, the stain does not vanish completely. Some of the stains such as ink are so reluctant that they do not go away easily. In this article, you will find out the best ways to remove ink from clothes. However, all remedies do not suit all fabrics, so make sure that you use a correct remedy. As, you can clean the ink stains at your home itself without using any expensive material. The ink can be easily and naturally removed with few simple steps that will be given in this article. The step by step information will guide you to remove the ink stains from your clothes.

Best Ways To Remove Ink from Clothes – Get Ink Out of Clothes:

Use The Toothpaste

Toothpaste, yes you heard it right! The one remedy, which cleans the germs of the mouth also comes handy for cleaning the stains on the clothes especially the ink stains. So apart from brushing your teeth, you know what you have to with it. For this trick you will need a non-gel or white tooth paste.

  • Place your ink stained cloth on a flat surface. Now put some tooth paste over the ink area.
  • Take an old toothbrush to scrub it over the area to remove ink from clothes. If the stains are deep try to scrub it little vigorously to remove it. At last wash it with your daily detergent wash.

Common Salt Will Help

Salt is normally known as the exfoliating agent but you can also use the salt to remove ink from clothes. It can work wonders in cleaning your ink stained clothes. This will work only on the fresh ink stains and not on dried one. It means the moment the ink has stained your cloth, that very moment you will need to pour salt over it, or before it start getting dry.

  • Spread your instantly ink stained cloth on a table or any flat surface. Now pour some salt over it. Take wet paper towel and try to rub on the surface gently.
  • Don’t rub to the other area or try avoid to spread the ink stain. After this, follow the same procedure with the help of an old brush to rub it till the stained disappears. Then wash it with your daily detergent.

Take Help From Vinegar

Vinegar is a common kitchen ingredient and apart from health benefits, it has laundry benefits as well. If your shirt has just got stained with ink pen around your pocket area, try the vinegar. Vinegar will work effortlessly to get ink out of clothes. You can even use corn starch with vinegar to use it to remove ink from your clothes. The same remedy can be used to remove coffee stains from clothes.

  • Firstly, dip your shirt in the water bucket with 3-4 tbsp of vinegar in it. Let the shirt to soak in vinegar water for half an hour.
  • After that, use a sponge to rub the affected area. Vinegar will decrease the amount of stain by lightening the effect on your shirt.
  • Then, to complete the cleaning part, wash it in the detergent wash. You can even mix some corn starch with vinegar to make a paste.
  • Apply that paste on the affected area and leave it to dry up. Follow the same procedure as mentioned in point one.

Apply The Cream of Tarter

Another ingredient, which you can use to remove ink from clothes is the cream of tarter. It is one of the effective remedies to get ink out of clothes. You can also it to remove stains from the metallic pots as well. In a bowl mix 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and make a thick paste of it. Rub the paste on the stained cloth and leave it for 3-4 hours. After the due time brush of the stain and wash the cloth.

how to remove ink from clothes

Rub With Sandpaper

Sandpaper can also be used to remove ink from clothes. It is an ideal approach to remove a stain from shoes, pants, blazers, suede jacket and other leather and heavy cloth stuff. The harsh nature of the sandpaper works to remove ink stains easily. 

Take the ink spotted cloth or the affected material and spread it on a flat surface (wooden table will work better). Take a small piece of sandpaper and rub it gently over the affected area. After few minutes the ink spotted area will be lightened. After that, you can even use a toothbrush or nailbrush to scrub it over the lightened area. Then you can wash it off with the detergent to clean it completely.

Make Use of Butter

Yes, butter! It might sound weird but yes, you can use the butter to remove the stain of the ink from your clothes.  You must be thinking does butter can clean an ink stained cloth. Well, for your surprise the answer is yes that butter can be used to get ink out of clothes. The butter can be used in liquid state and the solid state.

  • Spread the ink stained cloth on a flat surface and keep a towel or a plastic sheet beneath the cloth. If you are using the butter (liquid state or solid state), pour or rub it directly on the affected area.
  • Now take a wet paper towel or a sponge to rub it gently. Try to rub it till the stain disappears. Lastly, wash it with your daily detergent.

Take The Help From Hairspray

To rip off the stubborn stain of ink, apply hairspray on the fabric. It will dissolve the ink, which later you can remove easily. You might not be aware of the fact that hair spray is very effective to get rid of ink stains. Next time, when you see an ink stain on your cloth and you think how to remove it just grab your hair spray. It will help you to remove the stains instantly.

  • Take stained cloth and spread it on a wooden table. Now take the hair spray and just spray it on the affected area.
  • Then rub a sponge over the sprayed area. Try to rub it till the stained is all cleared. And wash it off the cleaned cloth with warm water.

Try With Some Milk

Milk can be used in several ways to remove ink from clothes. It is a good substitute for butter. It helps you to bid adieu to stain and give you neat and clean clothes.

  • Take the clothes that are colored and the whites separately. In a bucket or a big bowl (used for washing clothes), pour milk depending on the amount of the stained area.
  • Leave it for the overnight time without adding any extra ingredient in it. In the next morning, you will notice a difference on the stained area. Now wash the dipped clothes normally.

Use The Cornstarch Paste

Another ingredient from the kitchen, which you can use to remove the ink from clothes is cornstarch. So, instead of running to the super market to by some expensive product try this home remedy at your home to get ink out of clothes. Corn starch will work its best, when added some milk in it.

  • Take 1 Tablespoon of corn starch and mix it in 1 teaspoon of milk (the quantity of mixture may vary depending on the affected area of the clothes). Now mix it well to make a paste out of it.
  • Apply the paste directly on the ink stained cloth. Leave the paste on it for two to three hours to dry up completely. Later on, try to remove the paste with the help of an old tooth brush.
  • Lastly, use your vacuum cleaner to clean the remaining stains with it. And wash it with your daily laundry detergent.

