Foods High in Manganese (Manganese Rich Foods)

Do you know how manganese is beneficial to our body? What if we lack in manganese content? Well, this in this article, we are going to talk about foods high in manganese. Manganese is an important element in our body. Lack of manganese can cause health problems like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, hearing loss, ataxia and ligament weakness.

People usually focus on vitamins, fibers, proteins, and minerals. Manganese is often ignored in spite of being an essential element for metabolism. Manganese is helpful for the body to function properly. It also helps nutrient absorption, bone development, and wound healing. Manganese deficiency is rare and is seen in people with poor bone health, fertility problems, and joint pain. This trace mineral is found in small amounts in diverse parts of the body such as bones, liver, kidneys and pancreas. Read out all the best foods high in manganese content.

Health Benefits of Manganese:

Healthy Bones: Manganese is vital for the normal and proper growth of human bone structure. Many women suffer a lack of manganese deficiency after their menopause. So increasing the quantity of minerals that women ingest is an important factor in preventing rupture.

Free Radicals: Manganese consists of antioxidant properties. The manganese includes many health benefits like monitoring the action of free radicals in the human body. These free radicals stop damaging human cells and other severe diseases. So add manganese supplements or food rich in this mineral is a very good option, particularly if you have other risk factors for various diseases.

Sugar Level: Manganese also shows efficiency to control sugar level in human blood. This may further stop the incidence of certain diseases like diabetes. To control the level of sugar in the blood, manganese regulate insulin synthesis and its secretion.

Metabolism: Manganese is important for the regulation of the body. The body’s metabolism is one of the essential functions of manganese. Manganese-activated enzymes aid in the metabolism of amino acids, cholesterol, and carbohydrates.

Preventing Osteoporosis: Manganese supplements are associated to help osteoarthritis and osteoporosis syndrome because it is a crucial mineral that has been verified to add to bone density and overall mineral density of the body.

Alleviating PMS Syndrome: It is an adverse but unavoidable fact that many women suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). In these monthly situations, manganese helps to ease the mood swings, depression, headaches and irritability to an extensive amount.

Thyroid Health: Manganese is one of the essential factors for many diverse enzymes, and it is a vital component of thyroxine, perhaps the most essential hormone in the thyroid gland.

Aids in Vitamin Absorption: Manganese helps soak up essential vitamins like vitamin E and B and minerals like magnesium.  Manganese is required to absorb and utilize vitamins taken from the food.

Brain and Nervous System: Manganese is vital for the healthy performance of the brain and it is also used to treat precise nervous disorders.

Digestive Tract: Manganese is a mineral, which is useful in maintaining the functioning of the digestive track. This further enhances the absorption of fat in the process of digestion and also lessens other problems like constipation and bowel uneasiness.

Foods High in Manganese (Manganese Rich Foods):

1.) Fruits High in Manganese

Fruits are high in manganese content. Fruits like, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, raspberries, and loganberries are also excellent as well as appetizing sources of manganese. Pineapple juice contains 1.4 mg of manganese in a half cup serving while the same amount of cranberry juice gives you 0.59 mg.

2.) Chocolates High in Manganese

Chocolate is also considered to be beneficial for various health problems and dark chocolate is recommended for deficiency of manganese and it is coming into trend. Unsweetened baking chocolate offers you  4.2mg (208% DV) of manganese per 100g serving. Cocoa powder provides 3.8mg (192% DV) per 100g serving or per cup. Mainly, milk chocolates provide around 0.5mg (24% DV) per 100g serving. So, don’t overeat it, have chocolate in moderate so that you can attain beneficial content for your health.

foods high in manganese

3.) Leafy Green Vegetables High in Manganese

Leafy green vegetables are the best source of manganese. These contain, spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, dandelion greens, mustard greens, red leaf lettuce, loose leaf lettuce, collard greens, arugula, kale and Swiss chard. The leafy green vegetables are an easy and convenient method to fulfill all the antisense and other content like vitamins and minerals through these loaded vegetables.

