How to Smell Good all Day Long?

Want to smell good all day long, then you are at right place. Smelling good all day long is a necessity. We are providing to you some of the best tips in order to smell good naturally all day long. If you work in close proximity with anyone then unpleasant odours may scare away that person. Filled with fresh orange peels can do miracles on your skin. Nobody wants to be stuck with someone who doesn’t take care of their hygiene. You work at the office with that amazing aura and dazzle body with your charming, carefree look. By the middle of the day, you notice that your freshness has floated away. Your glare free face becomes greasy and oily, your hair begins to sweat and smell covers half of your body, including your face. Read this article, so that you can get rid of a foul smell and smell good all day long.

Top Tips to Smell Good all Day Long:

1.) Groom Yourself Well to Smell Good all Day Long

Sometimes you forget about proper grooming which is necessary to smell good all day long so, don’t be lazy with hygiene. You should take bath daily if you sweat a lot. Use deep cleansers soaps and deodorants to counter that bacteria causing bad odour. Pay special attention while working on the area behind your ears, sweaty spots such as armpits and inner thighs, and the back of your neck. Avoid soaps with heavy fragrance or antibacterial ingredient if you have sensitive skin. Female should scrub the area under the breasts as this area tends to get sweaty. Our feet are likely to smell bad, due to the sweat and heat by wearing shoes. Therefore, get a pedicure often in the summer to look after your feet and smell good all day long. if your regular deodorant is not doing the job correctly then go to a dermatologist for a stronger one. You may also use Drysol, a strong antiperspirant but for this, you have to a doctor’s prescription. For bad breath problem, you should consult a dentist for cavities, gum disease or low salivary flow.

2.) Wash Your Entire Body to Smell Good all Day Long

Washing all the body parts is the best for body odor removal. While taking a shower, you should pay special attention to the back area of your neck, sweaty places, such as your inner thighs and armpits. Those who have sensitive skin, should avoid soaps, instead use calming perfumes or antibacterial ingredients. The female should gently rub the area under your breast because this area tends to become smelly and sweaty. Also, wash your vaginal area properly along with other parts of the body. Thoroughly massage your scalp using shampoo and conditioner, rinse it off with clean water

3.) Go for Shower to Smell Good all Day Long

How to Smell Good all Day Long?

Most of the people bathe once a day, but if you live in a hot region or play a sport, you might want to hop in the bathing tub more than once. How many shower you should take a day depends on the individual’s daily activities, body chemistry, and the weather. But no matter what, make sure you bathe regularly so that your body odour doesn’t become observable to other people. While taking a shower, wash your skin with warm water and soap to make sure you wash away the sweat, dirt, and bacteria that leads to body odour. Don’t try to mask body odour with either perfume or deodorant as it doesn’t actually work. If you don’t desire to rinse your hair daily then try dry shampoo to refresh your hair.

4.) Use Deodorant to Smell Good all Day Long

Only two percent of people have a gene that limits their armpits from generating body odour. Of course, they are the lucky ones? The rest of us depend upon the deodorant to keep the body smell good all day long. Use deodorant after the shower and reapply if you need later on that day. If you usually tend to get sweating use combination of antiperspirant/deodorant. You can also purchase rock deodorant or even make your own using coconut oil and baking soda. Try different antiperspirant and pick the one that feels the most satisfying and keeps you smelling the best. If you have decided to wear perfume or cologne, it’s not important to use a highly-scented antiperspirant/deodorant. You don’t need to use too many different perfumes at once.

5.) Try Body Powder to Smell Good all Day Long

Spraying with a body powder after your shower is the best way to smell good all day long and stay fresh. Simply dry off your body, then put some powder on your feet, underarms, and anywhere else you would like. The powder helps to keep your skin cool and dry during the day. You can get body powder for adults or simply pick up some baby powder it just works fine. If you don’t want to buy body powder, then simply make it at home. You just need cornstarch to make homemade body powder. Dip a cotton ball in your desired perfume, put the cotton ball in a jar and cover it with cornstarch.

6.) Use Scent on Your Hair to Smell Good all Day Long

If your shampoo doesn’t possess much of a scent, you might need to add a little scent to your hair. This is an excellent and exact way to hold you smelling great all day long. Massage a little essential oil or perfumes between your palms, then level it gently through your hair. Alternatively, you could add a few drops of your desired scent to your unscented conditioner or shampoo.

7.) Stick to One Scent to Smell Good all Day Long

Just wear one main scent at a time, so that people do not pinch their nose when they see you coming. That means that if you have a strongly-scented cosmetic, you should not also wear perfume and vice versa. Be sure you are not unintentionally wearing too many scents at a time. Your deodorant, hairspray, and lip balm might all be scented. Try to choose unscented commodities and stick to 1 or 2 main scents. It’s not a great idea to wear 2- 3 scents that give a smelly trail in your wake when you walk down the hall.

8.) Make Natural Scent to Smell Good all Day Long

If you don’t want to praise on a bottle of perfume, you can make your own scent. Buy a few different essential oils like lavender, lemongrass and use a few drops of essential oil instead of perfume. You can even prepare your own scent, by mixing different essential oils collectively, until you come up with something you love. You can weaken your essential oil by mixing with water so that it doesn’t scent as strong. Place it in a spray bottle and use it on your body and hair.

9.) Freshen Up Few Times a Day to Smell Good all Day Long

Use mouthwash or brush your teeth few times a day. It immediately makes you smell and feel fresher. Reapply scent if necessary. Change clothes if you need to. If you’ve been physically exerting yourself, you might need to change your shocks or underclothes halfway throughout the day. Use hygienic wipes to immediately cleanse yourself. Get the unscented kind, since scented wash has a powerful smell. Do a fast swipe in areas that require freshening, then reapply deodorant.

10.) Baby Wipe to Smell Good all Day Long

Babies always smell like good, the reason is baby wipes used to clean him up. Baby wipes are milder on the skin and one of the greatest ideas to pamper your skin too. Use baby wipes on your chest, hands and face. It will help you stay fresh and smell good all day.  Always keep a small bag of baby wipes with you. A quick sweep of these will not only make you feel fresh but also take away any odour.

Additional Tips to Smell Good all Day Long:

You should keep few things with you to smell good all day when you are on the go:

  • Extra shirt
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush and hair serum
  • Wet wipes
  • Powder
  • Cologne
  • Mints
  • Oil blotting paper
  • Hair deodorizer
  • Extra feminine products


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