Use Some Ammonia

Though it has a pungent smell but anything, which can help you to get ink out of clothes will work because if the stain is not treated before handily, it will destroy your cloth. Dab some ammonia over the stain. Leave it for a few minutes then wash it with detergent and water.

Rubbing Alcohol Will Help

This is one of the most natural home remedies to remove the ink from clothes. Rubbing alcohol is an excellent choice to get rid of ball point stains or marker strains. It is a good cleaner and easily pulls out the stains. One thing that you need to remember is that you don’t have to use rubbing alcohol on silk, rayon and wool. Follow the steps given below to use rubbing alcohol to remove ink from clothes.

  • On the top of a towel place the stained cloth. Before using rubbing alcohol, do a test on the hidden area of the cloth. Now, rub the stained area with rubbing alcohol.
  • The towel kept under the stained cloth can will get wet and discolored because of the ink coming out.
  • Therefore, move the stained cloth on the dry section of towel. This is done to ensure that the cloth does not pick back the ink.
  • Continue doing this until there is no ink removed to take out. Rinse the stained cloth with clear water multiple times.

Baking Soda and Water Paste

This is one of the most effective home remedies to get ink out of clothes. The best thing about this remedy is that baking soda is safe for all kinds of cloth materials. Follow the steps given below to use baking soda to remove ink from clothes.

  • Mix two parts of baking soda in a small bowl filled with water. Stir it well to make a loose paste.
  • Use a cotton ball to apply this paste on the ink stains present on the cloth.
  • Wipe this paste with a paper towel or a clean cloth.

how to get ink out of clothes easily

Glycerin and Dish Detergent

The combination of these two is drastic help, when it comes to remove ink stains from clothes. Glycerine is an excellent choice to remove old stains. Glycerine saturates the stains and lifts it up while the detergent cleans the stains away. The best thing is that the combination of these two works on all kinds of fabrics. Follow the steps given below to use these two ingredients to remove ink from clothes.

  • In a bowl, add one tablespoon of glycerine. Mix one teaspoon of liquid dish detergent in it.
  • Soak a white cloth in glycerine and dab it on the strain directly.
  • Once the strains lift up, change the side of the strained cloth and then again apply this glycerine on the strained cloth.
  • Leave this garment like that for the next 10 minutes. With the help of your fingers, apply more glycerine on the strains.
  • Rinse the cloth with clean water to remove the glycerine and dish soap from the clothes.

Try Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover contains acetone which helps to rip off the reluctant ink from the clothes. It is one of the common cosmetic found in every girl’s makeup kit. Now you know how to use it another way. You can also use the same remedy to remove wine stains.

  • Apply a nail polish remover on the stain with the help of the cotton ball.
  • Gently rub the cotton ball over the stain. Do not put pressure on the stain if the cloth’s fabric is light. Otherwise, it will destroy the clothes fabric.
  • Once the stain of ink is gone wash the cloth with a laundry soap and water.
  • Nail polish remover can remove the stains of the ink from the drum of the clothes dryer as well.

Remove Oil Based Stains From Clothes

No doubt it is a little difficult to remove oil based strains but trust me it is not impossible. These steps will remove the oil based stains from the clothes and make it look like new.

  • Ethanol is an excellent fabric friendly solvent. This fabric solvent is found in many household products such as rubbing alcohol or alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  • Keep the stained cloth on an absorbent surface. This will prevent the ink from spreading around your top. One layer of the top should lie against the absorbent surface.
  • Take a hand sanitizer and squirt a sufficient of it on the stain. Rub it with the help of your fingers.
  • Let it sit for the next 10 to 15 minutes so that it can break down the oils in the ink. Rub a small amount of detergent on the cloth. Wash the garment with clean water.

Water Based Stains From Clothes

Removing water based stains from the clothes is really an easy task. All you need is water, vinegar and a washing machine. Follow the steps given below to remove water based ink stains from clothes.

  • Take a large bowl and fill it with two parts of milk and one part of vinegar. Milk and vinegar acts as a magic eraser for the ink stains.
  • Hang the garment to dry. Leave the cloth overnight so that it soaks the milk and vinegar. Let it dry completely.
  • Now, wash it normally to get rid of water based ink stains. To get rid of the smell of milk and vinegar, wash your clothes with a good smelling detergent.

Remove Highly Pigmented Ink Stains From Clothes

It is very difficult to remove highly pigmented ink stains from clothes. The best thing that you can do is wash the stains immediately after you get it. Follow the steps given below to get rid of highly pigmented stains from the clothes.

  • Rub the stain with sufficient amount of soap or detergent. Wash the stain with warm water. Now, blot the ink with a paper towel.
  • Now, mix one teaspoon of ammonia in a large bowl of warm water. Soak your stained cloth in this bowl for about an hour. Now, scrub the stain with the help of a soft brush. Keep doing this until the stain goes completely.
  • If still the ink stain does not come out then combine one cup each of vinegar and alcohol. Keep the cloth on an absorbent material. Now, apply this prepared mixture on the stain until the fabric is saturated.
  • Let the cloth soak this mixture for the next 5 minutes. Now, rub some table salt over the ink stain. Leave the salt on the cloth for the next 10 minutes. Use a soft brush to scrub the ink from the cloth. Wash your fabric with warm water. Repeat this process again and again until the ink stain is gone completely.

Shortening to Remove Ink from Clothes

Another remedy which comes handy for cleaning the reluctant stain from clothes is  shortening. It is fat that is used to make cakes and pastries. And know you can use it to remove ink from clothes as well. Put the shortening on the stain, rub it for a while. Then wash the cloth with regular detergent and water.

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