4.) Spices High in Manganese

Even spices consist of manganese. Yes, it’s true. These include spices like, cardamom, cloves, ginger, salt, pumpkin pie, and basil spice. Cloves are the greatest sources of 100 grams offering 60.1 mg or 30.06% of DV of this content. You can include these spices while cooking or even you can sprinkle some of them on salads.

5.) Legumes High in Manganese

Legumes are also beneficial foods rich in manganese. There are many varieties of legumes like chickpeas, soy, lupins, white beans, pigeon peas, moth beans and tofu. Hazelnuts are the best source of manganese among all the legumes with a ¼ cup portion providing 3.8 mg of this mineral. So, include legumes in your daily diet or you can include it in your salads or making soups etc.

6.) Nuts High in Manganese

Nuts are also a great food for manganese content. Nuts like chestnuts, Hazelnuts, butternuts, pecans, pine nuts, walnuts, filberts, macadamia nuts, and flaxseeds are other excellent foods loaded with manganese. Almonds are a rich source of manganese with 100 grams portion providing mg 92% or 1.835  of the daily suggested value of manganese. Cashews also contain an equal amount 0.826 mg or 41% of DV of manganese. So, start eating nuts to fulfill the lack of manganese content.

7.) Seafood High in Manganese

Seafood consists of high doses of zinc and is one of the maximum sources of manganese. Mussels take the primary place and they contain 5.8 mg of manganese. Clams are positioned second and third place is for crawfish. Other fish varieties such as trout, perch, bass also contain a healthy amount of manganese. However, you need to pick the healthy varieties as some fishes are infected with mercury.

8.) Whole Grains High in Manganese

Whole grains are packed with good amounts of manganese. Wheat germ provides good doses of manganese among other whole grain types. Whole grain cereals include 2.7mg of manganese in a ¼ cup portion. Bran flakes along with raisins contain 1.2 mg of manganese. Also, brown rice, oatmeal whole wheat pasta consists of nearly 1 mg of manganese for every ½ cup serving. A one-fourth cup of wheat grains contains 6mg of manganese.

9.) Beans High in Manganese

Beans are one of the richest sources of manganese and contain a high dose of protein. A cup of lima beans fulfills more than half the necessity of manganese i.e. 0.49mg. Moreover, chickpeas, adzuki beans, white beans, black beans also contain the high dosage of manganese. So, include beans to avoid deficiency of manganese.

10.) Seeds High in Manganese

Seeds such as pumpkin seeds are also rich in manganese. They are the excellent source of manganese in seeds and consists of nearly 1.3 mg of this mineral. Also, flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds are the best source of manganese and can fulfill most of your daily manganese necessity. These seeds are also rich in manganese as well as other plant components such as phytosterols, omega-3 and other fatty acids beneficial for the health.

11.) Garlic High in Manganese

Garlic is a rich source of manganese. 136 grams of garlic contains 2.3 milligrams of manganese. Allicin is a major compound of garlic which is known for its various health benefits. Garlic is used in treating fever and common cold. It is an excellent choice for heart and maintains the cholesterol levels. All you need to do is take 2 cloves of garlic either in the morning or evening. You can mix garlic in your daily cooking to reap the maximum benefits.  It will not only add taste to your food but also prevent you from diseases.

12.) Pineapple Rich in Manganese

This is one of the best fruits rich in manganese. 165 grams of pineapple contains 1.5 milligrams of manganese. The high content of vitamin C in pineapple strengthens the immune system and fights ailments like cancer. Pineapple has a high content of water and fiber which encourage regularity in bowel movement. It is a good choice for the digestive tract. The vitamin C present in this fruit is good for the skin and protects it from the pollution and harmful radiations of the sun. It minimizes the fine lines and wrinkles. All you need to do is cut thin slices of a pineapple and add into your salad plate. You can even mix in your kebabs.

13.) Raspberries High in Manganese

This is one of the best fruits that have a high content of manganese. 123 grams of raspberries contain 0.8 milligrams of manganese. Apart from its high manganese content, ellagic acid present in raspberries is a phytochemical which prevents cancer. The antioxidants and anthocyanins present in raspberries prevent heart diseases. All you need to do is include raspberries in your daily salad plate. You can make a smoothie out of it or you can even mix it in a bowl of yogurt.

14.) Beet Greens Rich in Manganese

Beet greens are a rich source of manganese. 144 grams of beet greens contains 0.7 milligrams of manganese. Beet greens are also a rich source of vitamin A and K. Vitamin A is good for skin health and boosts immunity whereas vitamin K controls the clotting of blood. It also contains vitamin C which is a coenzyme that synthesis amino acids. Vitamin C is also good for the skin and boosts immunity. All you need to do is decorate your salad plate with lots of beet greens.

15.) Turmeric High in Manganese

This is one of the best spices that is high is manganese. 7 grams of turmeric contains 0.5 milligrams of manganese. The curcumin present in turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent arthritis and cancer. It is an ideal choice for improving brain health and prevents the brain from various neural issues. Turmeric is also loaded with antioxidants which makes it a good choice for health. All you need to do is add turmeric in your daily cooking. Another thing that you can do is add turmeric powder in a glass of milk. Drink this turmeric milk on a regular basis to fight against various diseases.

16.) Spinach Rich in Manganese

Spinach is a high source of manganese. 30 grams of spinach contains 0.3 milligrams of manganese. It is loaded with antioxidants that not only fights the free radicals but also reduces stress levels. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two antioxidants present in spinach that improves the eye health. All you need to do is add spinach in your salad plate. You can even make spinach curries which are tasty as well as healthy. Spinach is an effective way to make your body strong from inside.

17.) Cloves High in Manganese

This is one of the best sources of manganese. 6 grams of cloves contains 2 milligrams of manganese. Clove is a popular Indian Spice which is used in various Ayurvedic medicines. The antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of clove make it a good choice for skin and health ailments. Cloves are also a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which is good for heart health. It is an excellent choice for toothache and to improve the working of digestive system. All you need to do is chew a raw clove on a regular basis. You can even add cloves while steaming rice to reap maximum benefits.

18.) Barley Rich in Manganese

Barley is an excellent source of manganese. 184 grams of barley contains 3.6 milligrams. It contains essential minerals such as niacin and iron which is important for the vital functioning of the body. Barley also contains high amount of fiber which is an ideal choice for good health. Barley contains antioxidants called lignans which reduces the risk of heart diseases. It minimizes inflammation that is responsible for causing ailments. All you need to do is include barley in your daily soup. Cook some barley and add some honey and milk in it.

19.) Strawberries High in Manganese

This is one of the rich sources of manganese. Strawberries contain anthocyanins that protect the heart from various diseases. The antioxidants in strawberries stop the tumor growth and reduce inflammation. It also prevents cancer. Strawberries are high in fiber and are low glycemic index food which helps to prevent diabetes. All you need to is include strawberries in your evening snack. Another thing that you can do is mix chopped pieces of strawberries in a bowl of yogurt. Consume it daily in the morning breakfast.

20.) Black Pepper Rich in Manganese

This is one of the high sources of manganese. It improves the absorption of turmeric in the body. 6 grams of black pepper contains 0.4 milligrams of manganese. It improves the intestinal health and the digestion process. The outer layer of black peppercorns breaks down the fat cells. All you need to do is add black pepper in your daily cooking. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner just add a pinch of black pepper. It is not only good for the health but also add taste to the food.

21.) Rye High in Manganese

This is one of the excellent sources of manganese. 169 grams of rye contains 4.5 milligrams of rye. It contains less amount of gluten than wheat. It is also an ideal choice to control appetite and reduces inflammation. Rye also contains insoluble fiber minimizes the risk of gallstones. All you need to do is consume rye bread in your daily breakfast. You can even add rye flakes in your daily smoothies.

22.) Pumpkin Seeds High in Manganese

This is one of the high sources of manganese. 64 grams of pumpkin seeds contain 0.3 milligrams of manganese. Pumpkin seeds are very nutritious and prevent various types of cancers such as stomach cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. It is an excellent source of magnesium which is required in more than 600 chemical reactions happening in the body. All you need to do is blend some raw pumpkin seeds in a blender. Apply this pumpkin seed butter in your bread toast and eat it in the breakfast.

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